Oh, Gawd, this brought a smile to my face. Nevada is a swing state and crucial in this election, obviously. The GOPers are dying to pick up the Senate seat that Adam Laxalt is trying to pry away from Catherine Cortez Masto. Mitch McConnell is burning the midnight oil trying to figure out how to staunch the dreadful publicity from those two senate races in Pennsylvania and Georgia, which have turned into utter fiascos, and he’s got to be banking on Nevada.

That senate race is in a statistical tie as is the race for governor. The real worrisome race locally for me, is secretary of state. Jim Marchant, the election denier, is supposedly leading, but very slightly, again, within the statistical margin of error.

More on that in a moment, but listen to Ronna wail to her father confessor, Steve Bannon. Speaking of Bannon, anybody notice that his hair is blond these days, rather than grey? Is he getting beautified before he enters the House Of Many Doors, looking for a boyfriend, perhaps? Seriously, the Lady Clairol looks good. I’m inspired to tint my own grey tresses, and I’m not even facing prison. (Unless Mike Lindell becomes Emperor, then that status could change.)

“Degrade integrity” is GOP-speak for “damn, the system is well designed and air tight.” And she lumps Nevada in with California. That bodes very well. Comparing any state to California is GOP-speak for “lost cause” and it does my heart good to hear it.

That’s the good news, is that the system works. The bad news is that Jim Marchant, the GOP candidate for secretary of state, vowed last weekend that when he won, he would band together with other successful election deniers (assuming they get elected as well) and restore Donald Trump to the White House. Pure, unadulterated, madness. But of course the MAGAs ate it up with a spoon. NBC News:

“Marchant can’t be trusted, but I just don’t think a lot of people are even paying attention to the race,” said Donna West, a former chair of the Clark County Democratic Party who now volunteers as an organizer for the county party. “We’ve been knocking on doors, and people aren’t aware of the race. They still don’t understand what the secretary of state does.”

The comments by West and others interviewed by NBC News underscore the uphill climb faced by Democrats in winning the office in Nevada, and in other purple states. Along with Arizona and Michigan, Nevada is one of several key battlegrounds where an election denier backed by former President Donald Trump is running for secretary of state, a position that in most states oversees elections.Nonpartisan groups monitoring races with election deniers, like States United Action, as well as election experts in academia, warn that any of those candidates winning could contribute to an even more robust effort to overturn the next presidential election.

One comment about this article from NBC News. It follows along with what Michael Moore has said is the mainstream media tactic of portraying right-wing extremist candidates as more big and bad than they are. Not that I dismiss Marchant or any of the lunatics in Arizona. Au contraire, I take them as seriously as a heart attack. I am merely stating my assessment that I think they may have gotten to such a weird extreme, that they have weirded themselves out of their races. Such is my fervent hope, in any event.

All the Nevada races are key, but this cycle the SoS race may be the most crucial. We live in challenging times and if Marchant wins, I have no doubt whatsoever that he will try to unravel the voting system in Nevada. None.

The best ray of hope for this election is the fact that Ronna is as despondent as she is over the “election integrity” in this state. I take that as GOP-speak for, “We’re probably going to lose in Nevada, so I’ll say up front that the Democrats stole it. Again.”

That’s my read, in any event.


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  1. The ‘pubes put crap candidates on the ticket, allow a known grifter to scam rubes for his own personal (read legal fees) uses, and put someone in charge of spending NRSC funds, Rick Scott, who was found stealing medicare/medicaid funds. But by all means, claim the elections were stolen.

    How in the hell are people this effing stupid still ambulatory? I never did think much of Mitt but holy hell, even he deserves a better relative than this idiot twat.

  2. You and Murf are Nevadans so I’m curious about something I saw before I logged in here a few minutes ago. Granted, it’s Fox “News” but supposedly the Democratic (incumbent) Gov. has fallen behind in the polls. It’s always bad to be trending down weeks before an election. Worse though is that the big teacher’s union out there is pissed at the Gov. for not making a strong enough commitment to their agenda. No, they haven’t endorsed the GOP nutjob either but that large a union withholding an endorsement from the Democrat isn’t good. it’s a public spanking that might give other unions out there pause too.

    If this is all true, WTF is WRONG with that teacher’s union? So your guy hasn’t done enough so far and you don’t like his level of commitment to making up for it in another term. So your solution is to kneecap him? Get yourself a GOP wackjob? I’m SURE he will be SOOOOOOO much better for you! Feel better about your tantrum? All puffed up and self-righteous now that you’ve “fixed his ass” and maybe other Democrats along with him?


    McDaniel might be whining, but if this news is true the GOP won’t need to cheat thanks to the fucking teacher’s union!

    • This is what we Dems tend to do – if we don’t get the sweeping changes we want immediately, we punish our own, to our own detriment. Change is hard and it must happen at the right pace for it to be lasting!

      • What the problem is seems to be the extreme Left get all upset when Dems take a centrist tack to make things more palatable to lure in the few Repubs that it needs to get ANYTHING done. The Lefties want purity & that can’t ever happen, so they are constantly mucking up the works ! This is why biden gets things done – because he knows there is only one way to make things happen & that is to persuade a few people that if they give up a little something, they might get some of what they want – genius !!!


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