All eyes are on Florida these days, the epicenter of the Republican nervous breakdown. Florida used to be the garden spot of the United States, a place where well heeled seniors flocked to live their golden years on the lovely peninsula, surrounded by ocean and bathed in sunshine. Think of California with an ocean on three sides and you’ve got it (psst….minus the 90% humidity in the summer, and the crazy rednecks in the swamps, that’s the part they don’t talk about.)

And then there’s Ron DeSantis’ contribution to his home state. Nowadays, nobody in the Sunshine State can afford to insure their property or their car, there’s a massive shortage of teachers and nurses, and the governor went to war with the states biggest employer, Mickey Mouse, but are the Republicans worried about any of that? Hell, no. Take a look at what their priorities are.

I wonder if that bill treating bloggers as lobbyists is still in the Florida State Senate? That was frightening.

In any event, now you are fully in the mood to enjoy a sit com about Florida’s favorite couple, Donnie and Mel in Couples Therapy, brought to you by Scared Ketchup. You’re welcome.

Isn’t that delightful? Here’s a clip from 2022 that I missed. Melania’s faux charity I remember, we wrote about it here, but the clip eluded us.

I don’t see her wearing a rock of a diamond on her left hand. Anybody here with better eyesight see it?

They’re the First Couple of Trash With Cash, but not of the USA. Not in my book. They never were and they can’t ever be again. We are going to get out the vote this year like our lives depended on it, because that is exactly the case.


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  1. That “to-do” list for the FL Legislature shows that Florida elects a bunch of idiots (elected BY bunches of idiots) who don’t understand how the Government actually works.
    If I were a Democrat in the Legislature, I’d start addressing EVERY GOPer by the “wrong” pronouns as a way of showing how they shouldn’t be upset with being “misgendered” by having “PC pronouns” “forced” on them. Pronouns are more a matter of “courtesy” than anything else and it’s SOCIETY that “forces” their use on people. If a “male” legislator objects at someone’s using “she/her” when speaking about “her,” well, why? Why should that legislator expect to be exempt from someone’s DELIBERATELY “misgendering” the legislator? That’s really all trans and non-binary people want–to be treated as PEOPLE, with a modicum of respect. And pronoun usage that respects how the person views themselves is simply a matter of respect.
    As to the rainbow flags matter, it’s so enjoyable watching these “small-government” pinheads who want to force smaller governments (such as cities and counties) into *obeying* the larger government. If the Legislature wants to do that for STATE offices, well it’s not exactly fine, per se, but to prohibit Key West city offices (for example) from flying rainbow flags is just a bit of “government overreach”–that thing that Red State governors and legislatures so hate when the Federal government (especially under Democratic control) say they hate.
    #5 is just moronic. Only the Federal Government has the authority to determine what it and what isn’t legal tender. That’s Article I, Section 8 (“The Congress shall have power . . . To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures . . . .”) as well as Article I, Section 10 (“No State shall . . . make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts . . . .”). Now, the Section 10 clause might suggest a state can just make gold or silver legal tender but the Federal government disallows gold or silver as a form of legal tender. (It would be kind of interesting for these idiots to remember that when the US was using gold, it was fixed. A $10 gold coin was only worth $10–not whatever the value of that weight of that much gold would be on the market.)
    As for “gender and biological sex,” I trust that there will be penalties for doctors who WRONGLY identify a baby’s “gender and biological sex” (which does happen on incredibly rare occasions). And I also trust they will have hearings that include LEGITIMATE medical professionals and biologists who will explain how not everyone is born with a simple XX or XY pairing (the XXY or XYY outliers, just to mention a few).
    #9 is waaaaaaay beyond any state’s legislative authority. Legislatures can pass resolutions supporting a “balanced budget amendment” or endorsing the idea of a “balanced federal budget” but their actual legislative authority stops at that point.
    And #10? Heh, heh, heh. SCOTUS has already said that states have ZERO authority in enacting term limits for FEDERAL offices. Again, the legislatures can go the resolution route to support amending the Constitution to enact CONGRESSIONAL term limits, but the states CANNOT impose any kind of term limits on their US House or Senate members.


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