The details of the legal events in New York regarding the case of The People Of New York v. Donald J. Trump, et. al., will be coming out for days. Right now, here’s a comical tidbit for us to chew on and kick around: the judge says that Mar-a-Lago is worth $18 million and Trump says it’s worth “over $1 Billion.” If that’s the case, then it’s second only to Buckingham Palace, which is evaluated as being worth $6 Billion and has 830,000 square feet, and Antilia, which is a 27-story building in India, and measuring 400,000 square feet, worth $4 Billion. Mar-a-Lago, by comparison, is only 62,000 square feet. And while that is certainly impressive, it’s not worth a billion dollars. And just FYI, the most expensive residence in the country is in the ballpark of $300 million and is located in Bel Aire, California. Trump, as usual, is full of shit.

the tweet ends “the most valuable residential property in the country.” Wrong.

Do the arithmetic. A few of these homes are 10,000, 11,000 square feet that is not “1/30” of 62,000 square feet Mar-a-Lago.

The irony here is that Mitch is happier to hear this than Chuck. Chuck is plenty happy, we’re sure, but Mitch is positively beaming.

How much longer will this plague be upon us, I wonder? Now this next one is good. This is how Trump arrived at the $1.5 Billion figure. He must be talking to Eric’s psychic pal who channels God.

Based on the method? Okay, silly me, I thought people used tape measures or maybe got the information from the architect’s drawing. They’re supposed to keep such things, since the builders built the rooms and all from the blueprints. But I guess if it’s a Trump property, the square footage is how many times you can skip in a room while whistling dixie and doing cartwheels. Times ten.

Then there’s the “Buyer From Saudia Arabia” method of valuation. This is good.

“who will pay any price he suggests.” Is that because you’re throwing Ivanka, Melania and Tiffany into the deal? Just asking.

It’s getting wild now.


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  1. “This statement may suggest influence buying more than savvy investing.”

    Well now, that might just be the understatement of the year.

    Just how much is Mar El Lago worth with all those boxes of documents?

    Specially to the Saudis ?

  2. Based on the boxes photos, MAL would go for substantially less than $18 million. The lighting fixtures and carpeting seem to have come from a liquidator’s bargain basement, and the computer room must be a moldy mess. We’ll see what its true market value is at auction in a few months — assuming the building inspectors allow it.

  3. New York real estate is a world of its own.
    I follow a YouTube channel of a computer repair guy (Louis Rossman) who was in NYC (has since relocated to Texas). He was looking for a new store location back in 2019-20 and documented his adventures dealing with NYC real estate.
    It was eye-opening. They would list a square footage and he would measure with a laser and come in smaller, sometimes by a lot. The agent’s response was “It’s not lying, it’s just New York real estate”
    He even sells t-shirts and mugs with that printed on them.

  4. The method of calculating AREA is somehow fluid? L X W = A. That’s it. Not rocket science. Hell, it’s barely math f.f.s. The asininity of trump’s worth suddenly becomes clear.

    • As the good judge said, “that’s fantasy world, not the real world.” In the real world, yes, length v. width is the figure. Period, end of story. But in Trump world, who knows? The walls may move and there may be an interdimensional vortex that makes the space larger, because it hooks into a palace on the Planet Zenon, and Trump owns that too.

  5. Actually, it’s true that there are differig ways of measuring residential spaces. But one thing is common to them all: they REDUCE the listed square footage rather than increase it, after taking into consideration unusable or unheated footage and structural elements.

  6. It’s Eric,who is the dumbest member of the family. The problem with grifting is that once one domino is removed,,p the rest fall over.
    Donnie Donuts likes to see himself as,Capo dir furry capo, when he us,really just a medium level legbreaker the kind they send after Vegas high rollers,who don’t pay their debts. He is not the Godfather and when they make his biopic, he won’t be played with someone as respected as,DiCaprio or DeNiro. It’ a three part series,for Prime and it will be second or third tier character actors sho playing him, the guy you know you’ve seen before but can’t remember exactly where,,the equivalent of Brian Cranston before Breaking Bad. Ivanka will get a blonde on her way down,Melania will be played by an actress aging out of sex symbol status like Famke Janson. and the two suns will.get youngish guys who never made it even to B list. Jared Kushner will be portrayed by a wax dummy,,McCarthy will be an animated turtle,,and P.ence will be a,walk-out for some guy hoping to revive a flagging mediocre career.

  7. I think the county tax assessor should take the Donald at his word – and slap him with a tax for property valued at $1.8 billion (and sit back and enjoy the screams)


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