The Furkids weren’t as surprised as Kevin was when his squeakership was cut short. They have 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th senses (so they tell me) that there were moves afoot to tip Kev out of the big chair.

So this week they set about finding a suitable song as a send-off. That was not as easy as you might think. Most farewell songs are rather sad but they wanted something upbeat. When they heard the song from The Sound of Music, they all agreed that this would do very nicely. They liked the idea of the song using a number of languages to reflect a multicultural and multispecies sentiment as well as the metaphor of the sun setting on Kev’s ambitions.

The jukebox has been topped up with Austrian coins so all you need to do is press play, scroll down to the illustrated lyrics and sing along!

You can follow the Furkids at (and buy them a frothy milk if you’d like to). Michelle is on Twitter as @Mopshell, on Post and Mastodon as @michelle_elle and Spoutible as @MichelleElle.


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  1. {{{Michelle}}} You and the Furkids found just the right way to see Ol’ Kev on his way. Skritches to the Furkids, moar {{{HUGS}}} to you, & Healing Energy as needed.


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