HAHA! Trump Lies About Calling Meghan Markle ‘Nasty’ While His Own Campaign Posts The Proof!


Abraham Lincoln said, “No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.” That certainly applies to Trump. He either doesn’t remember calling Meghan Markle nasty or he’s lying about it and expects us to believe his reality du jour. Unfortunately, this story is hitting the press this week, as Trump gathers his spawn and their spouses for an official state visit to the UK. Great preamble to what is already set up to be a ludicrous, if not outright disastrous, episode in diplomatic relations between the UK and the United States.

Now here is where you are going to gasp at the stupidity of Trump’s people. His own campaign, Official Trump War Room, tweeted this out, and apparently they’re all deaf — or somebody was supposed to doctor the tape and didn’t.

The quote is, “I didn’t know that she was nasty.” That’s plain English, the Queen’s English, as a matter of fact.

And the self-righteous “listen for yourself!” Yeah, we did, dummies, and that’s what our ears gave our brains, the word nasty.

Now, here’s an epiphany that I had when listening to this: Trump once again uses the word “nasty,” which is his descriptor for women who intimidate him. The epiphany is that, in Trump’s world, women are not supposed to have opinions. Women are not supposed to have minds, or be capable of original thought. Trump’s view of women who can reason and express an opinion is that they are “nasty.” Not that they might be right, or have just cause for feeling the way they do — that doesn’t exist for Trump. Women are not supposed to function in the world beyond being trophies, accoutrements, or servants to men. Any deviation from that makes a woman “nasty” per se.

Just a random thought, from the Twilight Zone. And if you tell me I’m stating the obvious, I won’t be offended. I just never knew it was that bad, but then look at who we’re talking about. Revelations of how bad it really is are an everyday occurrence. This was my revelation for the day. I knew Trump feared brilliant women, but now I realize he fears us all.



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  1. As others have noted, Ursula, including yourself, I believe, there is one big exception on that list of women he’d call “nasty” or anything else: Nancy Pelosi. Yes, he called her “crazy” a grand total of once but he’s not said anything since. My mom likes to talk about his terror for her must be overwhelming.

    • He can’t stand the fact that Pelosi has some actual power and that she’s a pro at this game, where he is not only a pathetic amateur, he’s an amateur attempting to play at the pro level.

      I think he was told to shut up about Pelosi because he was only giving her fuel for impeachment. In the abstract, when the sitting president calls the Speaker of the House “crazy” — that’s crossing a lot of lines.

  2. “The quote is, ‘I didn’t know that she was nasty.’ That’s plain English, the Queen’s English, as a matter of fact.”

    WHAT? Trump speaks Queen’s English? HAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in years. Trump can’t even speak American English. Hell, he can’t even speak in complete sentences.

    • OH yes PROTECT the DRUNPF, what you just said is BULLSHIT, American ENGLISH Trump has NO IDEA about Queens English with a 1.28 Grade average he is no GENIUS !!

    • You’re defining the Queen’s English as British English? Okay, I didn’t think of it that way. I was thinking in terms of plain, basic, English, as in, it can’t get any clearer than this.

        • I would kill to have five minutes alone with Melania and hear her fluent French. I’ll bet you it’s not even as good as mine and I was never fluent. If she was fluent in these languages, as she claims, why not display it in France and Italy and wherever, and help the cause of world unity? She’s a phony like her husband.

    • True enough that he can’t put together a sentence. But, occasionally, a sentence puts itself together and drops from his mouth. That’s what happened to the sentence in question, to wit, “I didn’t know that she was nasty.” Once out of his mouth, it is fair game.

      • He doesn’t know anything about anybody, because he doesn’t make it his business to. I don’t know why the Royals are putting themselves through this. I guess the Queen decided it was a good idea for some reason.

    • He insulted Lady Diana even worse. He told Howard Stern back in the 90’s that he “could have nailed” Diana. He was nuts. He used to send Diana roses and orchids and things. He said Trump “stalked” her. This was in the press in 2016 and now it’s all resurfacing again, to mark the great occasion of this state visit. Total fiasco and farce, to my way of thinking.

      Did you get the email I sent you?

      • Being a fellow English-American redhead I can’t see Prince Harry just letting this affront stand. We are usually refined until someone harms or insults one of our own…..then we would crawl on our knees through broken glass and Hell fire. To set them straight.

        • I’m wondering if Trump is going to have the sense to keep his mouth shut about Lady Diana. I can just hear him saying to one of the princes, “What a babe your mother was,” or something equally horrendous.

          • Then Harry and Willaim will both punch the bastard I;the nose and George will run ove and kick him in the shin.

        • I’d kind of like them to declare him “persona non grata” and kick him out. I know it won’t happen while he’s in office, but I can dream….

    • I don’t think they can block an official visit. (I wish they could.) They could block him if it were only personal business, I think.


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