Another beyond parody post hit Truth Social a few hours ago. Here, the stable genius reveals his vast ignorance of a great many things, all in one post. He doesn’t know basic grammar and how to construct a sentence. That failing has led to many similar gaffes in the past but still he continues on, obliviously. Then he’s confused about the 25th Amendment and then he goes on to rave about Joe Biden “giving” $6 Billion dollars to Iran. Biden didn’t give Iran one dollar. He unfroze assets.

Trump seriously is losing it. He goes on about “self imposed inflation.” The world is experiencing inflation as part of the recovery from the global pandemic. This is the way things go. In reality, Biden’s done a good job of containing inflation. As to “Energy Independence” what is he saying there? That Biden has energy independence? Again, he’s incoherent. The border comment is cliche, as is the voter ID comment and then the “sale” or ransom or whatever he thinks the $6 Billion in frozen aspects represents, is simply stupid.

I can only surmise that Trump watched the fake news story that the frozen assets were a payment for the hostages on Fox News and of course he believed it. He went on at some length about this earlier.

And another one.

Nobody is paying for hostages but apparently Trump either doesn’t know the Fox News story is fake or he just wants to gaslight MAGA, as if they need any more gaslighting. But this is the Conspiracy Theory Du Jour. It’s going all over now.

The reason that Trumpty is howling mad and lashing out at Biden is because he’s upset about the New York fraud case. At least, that’s the inference that I’m drawing from this post.

the post ends “Additionally, great Liquidity, very little debt relative to Assets. In other words Trump Hating Leticia James has no case!”

I daresay that James has a great case and that’s what’s getting under Trumpty’s skin. He’s on quite a roll this afternoon. It well could be that he’ll bang out another 102 posts in an all-caps meltdown. Stay tuned.


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  1. The idiot stable genius attention seeking magnet of “… person, woman, man, camera, TV…” fame, continues to project how he’s lost it, and continues to loose it. He doesn’t know of, or have insight into, his own decline yet because of the level of his arrogant delusional idiocy.

  2. Can we reasonably hope that when the mango moron is put in prison, we won’t have to listen, read, etc. his stupidity for as long as he remains incarcerated?



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