Donald Trump. The “Angel Of Death”


I have been angry, upset, and pissed off about this for months now. But it was always a personal rage, with no place here, and so I sat on it. And the longer I sat on it, and the more news that came uncovered, the angrier I became. And tonight the camel got it’s final straw.

As I type this, we have northwards of 500,000 dead Americans on the books from Covid 19. That’s more than the population of Atlanta from what I’ve heard. Now, I want to be fair here. I’m not going to lay the whole 500 grand on Trump. Covid-19 was a world class ballbuster. It took a chink out of every country it hit, no matter how effective the response. Like a pool hustler who knows he has a rube at the table, I’ll spot him the first 100,000. The rest is out of his pocket.

Donald Trump is a mass murderer, he has committed crimes against humanity. And there has to be some penalty for that. Normally, when you talk about crimes against humanity, a two bit despot gives the order to his army, or secret police, and a whole bunch of people get disappeared. But you can also commit mass murder by the crime of omission. If you own a mine, and you have been told that that mine is going to collapse in the next 6 hours, and you send two crews in to get one last load, and they’re crushed in the collapse, your depraved indifference sent them to their deaths.

And if you look up the words depraved indifference in the encyclopedia, you’ll see Trump’s scowling face looking up at you. At the time that the coronavirus broke out in Wuhan, Trump was already in a pissing contest with Xi and China. And he made two decisions. First, deny the existence of the virus, and second, if it got out, blame it on China as a leverage point.

In order to see Trump’s depraved indifference in it’s full glory, you need only to remember one thing. At the earliest stages of the pandemic, while Trump was desperately trying to downplay the presence and severity of the virus, the stupid shit sat there in a taped phone call with Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward, and admitted that he was fully aware of just how dangerous this virus was. He told Woodward that not only was the virus here, but that it was more virulent than was widely reported, and was even capable of killing younger people as well as older, more frail Americans. Keep that in mind as you read on;

  • Trump insisted that the virus would never land on the shores of the US
  • Trump Trump snidely referred to the coronavirus as nothing more than a supercharged case of the flu, denying it was deadly. In his war with China, Trump began referring to it sarcastically in his rallies as the Kung Flu
  • Trump repeatedly claimed the excellence of his administrations response to the virus, claiming artificially low numbers, and bragging that as since almost everybody recovered, the numbers would soon reach zero
  • As the virus ran rampant, Trump committed his greatest sin of omission. As the virus raged largely in blue states, and despite the pleas of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the preeminent virologist on the planet, that everyone wear masks and socially distance, Trump crudely politicized the efficacy of masks, making it a political argument. Only wusses wore masks!
  • As more and more states shut down in an effort to curtail the virus, Trump derided them as only trying to tank the economy in order to defeat him in 2020
  • Trump began to loudly call for an end to state closures, and a reopening of state economies, first by Easter, and then by Memorial Day. Southern red states like Florida, Georgia, Texas and Arizona complied, and suffered horrendous Covid spikes
  • When the White House started offering daily Covid-19 briefings, Trump himself took to coming on stage with the medical professionals, making sure that they toed the party line, and correcting and chastising them when they strayed from the approved script
  • As the general campaign season started, Trump eagerly resumed mass rallies in closely enclosed spaces. While masks were offered, they were optional, and Trombies knowing Trump’s preferences, they were seldom used. One of those rallies likely cost pizza magnate Herman Cain his life
  • Trump himself contracted Covid-19, and caught it bad. Trump was choppered by Marine One to Walter Reed Medical for treatment. But it was only revealed today just how sick Trump was. His oxygen level was so low that he was one short step from e ventilator. But the White House hid that, Trump got treatments available to almost no one else, and choppered back to the White House to brag about how easy it was to beat the virus, making a great show of ripping off his mask on the portico before reentering the White House to a staff he could still infect

Remember, Trump said and did all of these things when he was already fully aware of just how dangerous and deadly this virus was to the people he had sworn an oath to protect. And then, after all of that, came the straw that broke this camel’s back.

It was reported today that, after having already contracted and survived the coronavirus, both Trump and his wife Melania received their Covid-19 vaccines in the White House in early January.

This is inexcusable! After all, remember one thing. It was Trump himself who loudly and proudly proclaimed Operation Warp Speed, a program designed to come up with a Covid-19 vaccine in the shortest possible time. Fortunately, the drug companies were blissfully government interference free, and could do their thing. But the race to a vaccine was Trump’s baby! If they came up with one, why wouldn’t Trump want to proudly appear on television, with his arm rolled up, to receive the gift of life that he had wrought? And why wouldn’t he appeal to his supporters to line up for their shots?

