The only good news concerning Ron DeSantis is that he’s soon to be off the political radar. He’s the kind of a MAGA Republican that’s like a meteorite. He flames brightly for a bit and everybody notices his passage….until he burns out altogether and his few remains crash to earth in a field. We’re in the stage of the final downward turn.

Ron and Casey had big dreams. And that’s a great thing. But they vastly overweighed what they actually had to bring to the job and what the job requires. And we’re not talking about the job of presidenting. Not at all. We’re talking about the job of becoming a TV cult hero, ala Donald Trump, and making it work. Not even close, Ron. Not even close. Here’s what DeSantis said earlier today after yet another one of those pesky polls came out. (And that’s not the poll that freaked DeSantis out. We’re going to get to that.)

He has no idea how he comes across. DeSantis’ hostility and disrespect are not winning him the kudos he is so after. He just looks and sounds like a jerk. Here he is taking Trump to task on a moral level. Oh, please.

The poll that is sticking in Ron’s craw is this one, Emerson College. Not good news. Not a tall a tall.

A new Emerson College Polling/WHDH poll of New Hampshire voters finds former President Donald Trump with 49% of voters’ support in the 2024 Republican Primary, consistent with his support in August. Unlike the August survey, a candidate reaches double digits this month: Nikki Haley, whose support increased 14 percentage points, from 4% in August to 18% this November. Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie follows with 9%, consistent with his August support, followed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, at 7%, a one-point decrease since the summer poll. Vivek Ramaswamy holds 5%, followed by the South Carolina Senator who is no longer in the running, Tim Scott, at 2%, and North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum at 2%. Nine percent of voters are undecided. 

Now take a look at this. Haley is the frontrunner (obviously, we’re leaving out Trump, just going with the other GOP primary candidates.) and behind her is Christie. And that makes sense. Christie is talking sanity and he’s not kissing up to Trump. So there is a faction of Republicans that genuinely likes Christie. And even Democrats have contributed to Christie’s campaign, if for no other reason than for comic relief and to troll Trump.

Then DeSantis polls behind Christie. So he’s now at fourth place in a field of five, because Scott and Bergum have both dropped out. And are you ready for this? Grab your seat: the ONLY reason DeSantis isn’t polling dead last is because Ramaswamy was such a complete and total swine at the third GOP debate. He made a lot of enemies that night. But even with comporting himself abysmally and making an ass of himself, taking on Ronna McDaniel publicly, no less, Ramaswamy is still polling within 2% of Ron DeSantis — who fancied that HE was the understudy, the rightful inheritor to the Trump throne and the part was his, just as soon as Trump conked out.

Now DeSantis sees the terrible truth, that if Trump was out of the picture to freaking DAY, that he would have to battle both Haley and Christie for the starring role.

This is freak out time in DeSantis world. After the December debate, Ramaswamy might bail. We’ll have to see what he does. Then comes January and the Iowa caucus. DeSantis has all his eggs in that basket. And if he wins, great. Kudos. I would merely point out that Ted Cruz won in Iowa, too, and then it was a downhill run until final defeat in July.

Maybe DeSantis will ride this horse all the way to the end of the line as well. Once you get a monomaniacal delusion, like Mike Lindell has, it is hard to give up. DeSantis doesn’t want to fade back into the shadows, but alas, the shadows are coming for him. Call up Mike Pence, Ron. Ask him how that works. He’ll explain it to you.

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    • DeSantis might have it going on academically, like Ted Cruz did. And that’s admirable. I give all credit to people who go to the best schools. But having it going on academically and understanding life, people, the world, are two totally different things. That’s what you see both Cruz and DeSantis display. They are clueless about real life and human beings.

      • .combine that inability to relate to people with arrogance (boasting about bringing Disney to its knees while extending the same Universal and 1,000 other companies) and contempt,and you have Ronnie.

  1. The GOP thought they had two sure-fire alternatives to Trump, DeSantis and Glenn Youngkin. Both have already flamed out, and now they’re not even viable VP candidates. Meanwhile, donations to Trump or the RNC are being siphoned off to pay his legal bills, not advertising or other campaign expenses. What a mess!

    • I find it so comical that DeSantis was so drop dead certain of two things: 1. Trump will not be able to run (which may in fact happen) and 2. When Trump folds, DeSantis automatically gets on the ticket. That’s not going to happen. If the primary were held today, Nikki Haley would get on the ticket.

  2. Ursula I respectfully disagree about him and Cruz having it going on academically. If education doesn’t broaden your mind, heart, and soul…to help humanity along the path of social justice, then it’s an abject failure. If you don’t learn to put your talents to SERVE truth and others, then what’s the point? Getting degrees to enrich yourself at the expense of others is deplorable. They are rotten human beings so the ‘ivy’ league failed them and all of us.


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