Catmus is such an exciting time of year!

But it can become very hectic with so many things to do and it’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed by it all. To prevent everyone from getting stressed out, the Furkids team put together this guide to prepping for Catmus.

Heads up: some of the text is in Fur-Speak so the Furkids can express themselves in their own unique voice. The spelling may look rather odd at first but it is phonetic which makes it easy to translate. An important note: this is not because the Furkids can’t spell, it’s more a case of them having very little interest in our spelling and a delight in their own unique approach. Also, Fur-Speak varies from region to region just as language and accents vary for humans. There is no one correct version of Fur-Speak; all of them are correct!

The Furkids love the frothy Catmas milkshakes at They want you to know they choose oat milk and love licking up their frothy moustaches! You can treat them to their favourite frothies for $3/€3/£3.  Our heartfelt thanks to all contributors. 💖

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  1. {{{Michelle}}} Yuletide traditions are lovely. This is one of your/the Furkids’ best. Sending you all kinds of Healing Energy for whatever your needs. I’ll send a little bit of something more substantial when my Social Security comes in. moar {{{HUGS}}}

  2. You put A LOT of work into this, Michelle. It’s WONDERFUL! It’s the best time of the year… because the cats think so. 😉 Excellent post!!


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