Giuliani’s Response to Trump Felony: Indict Hillary Clinton Now!


I truly do not understand how anyone with an IQ over 80 can continue to support Trump and Guiliani. I would think that they would get tired of having their intelligence insulted. There are ways to confront the reality that Trump committed a crime with respect to the campaign violations, and still attempt to retain the presidency, continue the defense. They can argue that Trump is a political neophyte, that is his appeal, and simply had no idea what he was doing, and that he will work with prosecutors to possibly pay a large fine, or something. They can argue that these things happen to everyone, after all, John Edwards did the same thing …and was charged criminally and plead guilty. But, Jesus Christ tweeting the Sermon on the Mount, MUST they continue to go to the whipping horse?

Rudy Rudy Rudy.

First, in case you haven’t noticed, Hillary Clinton is not president, therefore we don’t put non-presidents under the same level of scrutiny when it comes to possible violations of the law. Second, Rudy, you realize you’re speaking to a DOJ that is run by Donald Trump, correct? Does Rudy think that Jeff Sessions is a Hillary Clinton loyalist? They are acting as if the DOJ is the problem, a department after Trump, when in fact Trump is the ultimate boss of the DOJ. The ONLY possible explanation for the fact that DOJ hasn’t indicted Hillary Clinton over the payment to Fusion GPS is that the payment was disclosed on campaign finance sheets, and therefore is not a crime.

Unless we’re truly going lawless authoritarian regime – and it doesn’t appear that even Jeff Sessions is down for that – you don’t get to indict your political rivals (and wait here for just a second, Hillary Clinton is done, she’s not running ever again for anything, she’s no longer a rival. Hillary Clinton sat in front of the Benghazi committee for 11 hours (the last one) and answered question after question after question, something Trump won’t do. How the hell is she STILL a political rival? SEE? THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT). It is like a reflex with these people at this point, something bad happens to you, mention Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

They are truly scraping the bottom of the barrel. Of course, having Rudy as your “TV lawyer” is scraping the bottom of the barrel, arguing that “truth isn’t truth” in the age of Trump, because it’s all a big TV show, and like any good show, they know who are the real bad guys, it is that woman with the shrill voice and the black guy that thinks he’s president or something.

I’m getting really tired of this.

Fortunately, I expect Mueller’s report to come exploding out of the offices any day now, at least the one on obstruction, which will involve many Russian factors also, and that, too, will help change the narrative.

I said the other day that with all the guilty pleas, one of which now directly implicates Trump as an unindicted co-conspirator, that Trump could no longer claim witch hunt and expect any reasonable person to agree. I didn’t say that he wouldn’t claim it. This, from 1:10 a.m. this morning.

Yeah, whatever you say, Biff.

Edit to add: We found video!

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