Happy St Gertrude’s Day! Gertrude the Great was a German Benedictine nun and mystic from the monastery of Helfta. Her day is celebrated by the Furkids because she is the Patron Saint of Cats.

March 17 is more famously recognised as St Patrick’s Day which is also celebrated by the Furkids (any excuse for a party with treats).

To acknowledge both these saints, the Furkids chose an Irish song about cats. Though the lyrics may be unfamiliar to you (as they were to me), you may recognise the tune of a popular sea shanty. Though its origins are obscure, it has been traced back to an Irish folk song which sailors then adopted and reworded as the Drunken Sailor song.

This version of the song first appeared on the album Whiskers in the Jar by Mark Gunn and the Dubliners’ Tabby Cats on January 1, 2008. With its Irish antecedents and feline content, it is the purrfect song to celebrate both St Gertrude’s and St Patrick’s Days!

The jukebox is stuffed with Irish coins thanks to the efforts of the Irish Setters, so just press play, scroll down to the lyrics and sing along!

Furkids love the frothy milkshakes at ko-fi.com/furkids. They want you to know they love licking up their frothy moustaches! You can treat them to their favourite frothies for $3/€3/£3. All proceeds go towards the new second-hand desk fund. The new computer is up and running – yay!  Our heartfelt thanks to all contributors. 💝 💖 💝


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