If there is anybody who can take two things that don’t compare at all and conflate them into being exactly the same, it is Donald Trump, Jr. And he thinks he’s smart when he does it. You can just hear him quoting Fredo in Godfather, “Why do they always send me to the airport to pick people up? It’s because they think I’m not smart! I’m smart!”

Here is smart Junior’s contribution to political discourse for today.

How about one was pointing out something totally illegal and the other embarrassed himself and the corps by breaking the chain of command and discussing sensitive issues on social media? How about one was a hero because he came forward at great risk to himself and the other is a fruit fly who insists on resigning from the Marines when everybody around him is trying to get him some mental health help? How about the guy on the left was fired for no reason — and his brother with him — other than vengeance and the guy on the right was relieved of command for breaking the first rule of the military, that you obey orders and if you have a problem you take it up through proper channels?

They’re wrong if they’re willing to burn democracy to the ground. Apparently that’s where we’re going. A lot of crazy people who think that autocracy is a better form of government than democracy are planning to take their guns and their grievance and do violence in the streets. This line of thinking coming from some loser living in his mom’s basement and playing video games is one thing, coming from a Lt. Colonel in the Marines it’s something else altogether.

As I said a few days ago, I think he’ll be the next RWNJ superstar. I can see him now, up there on the panel with Michael Flynn, Lin Wood and Sidney Powell. There’s a big to do in Washington, D.C. on September 18, where the right-wing is going to come out in defense of the insurrectionists, “Justice For J6.” Maybe Scheller will be there. Who knows?

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  1. You put it extremely well. One saw something not just wrong but illegal and reported it in the proper way through the chain of command. I suppose he knew that eventually his report would become part of a public proceeding, but only at the proper time as in after it had been investigated and confirmed by superiors that, like him followed their Oath of Office and put their duty to support and defend the Constitution ahead of their own interests. (Given the well known vindictiveness of their CINC and his minions) The other went public and in a way which as I noted in a comment on an earlier article he’d have hauled up one of his subordinated who did the same. Even if only to save his own career like so many a “Lamb” Officer has been known to do.

  2. Um, Junior, why don’t YOU join the military and serve a couple of years before deciding that you have ANY authority to ask a question like you did?

    Then, find yourself serving under each man and ask yourself, “Which of these guys do I trust to have MY best interests–and the country’s best interests as well–before his own?”

    Until then, Junior, STFU.

  3. Whenever Donnie dum-dum speaks or tweets, I am reminded of those immortal words of trump’s when the dim-wit was born: “what if he’s an idiot”?


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