God, I love it when they eat their young! Let me remind all of you of this. Any primary election is supposed to be the ultimate test of party loyalty. After all, who but the most devoted, single issue voters will show up on a Tuesday in the late winter or early spring to vote for people who won’t actually be elected to anything! They’re all running for the right to run for office in November.

But it turns out that it’s not. There’s another kind of election that is even worse. And that’s a special election. At least with a primary, you’re voting on a slate of candidates to represent your party in November. A special election? You’re asking people to go out on a Tuesday to pull a lever fir s single candidate. People who show up to vite in a special election are displaying devotion with a capital D.

And last night we had one of those in NY-03. And it was a blowout. In fact, turnout was higher than expected, especially with a snowstorm, and yet Democrat Tom Suozzi clobbered Long Island legislator Mazi Pilip 54-46. And in that result lies the subject of tonight’s piece.

On its face Pilip should have a compelling story. She is a double immigrant, a Jewish woman who emigrated from India to Africa, and then from Africa to the United States with a pit stop to serve in the Israeli Defense Forces. While the feeble polling in the district showed her behind, it was within the margin of error. And yet she got clobbered by 8 points.

Because she didn’t actually stand for anything. She has multiple children, and proclaims herself to be pro life, And then out of the other side of her mouth, proudly proclaims that every woman should have the right to free choice. One of the top issues for NY-03 voters was immigration, and Pilip proclaimed that she was in lock step with Trump, and slammed the Senate’s bipartisan bill that would have given the GP everything they wanted. And she got clobbered by 8 points.

Will wonders never cease? Today, in the morning after, the GOP came out and announced that Mazi Pilip, who just got Wookie stomped by 8 points, will be Tom Suozzi’s opponent in the general election next November.

For three straight cycles now, GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has been loudly and consistently bemoaning the quality of candidates that the GOP has put forward for the general election. Note such world class flops as Kari Lake, Mehmet Oz, Blake Masters, and Herschel Walker.

And now Traitor Tot has officially endorsed Lake in her primary fight against Masters for a second run at Kelly. And today, on the morning after, the GOP announced that it will be Mazi Pilip who will have the privilege to get sliced into sushi this November in NY-03.

Keep this in mind. We’ve just started  the GOP pri9mary process for 2024. Forget about Trump and Haley. McConnell, in his clear and obvious dotage thinks that he pulled one over on Trump by making him back the McConnell candidate for the MT senate seat. Forget the fact that Trump- can change his mind at any time, but more more importantly, the MT Trombies already know who Trump’s anointed one is.

Watch the primaries, and pay attention! The GOP and the RNC doesn’t need Traitor Tot to give them specific directions anymore, the Trump catechism is now the holy writ for the national GOP in 2024. The GOP is going to continue to promote unelectable general election candidates in the primaries in order to adhere to the Trump catechism. 

And in doing so, they create a slate of House candidates in critical swing districts that the GOP must hold in order to have a prayer of retaining the House. Which to my mind is a pipe dream. But if you honestly think that Traitor Tot can restrain himself from becvoming embroiled in critical swing state races for the US Senate, then you need an intervention. Trump is going to anoint a slate of useful idiots.

In summary, look for a whole slate of Mazi Pilip’s to be running for critical suburban swing districts. And watch for even more Mazi Pilip’s surviving the primaries and going on to the general election in the Senate in November. What could go wrong?

Ithank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. The press focuses on a “fractured” Left”. The Left is pragmatic enough to give a centrist a win, rather than to another Trumper humper. Who got tossed under the 45 bus. Christ.

    • Well, it would be nice if some of those on the left would start acting like that in public. Instead, we get complainers (mostly unelected “pundits”) who go out and moan and whine that those “centrists” aren’t getting them every last thing on their wish lists and complain about Biden’s age (while refusing to properly “both sides” the issue when it comes to Trump, or, as Jon Stewart did–and many of his “left” supporters became apologists for–with his veritable normalizing Trump’s MANY “old timer’s” slips).
      There are a lot on the left who are as bad as the MAGAts when it comes to demanding “purity” in their candidates.

      • I’m glad you mentioned that about Jon Stewart. I was really happy to see him back — until he opened his mouth! Who ever told him it was a good idea to use his first monologue in 10 years to disseminate MAGA propaganda? I just turned it off. Doesn’t he realize that’s what he was doing?

  2. When I first saw and heard Mazi Pilip, I found her extremely well-spoken an compelling. I’m just being honest. But as Ilearned more I realized she was all over the place, she was saying whatever she was told to say. And by the way, did you know she is a registered Democrat, and has suddenly reversed a lot of her opinions? She is either a complete opportunist, or she has a couple of screws loose.

    By the way, Mazi Pilip was born in Ethiopia, not India.

    And after all that, it turns out Trump definitely doesn’t like her. So I’m very surprised that they are planning to run her against Suozzi again. Well, they can change their minds.

  3. Why are all your articles full of typos?

    (Moderator’s Note: I don’t recognize your handle so perhaps you’re new here in which first of all thanks for checking us out, and I hope you’ll keep coming back. Second, those of us who’ve been around for a while know Murf suffers from severe glaucoma. Sometimes I get a chance to go in and edit some of his types but life is what it is and sometimes I’m unable to do so. But he’s not a great typist and his eyesight makes proofreading far more challenging that for most of us. But I’ll try to get in there and do some corrections more often than has been the case recently)



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