When you hear Republican legislators or candidates say nonsensical things like “it’s God’s will” when a female is impregnated and the girl or woman should have the baby regardless, what that translates as is “subjugation of the female is our primary purpose and ultimate goal.” That’s what all the faux-religious crap boils down to. Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear has issued a powerful attack ad which should be the template for all Democrats going forward.

This is the horror of what goes on in this country. You well recall the case of the 10-year-old girl who had to cross state lines to get an abortion. She also was a rape victim. The lives of female children cannot be ruined this way. Abortion laws are a case study in hypocrisy and the rationale behind them is pure evil, subjugation of half of the human race. They are not there to preserve the sanctity of life, they are there to destroy life.

This iteration of the Republican party, including Donald Trump, tells the falsehood that Democrats are in favor of abortion until the 9th month and even killing the child after it’s born. That’s pure madness. That anybody would believe that for a minute is amazing but evidently there are those who do believe it.

Believe this gal. The majority of us have not walked in her shoes, mercifully. But she is the person we’re trying to protect from evil men, both the men that rape children and the elected men who gloss it over as acceptable and continue to perpetrate an environment where it can continue to take place.

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  1. Let’s not forget they don’t give a rat’s ass about the children themselves. They cut every social program that protects, feeds, and educates children. They’re fine with brown and black children dying because of their policies. They won’t expand the child tax credit or medicaid. The list is endless. Meanwhile they’re fine giving themselves trillions of dollars in tax cuts. This young woman deserves a lot of credit for her courage. Her stepfather, I hope, is sitting in jail where he belongs. Any woman who votes republican needs her goddamn head examined.



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