If you’ve ever wondered if Donald Trump has a shred of decency, here’s your answer: No. He does not. And now, if he gets reelected in 2024, Americans may well die as a result.

That’s because he plans to abolish the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. That’s angered some Republicans, according to Raw Story, but really they need to shoulder some of the blame since so many of them continue to brown nose this evil creep.

Trump said he’s “seriously looking at alternatives to the legislation, claiming that the Republicans dropped the ball by not repealing it and replacing it. Even though the GOP ruled the roost in the House, Senate, and White House, Trump was still unable to get the job done.

Politico’s Burgess Everett Everett spoke to Senate members Monday, and fortunately it looks like Trump’s plan is DOA even if Republicans reclaim the Senate.

Sen. John Thune (R-SD), “Boy, I haven’t thought about that one a while.”

Sen. Shelley Moore Capito was more to the point.

“I don’t see that as being the rallying cry,” she said.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) was also not on board and said:

“i don’t hear any republicans talking about it.”


This is good news because according to Statista, more than 40 million Americans still depend on Obamacare, and it would be tragic if Trump gets his wish.

Republicans have long given up their hopes of abolishing Obamacare and it’s not considered a campaign issue in the 2024 (except for Trump, evidently) because they have fought repeatedly to repeal and replace it. And failed. It was passed in 2010 and GOP candidates continually campaigned with the “repeal and replace Obamacare,” message. Which fortunately sank like a stone after the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said they had nothing to replace it with.

“We’ve gotten so far down the road now that it’s almost technically impossible to do that,” noted Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.). “But there is a way to get rid of all the bad and hopefully put some good back in place.”

Trump also campaigned on the “repeal and replace” message in 2016 but in seven years that followed, he has been unable to bring together anyone who could craft a suitable replacement plan.

Trump is a horrible man who’s never had to worry about healthcare, unlike those who depend on Obamacare. And even with Obamacare, there are still more than 26 million Americans who remain uninsured. The fact that he’s been indicted four times, and with good reason and evidence to support this, shows just how truly awful he is.

That’s shameful. In a country that Republicans continually brand as “The greatest country on Earth,” this is obviously not true.

Thanks to too many namby-pamby Republicans like Lindsey Graham, Trump is running again when he should never, ever be allowed on the ballot after all he’s done.

Frankly, this makes me happy that I live in Central America.

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  1. Trump is obsessed with Obama ever since Obama made fun of him at that correspondents dinner, in front of everyone. So he wants to destroy this super important accomplishment of Obama’s, no matter how many people are hurt, or even die. He also destroyed Obama’s plan to deal with pandemics as soon as he took office. Think about how many more people died, because of that. Someone should write an article about how many accomplishments of Obama were reversed by Trump, just because of Trump’s need for revenge.

  2. Trump’s viewpoint on any legislation over the past 10 years or so is simple: “If i didn’t do it and I can’t claim credit for it – repeal it. Never mind if it hurts people – I’m more important than they are”

  3. Trump always needs something to biltch about. He destroys it and then puts it back worse than it was. Then he takes credit for having done it. Trump is a hollow shell of a man, totally devoid of empathy for anything, sympathy for anyone. He is evil and the scourge of America.

  4. Here is another instance in which Trump reversed Obama’s prior legislation just because he could. A quote from CNN:

    “President Donald Trump responded to the El Paso and Dayton mass shootings by insisting Monday that “mental illness pulls the trigger not the gun,” but shortly after taking office he quietly rolled back an Obama-era regulation that would have made it harder for people with mental illness to buy guns.”

    Basicaly, in order to try to better implement Johnson’s legistlaion to have people with mental disorder barred from purchasing guns, Obama had ruled that HIPAA laws must be relaxed in such cases in order for doctors to be able to enter names of mentally ill people into the relevant database. So by reversing Obama’s ruling, Trump once again assured that crazies can buy guns.

  5. Contrary to most peoples belief, tRump did have a health care plan and everybody got covered.

    You got sick, you died and they pulled the sheet up. Viola…you are covered.

  6. It’s not that trump doesn’t have any shred of decency (he doesn’t BTW) but it’s that he doesn’t have the sense to pour piss out of a boot with the instructions on the heel. I would guess many ‘pubes outside of the freedumb caucus are ingesting large amounts of pepto and tums to settle their burning stomachs, aggravated ulcers, and revved up reflux. And while they probably won’t utter it, many of the somewhat saner ones (an admittedly small group) are wishing trump very, very, dead.

  7. Well the republicans can’t walk and chew gum, so they know they have a snowballs chance in hell of even coming close to Obama Care. They also know that if they get rid of it and don’t replace it with something somewhere close they won’t have to worry about serving in Congress ever again. So no, they aren’t going to touch it with a ten foot pole. One of the things that still amazes me. Trump owned the government for two years and all he did was pass a tax cut and run up 8 trillion in debt. What happened to Obama care. Mitch McConnell tell him to go fuck himself I imagine.


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