Ohio Senator and fake “I’m for the little guy” a-hole J.D. Vance couldn’t resist taking potshots at a decorated FBI agent. She’s still serving and in counter-intelligence so her identity was hidden during a recent 60 Minutes interview addressing Havana Syndrome. Being the opportunistic P.O.S. that he he Vance posted a tweet knowing she can’t hit back. It seems not to have occurred to him someone who COULD would hit back!

Havana Syndrome is a controversial subject to be sure. Despite plenty of reports and documentation of people reporting symptoms of it actual evidence that a foreign govt. is using some type of high tech weapon or other means to target U.S. and other western diplomats, military and other govt. personnel has been elusive. So the official position is basically that something might be up but we can’t be sure, nor is there evidence it’s part of some formal attack by Russia or some other foreign adversary. Some researchers including quite credible ones believe there’s no such thing as Havana Syndrome.

Of course, if you’re old enough you remember the govt. spent a lot of time and effort saying there was no proof that troops in Vietnam exposed to Agent Orange (a chemical widely dispersed to inhibit growth of jungle) suffered any physical harm. It would take a very long time for the connection to be established and even longer for the government to begin compensating those affected. Just saying.

In any case, ad 2paragrahps reports during a 60 Minutes segment on Havana Syndrome suggesting a new lead in what might cause it an active, decorated FBI counter-intelligence agent was interviewed. Because she’s still serving “Carrie” had her identity hidden so Vance decided to make fun of her. Again, knowing that she couldn’t say jack in response. Fortunately her lawyer is a heaver hitter and he called out Vance big time. Their article includes the tweet showing how it all went down:

That sound you heard was Zaid smacking Vance across his smug mouth with a bit ole wet fish. Vance is the one Senate candidate who benefited from Trump’s endorsement when other hucksters like Dr. Oz and Herschel Walker went down in flames. WTF was going through the minds of people in Ohio that they’d be suckered by someone like Vance and his “Hillbilly Elegy” public image? Yes, he’s a guy born to modest circumstances who made good. Got rich actually. But he’s pure GOPer. A “I got mine. YOU can go f**k off” type who after climbing the ladder pulls it up behind them so others can’t.

For a P.O.S. like Vance, just like his hero and political benefactor Trump regular folks are nothing but sheep to be sheared. Vance had fashioned a political career as being a champion of the little guy. The reality is that he’d sell anyone who voted for him down the river in a heartbeat if it meant more money in his bank account. I’m ashamed that this asshat is a fellow jarhead. Yes, he was an enlisted puke in the Corps and served in the air wing. (I was a grunt) But his service doesn’t measure up to that rendered by the FBI counterintelligence agent he chose to mock.

I wouldn’t wish Havana Syndrome on Vance any more than I would anyone else. However, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it if he himself were targeted and became a victim of it. He is a human piece of sh*t as far as I’m concerned. I’ve never bought his “I’m one of you” (to working class folks) for a second. Like Trump, after meeting with regular people, constituents at public events he probably has a team standing by in hazmat suits to scrub him clean of the “average person cooties.”

J.D. Vance doesn’t respect anyone who isn’t a rich conservative like him. But he’s the kind of person who populates the modern GOP. One can only hope that after a term of getting nothing done that benefits Ohio or the country the voters there will come to their senses and choose someone worthy of representing them in the Senate.

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  1. A dear friend who served in Viet Nam suffered for 3 decades from the effects of agent orange. It took 2 decades for him to be compensated. It was too late. He died at the age of 55, 3 months after the compensation started.

    • I met this fellow the day we were drafted in November, 1965. We did well enough on aptitude tests given before beginning basic training that they sat us down with a recruiting sergeant who offered us a potentially better outlook than the rest of our group of draftees – training in basic operation of telecommunications equipment and a chance to advance to repairing that gear, if we gave up our draftee status and enlisted. I learned applied electricity and electronics at a technical high school, and had over 2 years on the job as a technician maintaining what the Bell System then called “inside plant” – in my case, the Panel Dial electromechanical central office system. With my training and experience, I figured getting to and through the repair training wouldn’t be hard, and spending an extended hitch in a repair shop would lead to a better outcome than being part of an artillery crew in a combat situation.

      “Tom” was a month younger than I, and had worked as an auto mechanic for an import brand’s service arm. We hit it off, he similarly did well on the test, and was offered the and as I talked about the decision I’d come to, he decided to take the same chance. A dozen others from our draftees group also took the gamble.

      When we started the training we’d enlisted for, we were surprised to see that half the student body training for this MOS was draftees (Lied to by a recruiting sergeant? Maybe.). We had also been told that the top 10% of our class of 100 would continue to the repair course. When time came for that transfer, only the top 3 advanced. I was #2, and was going on. Tom was #4, and wound up at Fort Irwin, CA, starting up a new unit setting up refurbished equipment and deploying to the 1st Division in Nam.

      We exchanged a few letters while overseas, and in one of them Tom described getting burned while assigned to what was then called “sh*t burning detail” – yup, a burn pit. His burns weren’t serious, but he was awarded a Purple Heart.

      We each married women we’d been dating when we were drafted, and got together socially for years. Over time, though, we drifted apart, and for years only exchanged Christmas cards.

      We finally got together for dinner a few years ago, and while I was walking using a cane, Tom needed a pair of forearm crutches, and was well aware that much of his disability was due to his . He cautioned me that while I served in Korea rather than in Nam, there was a possibility that I’d been exposed to low doses of Agent Orange as an unwitting guinea pig.

      That was the last time we saw each other. While the evening was pleasant enough, the bond we formed the day we were drafted wasn’t strong enough to overcome the distance we’d grown apart since. His widow sent us a letter after Tom passed away two years ago; the poisoning from Agent Orange and the Burn Pits left him a 75-pound shell of his former self.

  2. So, vance is ever so for the working folks, the little guy? What in the f*cking all does he think an agent is? That lady has to work for a living, work hard, and I would say since she is a decorated agent, she gives our government a very good bang for its buck. Well, republican and magat are just synonyms for hypocritical lying piece of sh*t.

    Sure hope someone is running against garbage like this taking up space in the U.S. Senate chamber. It isn’t as if he is doing anything for the nation nor for Ohioans. Get rid of his ignorant ass Ohio-you deserve much better.



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