I find it heartening that Nikki Haley responded to the slur against her, her husband, and their marriage by Donald Trump in South Carolina earlier today. That’s a good thing. I also find it to be a very good thing that she finally came right out and said it, that Trump is not fit to be our Commander in Chief. Bravo.

That said, what are we going to hear for an encore? Is Haley going to fold like Ron DeSantis did and endorse Trump, because at the end of the day that’s what Republicans do, is fall in line? That’s the real story here and right now, tonight, we don’t have that.

Again, it’s tough talk now. Let’s see where it goes in March when the inevitable happens and Trump gets the nomination. Or, maybe Haley’s long shot will work. Who knows? But personally I’m not banking on her getting the nomination. I am only interested in whether she folds or not in a month from now. Start the countdown clocks, let’s watch this closely.

If you care, the Daily Mail has run a story on Haley having extramarital affairs. I’m not the least bit interested. I’m only interested in candidates who can run the country, although in a perfect world, yes, it would be nice to think that there are some decent people with healthy family lives running for office, rather than soap opera characters.

I’ll give Haley one thing, she doesn’t recite the name and age of her kid(s) ad nauseum like Casey DeSantis used to. What was comical about that was the theory that she did so to cue Ron that they had three kids, Madison, Mason, and Mamie, seven, five, and three. See, I can recite it from memory, so I hope to hell Ron Can.

If you want to follow the gossip, there’s your link. I can think of fifty reasons not to vote for Nikki Haley and none of them have to do with what goes on in her bedroom. But that said, can you imagine if there were similar articles going the rounds with respect to Hillary? OMG. Sean Hannity would have crawled up on his roof in the middle of the night, screaming to the heavens and threatening to jump, I can see it now.

Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter and Maria Bartiromo would have found a giant cauldron and prepared to boil Hillary alive in it, if they didn’t burn her at the stake first. Forget the scarlet letter, they would have just offed her.

And for that matter, it’s well documented that Trump screwed around on all his wives but he gets a pass for some reason. Go figure. It’s Okay If You’re A Republican and if you’re Trump then anything goes. And we mean any.thing.

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  1. What these nutters don’t seem to get is that when they start pointing their accusatorial index fingers and one another, and others, is that, on their same hand, there’s three of their own fingers bent and pointing straight back at themself. Hypocritical, accusatorial idiots.

  2. She should never have defended the Confederate flag, raised her hand saying SHE’D VOTE for Trump if he’s the nominee, or she’d pardon him, or freedom to do as one pleases, like brutalize 4 million people, was the reason for the Civil War, or that what Abbott is doing to immigrants is fine, and it’s OK if Texas seceded, AND THEN LIE ABOUT IT WHEN CONFRONTED. Who gives a damn, other than her husband, who she phucks. It’s her racism, support for a serial rapist, and her lying that I can’t abide by. She’s more like Trump than different, except she’s more devious and smarter than humpty dumpty. Add in she will bludgeon Biden on his age, acting like youth equals competence and character, which is another lie.

  3. Two things. I’m not sure how much but I think this will hurt Trump some in SC which has a solid and prominent military presence. If Haley plays this right it could be worth a few percent or even more. Second, regarding affairs I really don’t care about that crap if people have been discrete and the only “dirtbag” aspect of paramours is cheating UNLESS the politician makes a BFD about morality, their “rock solid” marriage and so on. Oh, and the right did makes claims thirty years ago after Vince Foster’s suicide he’d either been overcome with guilt over an affair he had with Clinton back in Arkansas, or murdered to keep it from coming out. Those however were the “good old days” when the GOP attack machine was a lot more tame than it is now.

    • It’s not just IOKIYA Trump. The scandal machine only works on female politicians, to get them to shut up and sit down. That’s the conservative way.

  4. Haley should’ve taken a moment to remind Trump’s supporters that between her husband and Donald Trump that only one of them paid a hooker for her services while his wife was giving birth to their child. And then end it with “And it wasn’t my husband.”

  5. Oh, and before she says shit about Biden’s memory…she phucked up remembering the day the world trade centers came down!!!!! WTF???? Just shut the phuck up hypocrite!


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