Sometimes life among the stupid can be so satisfying. I caught some pretty good chunks of Laborious MTG’s faux testimony at her administrative hearing last week, and the more I heard, the more I couldn’t stop laughing.

My most avid wish was that as many of MTG’s constituents as possible were tuned in. Because if they were, she’s toast. This woman is too fucking stupid to be able to remember how to tie her own shoes! Her answer to every question was, I don’t know, I can’t recall, I can’t remember, I don’t think so, but I don’t remember. How does this twit find her way to the bathroom without dropping bread crumbs? She was obviously coached by a lawyer, who educated her on how difficult it is to turn I don’t know, no matter how often said, into perjury.

But perjury or not, MTG is by no means off of the hook. One very specific question was asked of her at the hearing, Did you, at any time from election day and inauguration day, talk to then President Trump about imposing martial law to retain the Presidency? Her reply was canned, I don’t think so. I honestly remember, but I can’t recall discussing anything like martial law. To which the lawyer replied, You didn’t, or you don’t recall? I’ll ask again, did you talk to either President Trump or anyone in his administration about imposing martial law to stay in power? To which she replied, I honestly don’t recall, but I don’t think so. I don’t remember anything like that.

MTG strutted off the the stand that day like she had the world by the old short-and-curlies. She might want to get a knife and fork for a little serving of humble pie, and call her lawyer back, because it’s starting to appear that she may well have shit in her mess kit, and in the process bought herself a twofer.

In the new tranche of Mark Meadows text messages that were just released a couple of days ago, there was a bombshell. Lo and behold, who but Laborious MTG, on January 17th, texted then Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, and advised him that, at this point, the only way for Trump to maintain his presidency was to call the troops to the street and declare Marshall Law. Note that the dingbat can’t even spell martial right! Who knows, maybe she’s an Eminem fan.

There are actually two major legal threats to MTG here. The first is in the hearing. To my mind, if the administrative judge was a MTG fan, he simply would have saved the trouble and tossed the case. He obviously wanted to hear the facts. And thanks to the release of that text, the judge now knows that MTG spread enough bullshit in his courtroom to fertilize Nebraska. She in fact was actively advocating for the imposition of martial law to obstruct the results of a free and fair election. And that administrative judge hasn’t made a recommendation one way or the other yet to the Georgia Secretary of State.

OK, so that’s mosh pit one. But here’s mosh pit two, and it’s actually even more potentially damaging to MTG legally and criminally than her court testimony. I highlighted the date of that text for a very specific reason. The Capitol riot occurred on January 6th. But the Greene text to Meadows advocating for the imposition of martial law to subvert a free and fair election was sent on January 17th. Eleven days after the Capitol riot, MTG was still advocating for the imposition of martial law to keep Trump in power. And here’s the McGuffin. Meadows didn’t shut her down! His reply was something like, We’re actively considering it. I’m no lawyer, but that kind of sounds like a seditious conspiracy to me.

My favorite author, the late, great Donald E Westlake once penned a line I somehow find totally relevant. The character said, Al, these people are so stupid that, if they put one foot in front of the other, they actually have no idea of what to do with the other foot. There’s your sedition caucus in a nutshell. They were so wrapped up in their infantile fantasies that they never imagined that there might be real life consequences. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. I agree with everything but the part about her constituents. They are as racist, stupid, & full of themselves as she is. Did the nazis repent? No. I don’t think ANY evidence will change the minds of these cult members. Throw in her district that put her there in the first place & voila, there will be no consequences until the justice department says so. I know the judge may send her to the state attorney General. I doubt he’ll do squat. Perjury? Nope. Now, if she were a black kid smoking pot, or a daddy behind on child support, all her posts would be from the jailhouse. Fact. America, land of legal hypocrisy ongoing now for 240years plus.

    • I bow to your argument, but I bring up one rebuttal. Constituents vote their pockets, and as I’ve said in previous articles, “What have ya done for me lately, baby?” MTG has been stripped of her committee assignments, she has no sway on bringing swag back to the district…Remember Cantaloupe Calves Steve King from Iowa. When he got stripped from his committee assignments, he went down in the next election…

      • True but NW GA is not exactly a poor region of the state. Besides having the chick-fil-a headquarters located there they have more than 150 carpet/flooring manufacturing companies, Toyo Tires is located there, Berry College, a major logistics operation (transport between the area and Savannah), GE Appliances, Anheuser-Busch, Shaw Industries, Kerry Foods… seems unemployment is not much of an issue in that region of GA.

        This is not to say the constituents do not have good and easy reasons to rid themselves of her but pockets might not be one of those reasons that is unless some of those industries up and skedaddle because of what spews from that mouth of hers. And chick-fil-a as well as the carpet/flooring industries probably would not care much about that. Let’s face it, that region of GA is doing ok without her committee assignments.


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