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The Very Funny Translation of House Oversight Hearing into Plain-Speak – Part 1 Opening Statements
Gobsmacking Revelations at House Oversight Hearing – Part 2 The Questioning Begins

Part 3 begins with a beeping rendition of Rep Gerry Connolly’s opinion of the insurrection and what needs to be done about it.

This tweet from Pati Roll summed up how many of us felt about Wray’s testimony.

Gym Jordan (R-OH) was up next but he was so bad our translator muted him.

So it’s onto the next questioner, Rep Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-IL) and more stunning revelations.

There were foreign nationals and foreign money involved? Whoa! It’s going to be interesting to find out who paid them and what exactly they were paid to do. It’s also further substantial evidence that the insurrection was planned well in advance.

Rep Krishnamoorthi’s final questions deviate from the specific subject of the hearing but they’re nevertheless of pressing concern, especially to Democrats.

Re-Pete Sessions is the final GQPer in this translation. His comments border on attempted witness tampering.

Unlike Gaetz, Sessions doesn’t threaten any witnesses. He gives them advice instead and the message is clear: don’t turn state’s evidence because it will be really bad for us if you do.

The translation ends on a high note with Rep Jamie Raskin who led the House Management Team for the second impeachment trial.

While this is the end of the translation, the House Oversight hearing continues and you can read about Paul Gosar’s attempted gaslighting of FBIDir Wray right here.

But for now, it’s thank you Eric Garland for the stunning information and your entertaining way of telling it. Once again, you’ve done us proud!

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    • Thank you, KT. I agree too that it is both funny and sad. Such tragi-comedy shouldn’t be playing out in the People’s Congress. I’ll feel an enormous sense of relief when indictments are issued for those among its members who were in on the planning, who contributed to inciting the assault on the nation’s Capitol, who aided, abetted and gave comfort to the insurrectionists who took part. That’s going to be a far more effective way of cleaning House – and Senate – than the next election.


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