Friends, we have witnessed the impossible. We have seen the day arrive where George Santos and Pete Buttigieg are on the same side of an issue — more or less. Buttigieg has already weighed in on the tastelessness and cruelty of Ron DeSantis anti-gay ad, released on the last day of Pride Month. Santos merely thinks it’s stupid. If an ad appears stupid to George Santos, that is a sign that it’s high time to reevaluate the intelligence level of what was transmitted.

Maybe it’s true, Christina Pushaw, DeSantis’ aide de camp in charge of this travesty, is a Trump undercover agent.

Even Ric Grenell saw the obvious gay hate in the ad, so now we have Buttigieg and Grenell on the same side of an issue and Santos falling in alongside in his own dippy, off-point way. Again, Pushaw is some kind of a genius if she can produce something that will unite people who under any normal circumstances don’t align at all, except perhaps on what color the sky is.

A good question here would be what does George Santos know about being gay? He ran as an openly gay candidate and then his marriage to a woman was uncovered, and then old boyfriends began coming out of the woodwork. So who knows? As with all things Santos, take it with a bucket of salt.

The larger point here though, is what an unqualified disaster that video is.

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  1. ANY attempts to squash the PRIDE movement at any level, would and should call for higher level counter attacks … Santos, is apparently NOT able to operate with even the smallest fraction of Pete Buttigieg’s intelligence and should NOT volunteer opinions or unworthy comments on any body or thing …

    Ron Desantass, keeps pushing out, head spinning confusion of the facts mixed with pure evil stances and should just STFU and sit in a corner, he will be toast as soon as the Trumpers collapse, with their cherished god of cruel pain and self promoting foolish language, gets his personal bright orange jumpsuit … A failed and impotent moron, locked away without any more web messages, hand waving, ranting ancient rhetoric, or pretending to actually be qualified for re-election … Who knows how the MAGA’s will vote? Not much value there, possibility of chewing up the Republican Majorities … (!)?

    Popcorn ALWAYS works to sooth the ANGRY Dems … Trump and his supporters are on their waaaay out, doing everything they can to make it so …


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