You know what? I owe you guys my best, and as such, sometimes when something really outrageous happens? I don’t fire up the laptop and spew out some profanity laced rant. I take a chill pill, meditate, and look at the issue from 30,000 feet. Which is what I did with the SCOTUS decision today.

Let me be perfectly clear here. This current iteration of the Supreme Court is as illegitimate as The Bastard King of England. They just proved it by suddenly agreeing to take up a case that nobody had asked them to hear!

Trump’s lawyers never asked the Supreme Court to hear an appeal in the DC Circuit Court of Appeals ruling. All they asked for was for the Supreme Court to place a stay on the appellate court’s ruling handing the case back down to Judge Chutkan while they decided whether or not to appeal the ruling. Now it gets Byzantine, so stick with me here.

If they got the stay, what Trump’s ambulance chasers wanted to do was to apply to the DCA appellate court for his appeal to be heard by the full appellate panel. That move would likely take anywhere from 4-6 weeks before a decision was made. If the court agreed to rehear the case, then that would burn another 4-8 weeks. You’re talking about another 3-4 month delay for the DC appellate court to review. And even if the appellate court refused, then Trump had already gained 6-8 weeks before he finally had to formally filing with the Supreme Court to hear his appeal, starting the calendar from scratch.

But the far right ideologues on the Supreme Court don’t want to wait, they want to put the imprint of their big swinging d*cks on this case, and they want to do it right now. An so they’re going to hear oral arguments on the case in the week of April 22nd, about 7 weeks from now. This is about 6-8 weeks ahead of the schedule the Trump team was banking on, almost assuring them that the trial couldn’t be done before election day.

Let’s be clear. This is a judicial circle jerk. The egomaniacs on the Supreme Court just want to have their names attached to a decision having to do with presidential immunity. They each want a chance to write a confirming or dissenting opinion. But the court has already hamstrung Trump’s attorneys by ordering that only Trump’s immunity for acts committed while he was in office. More than half of Trump’s argument before the appellate court was on the subject of double jeopardy, since had had already been acquitted in the Senate. The court won’t hear thoswe arguments.

Trump is going down. Simply because the only argument his imbecilic lawyer has to offer is that His Lowness could literally order Seal Team 6 after a political opponent, and if Trump wasn’t convicted in a Senate trial, then he couldn’t be tried in criminal court. Gee. You think that might cause a fwe twitches in the shoulder blades of Supreme court justices that might consider ruling against him? It’s fools gold.

So all the Supreme Court did with this was to rob Traitor Tot of 7-12 weeks of delay. And once the SCOTUS rules against Trump, Judge Tanya Chutkan has already stated that she doesn’t really give a sh*t about his day job running for President, he’s just another skel in her courtroom. And district judges have almost complete legal autonomy over the management of their court schedule. If Chutkan decides on an August trial date start, I can’t find any legal wormhole that Trump could crawl through where the Supreme Court actually had the authority to declare a stay on a trial start date.

Sweet Jesus. All the Supreme Court had to do was to have a member write a majority opinion affirming the appellate court ruling, and let another member write a dissenting opinion. Instead, once again the Supreme Court has opened another embarrassing side show for itself. I’m reminded of what Will Smith told the roach in MIB, The part I don’t get is why all of a sudden you had to come down here and start all this ruckus. Anybody on the Supreme Court want to reply?

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. The blame for this mess lies right at the feet of one Merrick Garland, Pres. Biden’s sympathy appointment as Attorney General to try to make up for Garland being denied his rightful seat on the SCOTUS as an appointee pf then Pres. Obama that Obama was cheated & scammed out of by Satan’s evil disciple, Mitch McConnell. Garland is a chickens*it fraud, a milquetoast, a DINO. The media should have gotten a clue to run with when Rep. Zoe Lundgren, a member of the 1-6 investigating committee, said on a TV news program that for the 1st two years after the Trump riots & attempted takeover of our government, they though Garland & his department were investigating the 1-6 riots & would be testifying before their committee.
    Get it? They THOUGHT that Garland was actually doing his job, but he had no intention of doing so until he was pushed into it. Garland’s 2 years delay in conducting an investigation is the reason we’re in this mess now. And the media had already ignored Garland’s previous declaration that a president is above the law & should be immune from personal responsibility, even from being held accountable for a crime or two. Keep in mind that Garland is also responsible for the sham “investigation” of Hunter Biden since Garland appointed the Republican Delaware DA who WAS APPOINTED BY DONALD TRUMP, to “investigate” Hunter Bidden, & we know what a corrupt mess that was/is, thanks to Garland. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Garland appointed a right-wing Republican attorney named Hu, to “investigate” the case of Pres. Biden & the classified documents- and guess what!! Robert Hu was also appointed by Donald Trump, & although Hu found there was no criminal behavior on the part of then VP Biden, he attacked the president’s age & implied that senility had set in, causing a chain reaction from Hu’s fellow pro Trump cult members, calling for Biden to drop out of the race. i think the picture is clear that Garland has inflicted serious damage Biden presidency & Garland should resign or be fired, post haste. Why give this Benedict Arnold more time & opportunity to betray the president & the Democrat party & escape being called out for it by the sensation happy media who only cares about their Donald Trump soap opera & have let this, one of the most important & impactful stories from the political grist mill of these times. There’s much more that Garland should answer for but so far, he’s been a coward, hiding himself from the media & from the public. I hope I can safely say that, at the very least, Garland should not be allowed a 2nd term with the Biden team but otherwise should be publicly reprimanded by the Democrats in Washington.

    • I think your pov about this issue has nothing whatsoever to do with Murf’s excellent analysis and would be greatly improved if you used correct spelling of an critical personage in your story.

      • You know Kurt has glaucoma. Stop carping about misspelled words. I have actually taught English at the college level,and wouldn’t dream of penalizing someone with his poor vision for missing typos. And more than once I have had Auto six change my correctly spelled name or word into something entirely different after I hit post.

  2. North…still Woody is exactly correct about who has been working on the wrong side as attorney General…more interested in His appearance than in protecting the laws of our country. Speculation about how this all works to our good is just that speculation. Add in the fact that putin’s attempt to interfere with November between now and then will make 2016 look like a walk in the park. Trump should have ALREADY been tried, along with mrs. Thomas, jordan, gaetz, the horse faced traitor from georgia, and all the co-conspirators. Look at the damage done to Ukraine, Gaza, etc. because he failed to act. There’s no way to calculate the loss of life, etc. because of Garland being a coward. This democracy wasn’t founded or maintained by cowards…if that was the case we’d have no country. FACT, NOT SPECULATION!



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