Dotard drumpf is a slow learner, as his college transcripts would show if we could only see them…

Despite being impeached the first time he tried to withhold military aid to Ukraine, he is back to trying to give comfort and support to his old buddy Vlad Putin by demanding that Republicans in Congress withhold support for our Ukrainian allies until the Biden Administration coughs up some imagined evidence of Papa Biden’s supposed financial misdeeds in that country.

And this coming at a time when a University of Maryland’s Program for Public Consultation (PPC) poll shows that even a majority of GOP voters favor our aide to Ukraine, let alone big majorities among Democratic and independent voters.

If attempting to extort a sovereign state into manufacturing evidence against your political opponent is stupid enough to win you the impeachment asterisk next to your name in the history texts, how much stupider must you be to try to extort the very government that is in the process of prosecuting scores of criminal cases against you for committing a host of other stupid and criminal acts?

One thing about the Gobfather, he is, if nothing else, totally committed to the stupid.

Washington Post

“Former president Donald Trump called on congressional Republicans to withhold military support for Ukraine until the Biden administration cooperates with their investigations into the president and his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

The demand, delivered at a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday, echoed Trump’s conduct at issue during his first impeachment, when Trump withheld aid from Ukraine while pressuring the country’s president to announce an investigation of Biden.

“Congress should refuse to authorize a single additional shipment of our depleted weapons stockpiles … to Ukraine until the FBI, DOJ and IRS hand over every scrap of evidence they have on the Biden Crime Family’s corrupt business dealings,” Trump said at the rally. He added that any Republican lawmakers who didn’t join the effort should face primary challenges, a tactic he used last year to unseat Republicans who voted to impeach him for inciting the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection.”

Axios and Fox News analyst Josh Kraushaar discusses on the now birdless Twitter:

Looks like.


He thinks he is getting that expunged 🤣🤣🤣





The best thing about this episode of the “Stupidest Pol on Earth” is that many of the Republican representatives must be from districts in which there is huge support for Ukraine, as the most MAGA districts will strongly support any idiocy Trump says or does.

You primary those guys, please, Chump, and replace them with MAGA imbeciles.

I’m looking forward to taking back the House.

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  1. I have a notice on my pc, from the David Packman show. Headline says “Trump mental state questioned after late night rant”. I’m thinking what’s to question? He’s been consistently stupid forever, to my knowledge.

  2. If I were President Biden, I’d go before the media and say something like this: “We know that former President Trump is demanding that the FBI, DOJ and IRS hand over all the supposed evidence of the supposed criminal activities involving myself and my family. Well, I make this offer to the former President: I’ll gladly order those agencies to turn over all the supposed evidence they may have of my family’s activities when the former President agrees to allow those agencies to turn over all the supposed evidence they have against the Trump crime family. What do you say, Mr Trump? I show mine and you show yours? If there’s absolutely no evidence against you, then you have absolutely nothing to lose by authorizing those agencies to hand over the evidence.”

    I know, I know. Trump would just continue deflecting because he knows there’s nothing on Biden and enough evidence on Trump to fill the Grand Canyon to overflowing but maybe–just maybe–the *idea* that their Messiah is actually trying to hide something might get through to a small batch of his supporters.

  3. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again” It’s a well known fact that we learn from our mistakes. The reason Trump is so stupid, the reason he is such a slow learner — if he learns anything at all) — is because as far he’s concerned he has never made a mistake in his life. Everything he does is “perfect.” Even that phone call to Zelensky. He never learns anything because he already is the best at everything — just ask him.

  4. That Haley gqp candidate put forth the possibility of mental acuity tests for presidents, senate, one supposes the house as well. she apparently is too effing stupid to realize her turd emperor would fail spectacularly.


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