It’s another episode of The Oblivious Hour, starring Donald Trump. The man is the opposite of Sherlock Holmes. He not only can’t find a clue, he can’t see the obvious when he’s tripping over it and everybody else around him is saying, “Lookey here,” and pointing.

Trumpty Dumpty is very upset at SCOTUS right now. In fact, he is livid. They have let everything come crashing down. It’s all their fault, what he’s going through right now.

Trump’s been tearing down SCOTUS for days, starting with when they refused to help him keep his tax returns hidden. The House Ways and Means Committee has been after those tax returns for seven years. It looks like they might get them before the end of the current congressional term and the Republican takeover in January. So Trump let fly again today with how incompetent SCOTUS is, at the most basic of things — like finding leakers.

This is my favorite Trump comment. It shows how utterly clueless he is with respect to anything legal. We went from a constitutional scholar in the Oval Office to this.

No concept of how anything works.

But back to his sleuthing skills. Parse through this. Michael Cohen has already suggested, and he’s not alone, that Jared and Ivanka might be the FBI moles who turned Daddy in to the feds over the documents at Mar-a-Lago.

Consider a few facts here: Michael Cohen has not been wrong about much. He was the one to tell Congress, when he testified before them, that Trump would not leave if he was defeated in 2020. That was considered an amazing comment at the time, yet just look at how it turned out?

And this comment about Jared and Ivanka may be surprising, but think about it. Jared’s deal with the Saudis, for $2 billion, was not only unprecedented, it veritably screamed malfeasance. Yet, to everyone’s surprise, federal agents didn’t start investigating the matter immediately.

But what if they did? What if Boy Wonder bit off more than he could chew and the only way he could keep himself out of the hot seat was to share information about Daddy? Jt is a theory that fits the facts.

And Cohen is not the only credible source who thinks so. Mary Trump reportedly said the same thing. Sources told the Wall Street Journal and Newsweek that a source close to Trump tipped off the FBI about the classified materials and where they were located. Now, who would have had that information?

There, she says it. “We need to look hard at why Jared got $2 billion.” A lot of people are looking hard. A Jared or Jared/Ivanka combination is very likely.

And don’t anybody underestimate Ivanka. Ivanka has intended to rule the realm after Daddy is gone and she may not wait that long, because Daddy is clearly on his way out. Daddy may be going to prison. Her brothers are idiots, her half sister is no threat and Barron is too young, so she’s it. She’s the queen bee. The problem is that she’s married to a guy who is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

And never forget, Ivanka didn’t show up at the launch of Trump’s third presidential run. Nor did Junior, for that matter. They were conspicuous by their absence.

I agree with Michael Cohen and Mary Trump. I think Jared and Ivanka sold Trump down the river or if they haven’t yet, they will do so soon, in order to save their own skins. I don’t think anybody who’s any kind of a judge of human nature, and here you have a lawyer and a psychologist weighing in, is going to color those two innocent.

Yet Donald Trump does, evidently. It’s going on right under his nose, but he can’t see it. But that said, he is going to show SCOTUS how easy it is to find a leaker, because purportedly he knows. We’re waiting, Donald. We’re patiently waiting.


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  1. It would be hell to look up, but I distinctly recall writing back in the late summer/early fall of 2016 that Jared and Ivanka were setting up a “throw Trump under the bus” strategy to be used if necessary. While Jamie Gorelick got sick of Jared’s shit about lying on his SF-86 (witholding all manner of foreign contacts) and the repeat public embarrassment & dumped him as a client she at least set him (and Ivanka) up with another top-tier DC White Collar lawyer. I even noted that things could be pretty interesting around the table when the Trump KKKlan gathered for Thanksgiving!

    I was then, and remain still convinced that while (due to Ivanka) it was a “break glass in case of emergency” type of thing Jarvanka was proverbially collecting “receipts” to save their own asses if things came to that. That unlike anyone named Trump, Jared had been inside a federal pen and knew he wanted no part of being on his own father’s side of the glass. However, since you mentioned the 2 billion that’s why they got involved with the Trump WH in the first place. They could have stayed in NYC and continued moving amongst the “beautiful people” circles. Well, sort of. They were better accepted than Trump but the association always brought a few upturned noses that would have increased at least some during Trump’s tenure. However there are two factors that affected things. Unlike her brothers Ivanka has some smarts and a better honed knowledge of the grift game which makes sense being her daddy’s favorite and all. He surely bestowed some tips with her that Beavis and Butthead never got. Ivanaka likely also understood the glare of the Presidential spotlight might lead to real investigations that daddum’s couldn’t make go away and that the whole Trump Org. might come crashing down. But Jared had his own family fortune.

    Except THAT was in jeopardy thanks to his boneheaded (Trumpian level even) deal for that overpriced property up in NYC. So they NEEDED foreign money just like the Trump Org. had come to rely on and working in the WH would give them access to all kinds of foreign leaders willing to make a deal. But it would be one hell of a balancing act to pull it off and so (I believe) from early on Jared drove the strategy of the “just in case” let’s get set up for if the worst happens and the feds come a looking for either one of us.”

    If you think of it that way, then the possibility of them being leveraged informants does indeed make a lot of sense. It doesn’t matter if the feds leaned on them first, or if their lawyer knew they were about to have their turn at the wrong end of the firing range and went to the feds with a proffer authorized by them. But here’s the fun question to ponder…Just what might they have spilled beyond letting the feds know about classified documents? But, and this is a big but it’s possible they weren’t the ones who tipped off the feds. But their dropping out of sight a while back and absence at the “bigly” announcement tells me they know for whatever reason they are both targets themselves. And they WILL deal to stay out of jail if that’s what it takes.

  2. Makes as much sense as many happenings in this ‘AddamsFamily’ episode… and all she has to do is trot out a well paid Psychiatrist to accuse him of incapacity! To sweep him under rug.


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