It looks like Aileen Cannon isn’t going to have the opportunity to put a lot of peoples’ lives in danger, number one, and it looks like this error here could be the recusable error that either gets Cannon off this case or gets her off the bench altogether — which would be the best of all possible worlds (so don’t hold your breath.) As you’ve heard, Cannon intends to release a witness list to Donald Trump. Jack Smith has demanded that the witness list names be redacted. He has so requested of the court.

Smith will probably be victorious in his quest, if for no other reason than just the other week, when the E. Jean Carroll damages case was resolved, with a verdict of $83.3 million, the judge said to the jurors: “My advice is that you never disclose that you served on this jury.” That is not something a judge says everyday. That is something a judge will say to a jury that has just convicted a mobster — yet he was saying it about a former POTUS? Yes indeed.

She is indeed demonstrating that she doesn’t care about the witnesses. She cares more about doing Trump’s bidding. And that would be disqualifying in any sane world — which this world no longer is.

If you ever wondered what would happen to society when a major political party began to come apart at the seams, now you know. Our politics is not normal, because the Republican party lost its way quite a few miles back. But they cemented that loss the day they nominated the trust fund baby reality TV guy to the top of its ticket.

That act, and that one, tremendous act alone, was all that it took for the entire edifice to begin to collapse. And collapse you have seen it do, at least the past three elections.

This election will be the determinative one. Either the GOP will lose its bid for the White House, again, and it will finally be so beaten down that it will abandon its standard bearer and look for a new way, or their last ditch long shot bid will take place and Trump will regain the Oval Office.

Trump’s winning caucuses and primaries because there is nobody else. He’s the loudest voice in the room so all attention is on him. But even though he’s winning, if you scratch the surface, he’s winning a portion of Republicans who bother to show up to begin with. If you parse through what his numbers really mean, he has fragmented the party greatly and it shows.

Let’s see what happens with Judge Cannon’s error and whether the court cures that error for her, or allows it to stand. I see no way that it can be allowed to stand, especially in light of what Judge Lewis Kaplan told the Carroll jury just last week, that they need to be discreet, for their own safety.

America is at a sad junction that we’re even talking about things like this.



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  1. The 11th Circuit Court of Apoeals may be having acid reflux with her. Aside from her granting access of sensitive material to team Trump (contrary to CIPA rules).

  2. If my family was put in the crosshairs by this traitor I’d put signs up just like Beware of Dog…except it would say things like: Vengeance may be the Lord’s but I’m willing to arrange the meeting.

  3. The question needing to be answered is not how this foolish twit got to be a judge but how did she managed to get a law degree in the first place. She has yet do anything in this case that indicates she knows even 0.000001th of the law in this country. Going by her demonstration of law knowledge, I could be a judge (and certainly a more competent one) than she is and all I have are the law courses one takes in college required of students in certain majors-the ones that make you aware of all the liability you will have as a professional in your chosen field.



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