Rick Wilson couldn’t have put it better in his book title. And now, he’s being prophetic on something that will go down along with Remember the Maine, and Pearl Harbor day for infamy.

Remember Traitor Tots first international visit? He went to Saudi Arabia, a land he has long had real estate longings in. He humiliated himself by placing his hands on a flowing orb that looked like it came from a bong shop, and stumbled his way through a saber dance where he couldn’t even keep pace.

But it did the job. Saudi businesses started bleeding cash in Trump hotels, especially in DC, and his Pinocchio son in law, Jared Kushner went to the middle east to save his floundering 666 5th Avenue complex.

The problem is, despite what Trump thinks, the rest of the world thinks that Saudi Arabia is dog shit. And of course, the remedy for that is a big, splashy sporting event in your name to rehabilitate your image. Which is where Traitor Tot comes in.

The Saudis’ are sponsoring a summer long series of golf events called the LIC series to reform their image. The letters LIV stand for the Roman numeral 54, which is the number of holes in the tournaments. The whole purpose was global coverage to use advertising to push Saudi tourism and business investments.

And when the chips are down, who better to partner with than your lap poodle? The tournaments are being held on two Trump properties, Trump Bedminster, as well as Trump Doral. Estimates are that Trump will pocket more than $200 million in blood money from the Saudi’s.

Survivors and family members of 9/11 victims are not taking this lying down. They’re loudly complaining about a Saudi sponsored golf tournament being held 50 miles from Ground Zero, and they’re backing it up with scathing ads. And they’re toasting former President Trump for his complicity. Full Disclosure. These tournaments are not sanctioned by the PGA, since they pulled their support of Trump golf courses from PGA events years ago.

This is turning into a nightmare scenario for Saudi Arabia. The PGA refuses to sanction the events. PGA players taking part have personal sponsors, and if those sponsors come under enough heat, then those players may feel compelled to drop out of future tournaments.

But it gets even worse. The Saudi’s plan is based on advertising to spread their friendly message. If US networks refuse to cover their tournaments, then they have no access. And even The Golf Channel, which is under contract with the PGA, has no requirement to carry the tournaments.

The Saudi’s are as stupid as Trump is. They thought that the Trump mantle would somehow magically make 9/11 and Jamal Khashoggi would magically disappear, and Americans would do what they do best, turn off reality, and turn to sports. But it isn’t working out that way for them. Smooth move, dipshits.



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  1. Trump’s sports washing and butt kissing for Saudi money won’t help keep him from prison…lock him up, lock him up!

  2. I’d love for that POS to spend the rest of his life in prison with some deranged prison guard getting his jollies messing with Trumps head. Like spitting in Trumps food, doing things that turn Trump into a fat stupid version of Milosevic etc. {‘the guards are trying to kill me’} unfortunately, even if Trump does get prosecuted and miraculously convicted, he won’t spend a day in jail. He’ll spend any conviction at MaraLago under secret service supervision. And his life will be exactly as it is today. Frankly, having that horrifyingly unflattering photo making the rounds is probably the worst thing that happens to Trump.

  3. Yeah, seen a YouTube video of an activist that his father died in the attack. He and his crew were right outside Bedminster. They were going after them. More power to them. That’s just like when he was going to host a bunch of these clowns at Camp David. The man is a moron.

  4. I don’t care a whit about golf, so I don’t care if the PGA goes down the toilet.
    So long as Trump gets flushed with them like the turd he is.

    Incomprehensible that he can say with a straight face that the culpability for 9/11 isn’t resolved. Ummm… 15 of the 19 highjackers were Saudi. Think they did this on their own? This bastard has no shame at all.

  5. Why are the Saudi, complicit with Trump, attempting to stick it to the PGA by buying (by way over the top amounts) those greedy golfers to join the Saudi owned liv golf and using Trump’s courses to play the leagues….how much of those nuclear secrets did Trump sell to the Saudi? Not even mentioning why Trump was soooooo afraid to say anything bad about the Russians…in fact took their position against our own INTEL?? Then ask yourself what the heck was he going to do with all that confidential information…he doesn’t really read at all in depth…


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