This is good news, but since we’re dealing with William Barr, here, of course there is a shady aspect to it. Yes, he’ll testify but not for five weeks. The damnation of Aaron Zelinsky’s testimony before Congress that states in no uncertain terms that the Department of Justice was pressured to treat Roger Stone in a special manner because of his relationship to Donald Trump, has finally forced Barr’s hand. That, plus the threat of a subpoena. New Civil Rights Movement:

Isn’t it interesting how this is phrased, “accepted an invitation” like Congress has asked him to join them for tea. Very casual wording, considering the issue is obstruction of justice and he’s got a Greek chorus crying for his impeachment or resignation.

Barr is facing growing calls for his impeachment or for him to resign over what many – including two DOJ whistleblowers testifying before the House Wednesday – are calling his extreme politicization of the Justice Dept.

This will be the first time Barr has appeared before Congress to testify in more than a year. Barr was supposed to appear before the House on March 31 but did not. On June 1 he told House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler that “he would not appear at a hearing that the committee wanted to hold on June 9,” Roll Call reported.

This is explosive. Even for the Trump administration, this is extraordinary.

That is spot on. Barr has been acting as Trump’s Roy Cohn, his “killer,” and not as the nation’s top law enforcement officer. Trump used to ask, “where are my killers?” and he sure as hell didn’t have any in Jeff Sessions or Matthew Whitaker. But he got one in Barr.

It would be interesting to know why the five week delay. What, pray tell, could be more pressing on Barr’s calendar, or any attorney general’s for that matter, than charges of politicization of the DOJ and obstruction of justice? I guess we’ll find out.


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  1. I’m guessing part of the “delay” has to do with the political realities at play. For starters, Congress is most likely getting ready to take a 2-week break for the 4th of July (today’s June 24 and July 4 is a week from Saturday) and trying to get everything in order for the hearing would probably preclude anything before July 7th (I can’t see Congress trying to rush back to DC by Monday the 6th and there’s liable to be other issues that would take up the first week back).

    Or would folks here prefer a hurried affair to take place in the next couple of days? Personally, I want the Democrats in charge of the hearings to have as much time as they need to tear Barr a new asshole, up to and including catching him in a perjury trap. It would be interesting to see who Barr’s more ready and willing to protect at that point: Barr or Trump.

  2. Let’s see if he shows up, or if Himself tells Congress to pound sand – again.
    If he does show up, he’s going to lie and mumble through every answer.

    • Telling lies is the only way he can make an answer for his actions. I suspect like BJeanT said below, he has done this before by saying he will show up and then not.

      • Yeah, yeah, Cherl, only before, Barr didn’t have the threat of a new government coming in within a few months. We need to stop framing this through the prism of our outrage and what happened when Trump had years in office left. Both encourage the wrong conclusions.

  3. Bet you anything that the defunding threat is what got Barr to the table. Delaying it five weeks gives the House more time to come up with more damning evidence to hammer him with. So it’s hard to see this as a win for Barr.

  4. I was watching MSNBC and they said he has done this before, agreed to appear weeks out and then doesn’t show due to something coming up. I doubt he will appear in July.

    • Aren’t you forgetting something? He blows off Congress at this stage, he could well have a new DOJ on his Ewok ass in a few months. Timeframe, people…that’s the biggest difference between then and now.

  5. I read elsewhere that their excuse for the delay is that he’s occupied with challenges related to the pandemic. That must have already been laughed into oblivion: not only has DOJ not been involved in pandemic issues, this whole administration has given up on the pandemic.

  6. Let’s see…he justified arresting Noriega in his own country, excused Reagan’s dirty murderous secret war against the peasants of Latin America, justified Bush’s torture program, lied about the Mueller report, thereby supporting the traitor in chief, instigating the just a department to act like Nazi Germany including secret police bringing the state down on peaceful protesters not breaking any laws. There are a multitude of evils. He should be in jail. Or as Hunter S.Thompson once opined about Nixon…”if there were any true justice in the world, Nixon would be in the belly of a hammerhead shark headed south of Easter island”. Hey Barr your room in hell will be served daily with a pineapple up ur arse without lube…for eternity. And somehow, that doesn’t quite seem like enough.

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