Right before his trial began on Monday, Donald Trump held a rally in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania on Saturday. Where he acted crazy. Dangerously crazy. I know, I know, we’ve heard all this before. Trump is always talking about the “Big Lie,” and how he’s always being “persecuted.” This is nothing new, and it didn’t escape the attention of Salon’s Chauncey DeVega.

He continues to paint President Joe Biden as a “demented tyrant,” who is the enemy of democracy and who will destroy the U.S. if re-elected.

“This election is a choice between the biden-fascist state or the american republic,” he told his magatistas.

During his Saturday speech, he did things like:

  • Amplify his typically anti-Semitic conspiracy theories surrounding billionaire George Soros.
  • Compare himself to the notorious gangster and murderer Al Capone. As if that’s something to be proud of.
  • Egotistically brag that Iran’s retaliatory attack on Israel wouldn’t happen if he were president. Even though Iran launched a missile attack against a U.S. base in Iraq in January 2020, while Trump was (cough-cough) still president.

But this isn’t even the half of what he said. He told the thousands of followers pressing in to see him that he wants to have the power to decide when presidential elections (and most likely other elections) take place. He is, DeVega tells us, taking a page from Adolf Hitler’s playbook. And at the end of his speech, he channeled the infamous Nazi dictator directly, threatening the very Americans he has threatened before when he targeted them as “vermin” and “traitors.” Whom he says are poisoning the “blood” of the nation:

“[t]ogether we are taking on some of the most menacing forces and vicious opponents our people have ever seen. they are vicious and they are horrible. But no matter how hateful and corrupt the communists and criminals we’re fighting against may be, you must never forget this nation does not belong to them. this nation belongs to you. this is your home. this is your heritage. and our american liberty is your god-given right. your god-given right.”

I keep wondering where all these “communists” are. This is another nutso right-wing dog whistle. I’m pretty certain the “Red Scare” promulgated by Sen. Joseph McCarthy, effectively sent most true communists underground. McCarthy destroyed the lives of many innocent people, communists and non-communists alike. I know for certain that the party in the U.S. has never really recovered. So all this fear-mongering against communists is asinine. I really can’t understand why Trump and other right-wingers keep beating this dead horse. Maybe it’s easier to do that than to handle real problems.

Even so, Trump keeps using double-speak that would make Big Brother proud.

“from harrisburg to pittsburgh, from easton to bethlehem, and from johnstown to allentown, we stand on the shoulders of american legends, who as poured out their blood, sweat, and tears, for our rights and for our freedoms. And it’s been a very rough period of time. i’ll tell you what, for this country. it’s never had. i don’tthink our country has ever been so low, but we’re going to change it. we’re going to get numbers like nobody’s ever seen. i think we’re going to swamp them. and this isn’t drain the swamp. this is we’re going to swamp them. we’re also going drain the swamp. it’s a double swamp.”

But did the American mainstream news media cover much of Trump’s Schnecksville political speech in great detail? Nope. Such respected journals of record as the New York Times, The Washington Post, Reuters, The Associated Press, and even NPR summarized, as DeVega notes, “Trump’s speech and the events of that day in a manner that, for the most part, literally whitewashes the abnormal, the aberrant, and the inherent dangerousness of what the corrupt ex-president and the larger anti-democracy movement represent to the country and the world.”

I’m going to include a snippet of what DeVega had to say here:

“During his rally on Saturday, Trump continued to manifest what appears to be a diseased mind and how he is mentally decompensating under the extreme pressures of his numerous criminal trials, hundreds of millions of dollars in penalties and legal expenses, and the 2024 election and his crusade to be America’s first dictator. To that point, Trump had repeated difficulties with speech and thinking, where he used the following nonsense words and phrases: “Adlinthin,” “Magastine,” and “weak nicks.”

He referenced Raw Story, which noted Trump’s brain short-circuited like a busted chainsaw.

“Trump in one instance said that the people of israel are under attack because the united states has shown ‘great weak nicks.”

“in another instance, as trump was calling rolling stone a liberal outlet, he accidentally called it a magastine.”

“in a third example, trump at his rally was talking about immigration when he invented the word ‘adliinthin,’ according to onlookers.”

“Just last week it was reported that an illegal adlinthin— and you just look at this, what’s happening…”

All of the outlets above mentioned Trump attacking Judge Juan Merchan, the justice who’s overseeing his criminal trial in Manhattan, but this isn’t really news anymore. Trump never changes. He’s been hit with one gag order after another and barely even received a slap on the wrist. But for some reason, the crazy dangerous stuff DeVega referred to is not mentioned. We do hear often enough about his brain farts, of which he has many, but people who don’t believe Trump is a dangerous man are either delusional or uninformed.

It is the job of the mainstream media to keep the public informed about this and the main outlets most of us rely on aren’t doing this. They let this man skate by, allowing him to call Biden a fascist,” when he should look in the mirror. The media allows him to continue to incite his supporters, and this is something the American people have every right to know.

For shame.

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  1. Maybe they don’t cover his fascist outbursts because they can’t see a way to ‘both sides’ it with Biden?

    How would you ‘both sides’ Hitler and Churchill?

    • Yup. People have this romanticized view of Churchill. He was not a nice man, but most folks don’t know this. And don’t get me started on Chamberlain.

      • ‘Not a nice man’ is a long way from ‘like Hitler’. My grandfather who had extensive dealings with Churchill described him as ‘flawed, but charming when he wanted to be, as you’d expect of any politician’.

      • People get Chamberlain wrong. He was accused of appeasement when the truth of the matter was that the RAF (and the British army) were ill-prepared for war in 1937. Additionally, some members of the Empire/Commonwealth (especially South Africa under Smut) told him that if Britain went to war over the Sudetenland, they would have to do it on their own.

        Britain NEEDED those two years to try to increase the strength of the army and the RAF.

        That aside, I can’t but consider a slight rephrase of a couple of statements from that period.

        “…The GOP is Trump. But Trump is the USA as the USA is Trump…”.
        (originally by Rudolf Hess regarding the late and unlamented Adolf and Germany)

        But the MAGAs would go along with that line of thinking.

        I’m waiting for something on the lines of “…In front of us is the USA within us the USA marches and behind us is the USA!…”

      • Megan…True, but I’m not sure a nice man could have rallied Britain through the early days of the war when bombs rained down on London.

      • Churchill’s personality doesn’t matter. A lot of really good people make lousy presidents. Jimmy Carter is a classic example. What matters is what he did,and Churchill managed WW II about as well as anyone could have.

        If I have to choose between a brilliantly competent one with the personality of a wart hog and a clone of Fred Rogers who cannot j find his arse from a hole in the the ground,give me the competent curmudgeon any day.

  2. It made the MSM shareholders richer the first time around so why not again? The problem with all addictions, including the addiction to riches, is it always ends in disaster. Just ask the oligarchs in Russia. Stars get devoured in black holes. The rich get the same in dictatorships.



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