Because it would fuck up his messaging. Trump had minimized the virus from day one, even using his left unstated brush with death to promote the ease with which one could beat the virus. To actually be seen receiving the vaccine, and promoting its effectiveness, would undercut his central theme.

There has to be retribution for this. And it can’t come from the United States Justice Department. They are not equipped for this, and besides, it isn’t just a domestic problem. Trump, by both his actions, as well as his inactions, was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

The only answer is the International Tribunal Court of the Hague. Trump has committed crimes against humanity, not just the United States. Trump attracted followers around the world, and his words and actions would have affected the way that they responded to the rules and treatments in their own countries.

Donald Trump, either actively, or passively has committed a mass atrocity. And dues must be paid. Recall, Serbian leader Slobodan Milosovich was dragged before he Tribunal for his war atrocities against the Croatian minorities in his own country. Trump has unleashed a tragedy not seen since the regimes of Idi Amin and Pol Pot.It’s time to pay the piper.

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    • Hola Cheri!!! Always wonderful to see you, and thanks SO much for your service!!! As I said in the article, this has been eating at me like a cancer for months now, but I’ve held my tongue for fear of being too controversial…But when I saw that report today that that fat, pompous fuck and his trophy wife nad gotten the Covid vaccine while he was still in the White House, and kept it secret??? That was the trigger point!!~!

  1. Unfortunately the US doesn’t recognise the authority of the International Court. President Bill Clinton signed the Rome Statute in 2000 but did not submit the treaty to the Senate for ratification. In 2002, President George W. Bush effectively “unsigned” the treaty, sending a note to the United Nations secretary-general that the US no longer intended to ratify the treaty and that it did not have any obligations toward it.

  2. How bad? New Zealand has a population of 5.0 million and has a death toll from Covid 19 of 25. The USA has a population of 330 million, 66 times bigger. So to match NZ the TOTAL DEATH TOLL should be 1650. Allowing for rounding errors and the tighter connections of the US to other countries and it was 10 times as bad as NZ, that would still be only 16,500 deaths. Instead, it’s 500,000.

    More than 480,000 Americans didn’t have to die.

    At all.

    The Angel of Death indeed.

    • Australia, not so good, at 103. But still very proud. All kids are in school, life is close to normal. Ever cautious though, as we should be. It is why we feel so terribly bad for America, it didn’t have to be like it is there. It is a shameful indictment of the leaders of the first year of the Pandemic. History is going to judge the trump** Administration very harshly and they will be pilloried over the years.

  3. Could not agree more. I’ve written online 1000 times that Muammar Covfefe is guilty of pandemic genocide. (Ironically, the Orange Insurrectionist signed into law the Elie Wiesel Genocide and Atrocity Prevention Act of 2018. That’s a joke if ever there was one.)

  4. Poor Charlie Manson. Never killed anyone. Held responsible for OTHER people’s crimes. Spent his life in prison, never paroled. What? Well, he INFLUENCED others to do the crime. Frump was directly responsible for more American deaths than the Korean,Vietnam, & WW2. WHAT THE FUCK? Until he goes to jail, the law REMAINS a joke. A system of oppression for the poor. The rich can do whatever they want. FACT. After all, if u commit land grabs, mass slaughter, enslave 400,000 people, u need paperwork to justify it all. Frump is just the logical conclusion doing the devil’s work. No justice no peace. Period. FACT. Lock him up. Lock him up. Lock him up!!!!

  5. Back when Iran threatened to drag him to the Hague, I hate to admit I said a few prayers FOR Iran to get their way. I really hope he has to face some retribution for 100’s of 1,000’s of deaths caused by his indifference, negligence, denial and lack of empathy or responsibility. Despite his oath of office to protect America, he reneged on that oath so criminally, he should be charged with negligent homicide. There are members of over half a million families that would like to sit on THAT jury.

    • Hate to throw a damper on your feelings but the International Court of Justice doesn’t have that kind of “jury.” It’s more like the Supreme Court–it’s made up of judges (elected by the UN General Assembly and Security Council) who hear the cases and rule on the matters.

      I believe spectators may observe proceedings but there’s not really a jury that renders any kind of verdict (and, for what it’s worth, even a US jury wouldn’t allow people to be seated if they had any kind of connection to the case; that’s the quickest way to cause a verdict to be tossed out).

  6. I wouldn’t hold my breath. If war criminals like Bush Jr., and Dick Cheney still walk free, I don’t see Trump facing justice for this.


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