Until Jan. 6, 2021 the RAG we know as the Confederate Flag never was paraded about the U.S. Capitol or on the Floor of the House of Representatives (or in the Senate chamber). Not even during the Civil War. Yet on that day countless traitorous insurrectionist proudly wave it, and Trump flags all over the place. Yesterday, at the long, LONG overdue passage of desperately needed aid for Ukraine numerous Democrats cheered and held up tiny little blue and yellow Ukrainian flags.  Speaker Johnson “admonished” them and called for order. However according to an article by Meaww that wasn’t nearly enough for Florida GOPer Kat Cammack. SHE intends to introduce legislation to ban ‘foreign flags” from the House floor entirely!

I’m beyond incredulous and well into furious. People like her have no problem with the kinds of flags (other than the actual American flag) that people waved outside the Capitol, inside it, in offices and yes the actual legislative chambers. Full sized ones. There’s a picture of one asshat sitting up there in “the big chair” draped in a f**kin Trump flag for chrissakes! That’s okay. But cheering and holding up a stick with a flag of Ukraine about the size of an index card.  (Cue the old SNL’s Mr. Bill) “Oh Noooooooooo!” Not content to have a sad and weep tears for Putin and of course Trump who has some explaining to to his (as well as her and whole bunch of other GOPer’s) puppet-master the aforementioned Vlad Pootie Cammrack is by golly going to put a stop to stuff like supporting our allies.  I’ll let her speak for herself:

The tweet ends “If there is one room in our country that should only have the American flag present, it is this room.”  Take a good look at that tweet.  When I first saw a clip of this on the news yesterday evening I barely noticed the Ukrainian flags. Obviously folks on the left side of the image were waving something but one has to look closely to see they are little blue and yellow flags – the Ukrainian flag. The flag I noticed was the same one I always do when I see shots (pictures or video) from the angle shown. That giant American flag hanging behind the Speaker. Frankly, I’ll bet Johnson called for order due to the noise Democrats were making and like me hardly noticed those Ukrainian flags.

Whatever. Clay Higgins weighed in with his own “outrage” tweet over the passage of the aid bill, which stated: “All Democrats waiving Ukrainian flags on your House floor when the bill passed sending another 60B of your treasure to fund the war machine. 100% deficit money. Borrowed on the backs of your children  Wake up America.”  Sure Clay. You have no trouble handing out not mere billions but trillions of dollars in tax breaks to mega rich people and corporations who turn around and invest a helluva lot more in foreign countries than we’ve spent to help Ukraine.

Silly me, in another life when I was a dumb ole jarhead grunt I had an M.O.S. that would have put me right in the path of Russian/USSR tanks.  I’d be in Ukraine right now (or maybe dead on the field over there already) if I wasn’t a senior citizen and disabled which led to my application to a group recruiting former American troops to go been politely rejected. (Hey MTG – if you can get a bill passed DRAFTING me to fight over there I won’t complain. I’ll even send you a thank you note for allowing me to kill some of those Russian sonsabitches) Anyway my point is that a lot more than American money will be spent if Putin/Russia isn’t stopped and driven out of Ukraine. If Putin prevails, and thanks to people like Higgins, Cammack and even a P.O.S. Congress Critter from my hometown back in southern Illinois (I never knew him well but his big sister and I were classmates and until Trump friends) American BLOOD will be spent.

I’m fairly sure Cammack will follow through and introduce a bullsh*t bill next week. It will be interesting to see what, if anything happens with it. Hopefully it will just die in committee. In the meantime though it seems Cammack isn’t getting the reaction she was hoping for on twitter. In fact, rather the opposite. I love the smell of ratioed MAGA asshats on twitter/X.  Rather than post a string of actual tweets I’ll just give you the text of a sampling of the response tweets to Cammack’s nonsense:

  • “Weird. You were cool with these flags in the Capitol.” (with pics of people carrying Trump and confederate flags on Jan. 6) from Fred Wellman
  • “You didn’t seem to have a problem when they took down the American flag and put a Trump one up during the insurrection.” from Cheesy Gordita Brett
  • “I think someone is just salty they lost.” from Cody Macauley who happens to be running for Congress in the Oklahoma 4th
  • “From just the video, I wouldn’t have recognized Ukrainian flags. What dominates my view is the large U.S. Flag front and center. You seem a bit over sensitive about the actual, vital legislation that got passed.”  from David L. Williams
  • “Maybe you wouldn’t mind so much if the Russian flag was there since you pretty much voted to give Ukraine over to them.”  from Aimee

I’m sure there are plenty more since the linked article I pulled these from was posted.  There is still an awful lot of important work to be done. Yet THIS is the kind of bullshit GOPers want to waste time on. The only solution is to take back the House and with a healthy margin but it can’t stop there. The real, long-term solution is to take back statehouses around the country and/or pass ballot initiatives that defang the extreme gerrymandering that took place in 2010. That friends is a quite long subject to tackle and I’ll not do so here.

Just be aware the crazies aren’t done with their crazy. And also that while this aid to Ukraine will provide a big boost it was needed a very long time ago. It’s really nothing more than catching up where to where things should have been last summer!  Russia got more than a breather because of the asshats. It actually regained some momentum and worse, the ability to fill out the ranks of their military AND arms production capability! So be ready for another funding fight because it’s coming.

In the meantime keep the pressure up on your Representatives and Senators. Encourage those who’ve been doing the right thing all along to keep doing so. Let them know you’ve got their back. And for those who have aided and abetted Putin/Russia? Give  Them  HELL! Even if they aren’t from your state/district. I’ve had plenty to say to Mike Bost from my hometown and plenty I’m about to say given he voted against yesterday’s aid package. It’s been over three decades since I’ve set foot back in my hometown and in my heart I know I’ll never see it again. That doesn’t mean I don’t still care about it, and will speak out against those leading it the wrong direction even though it’s made me unwelcome back there. We are all from somewhere and if like me where you’re from is on the wrong side of this get in touch with those elected officials and USE that as leverage to be  heard.

Slava Ukraini, and as a jarhead for them a heartfelt Semper Fidelis.

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  1. Does this include not allowing the Israeli flag to be displayed when Bibi is squirreled in to stick it to the Dems? Or State flags? Or Cheeto Jeebus flags? Or the traitorous rag seen being flown there on 1/6/21? Or, is it just another pube political assholery stunt? Screw them.

    • I wish I’d thought of that point. My thanks to you for bringing it up. Because of course these asshat GOPers would want to wave Israeli flags, and wear Israeli flag pins (another point I wish I’d thought of – will the ban include flag pins or buttons with flags on them?) but of course she/they would say: but, but but that’s different! Just like they do with prayer. Christian prayer is fine, a requirement even. But a Muslim prayer? Oh hell no they think. Freedom of religion, as well as freedom of speech only means what they aprrove of.

  2. As I have said before, we need to vote out every republican everywhere! If the MAGA cult cannot be deprogrammed somehow, then they must be deported to Siberia!

  3. Well good on her. Surely this means we NEVER have to worry about the House being disgraced by the confederate rag-it being a flag from technically a foreign country. Wannabe foreign country I guess but really not worth splitting hairs about.

    Would one of the constituents from the district this idiotic twit is from please sit her down and explain what she is SUPPOSED to do in the H.o.R? Bitching about a blue and yellow flag ain’t it.


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