I’m not really sure what kind of reception Elon Musk expected from a Dave Chappelle audience in liberal San Francisco, but the famously thin-skinned Twitter agent provocateur probably did not expect a scathing 10 minute long chorus of lusty boos – which is exactly what he got.


“Elon Musk reportedly received a chorus of boos from the audience at comedian Dave Chappelle’s show on Sunday.

Chappelle performed at a special Punchline Comedy Club event on December 11 in San Francisco, where he invited the Tesla CEO on to the stage…

Musk said to Chapelle onstage: “Weren’t expecting this were you?” to which Chapelle replied, “It sounds like some of them people you fired are in the audience.”

Chappelle, himself not totally unfamiliar with a less than enraptured audience, stepped in to try to help the embattled Twitter troll out…

“Chappelle then addressed those booing saying, “Wait, wait, those of you booing… I’m just pointing out they have terrible seats.”

…before kinda giving up and deciding to join in the jeering… using some loaded terminology while doing so:

“Speaking of Musk, he said, “This n**** not even trying to die on earth. His whole business model is f*** earth, I’m leaving anyway.”


Here is the vid, unless Musk takes it down, he has already shit-canned at least one account for posting it:


Musk might have come off better had he not drawn a big X on Dr. Anthony Fauci’s back earlier in the day:

What an A-hole.

Twitter is enjoying the boo vid while it lasts:







Meanwhile, on Mars:


Enjoy the boos, Elon.

You richly deserve them.

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  1. Elon got himself a real life “Buttercup” (The Princess Diaries) moment. Only in his case it wasn’t fiction and wasn’t a bad dream!

  2. If Daddy didn’t own an emerald mine which paid for the silver spoon up.his d*ck, the Muskrat would be a,low level.manager at a third tier PR firm that handles such relevant former celebrity like Kevin Sorbo. He would eventually be fired for mouthing off to his boss and harassing young women just out of college and trying to get a first step.on the ladder..When he applied for unemployment. a PoC channeling Wholly Goldberg would say, “YounSGSIN? You.must love this office because you seem.to spend more time here than at the jobs you have lost. “


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