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I’m sorry, but this is just getting ridiculous. The GOP Nitwits themselves for decades as the law and order party, but crime rates go down under Democratic administrations. The GOP touts itself as the anti deficit, balanced budget party, but it’s Democratic administrations that shrink the deficit, while GOP administrations reward corporate donors with goodies.

And now we’re stuck with this bullshit. It is to the Democrats everlasting shame that they literally spent decades ignoring the federal and Supreme Court nominations, while the GOP had an entire organized, well funded wing, The Federalist Society, to find and groom far right, promising GOP lawyers to become judges to advance the agenda. Which left us with shitheels like Neil Gorsuch, Brewski Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Comey-Barrett.

But now, after 31 freakin’ years, you have to throw Justice Pubic Hair Clarence Thomas, and his dingbat wife Ginni into the mix. Justice Thomas has always been to the far right extreme of views, but for decades he had the more studied, sane Justice Antonin Scalia to give him air cover. But then Scalia up and died, and left Thomas on his far right island all alone.

But his moronic wife Ginni is entirely another kettle of fish. The leaked text messages between her and then Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, as well as other GOP House aides, show her to be nothing more or less than a card carrying Q-Anon member, fixated on far right conspiracy theories. Which would be fine, except she’s sleeping with a guy who has to rule on these very same issues!

And this isn’t Ginni’s first bull ride at the rodeo. She was paid to advocate against same sex marriage, which went to the Supreme Court. She was paid to advocate against Trump’s Muslim ban, which went before the Supreme Court. She was paid to advocate against the Affordable Care Act, which went before the Supreme Court. And she was paid to advocate against Roe v Wade, which is currently before the Supreme Court.

But let’s just stick with the current moment, shall we? In the days following Trump’s electoral defeat in November, Ginni Thomas called in every far right wing nut chit she had to try to find a way for the GOP to overturn Trump’s defeat. And none of them worked. Personally,I thought that a veterano like Mark Meadows had more common sense than to even reply to a whack-a-doodle like Thomas, but there ya go. The important thing to remember is that her flaming dicktard husband was the only Justice to vote against turning Trump’s White House papers over to the committee. That alone tells you all you need to know.

Which brings us to 2022. While the Democrats are slow to anger, they can be roused. And when a Trump dominated SCOTUS suddenly started ruling against everything Democrats hold dear, like voting and reproductive rights, the Democrats finally noticed the judicial system. And they sprang into action, vigorously protesting negative SCOTUS decisions. But by then it was too late for that shit, the damage was already done.

But here’s what I’m wondering. In November, can the Democrats use this whole Ginni Thomas debacle to rally the base around voting power to control the judiciary? African Americans will already be motivated by the confirmation of the first female black woman to the Supreme Court, and by state led voting restriction laws. If the Democrats can run ads slamming an activist, out of control  GOP dominated Supreme Court, can they motivate more women, white and otherwise to stand up and vote for their rights? Something worth thinking about.


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  1. Sorry Murf, but I have to take exception with this:

    “It is to the Democrats everlasting shame that they literally spent decades ignoring the federal and Supreme Court nominations, . . . .”

    Party leaders and INTELLIGENT Party voters NEVER ignored a single thing about the Court. *WE* kept warning the voters the importance of the Supreme Court in EVERY Presidential election (especially with regards to Roe v Wade) but, in nearly every election over the last quarter century, it’s been Democratic voters who’ve been completely apathetic when it comes to the entire judiciary (there was little need to flash warning lights about the lower courts if the voters weren’t going to pay attention to the Supreme Court).

    I do agree with the stuff about the Federalist Society to an extent but the simple fact is that the Democrats (or liberals/progressives) can’t hope to build a field of potential candidates when they don’t have a massive group of wealthy liberal/progressive donors to fund dozens (or hundreds) of “special interest” organizations. Then, too, the usual process of law school (which typically produces the better judges) isn’t really geared to promoting the type of social justice advocates who would fit a liberal/progressive viewpoint; law school ain’t cheap and if you aren’t a trust-fund kid, you’re probably going to have to work for a more-or-less “conservative” law firm to help get that debt paid off and, unfortunately, you’re liable to absorb some of the firm’s less-than-liberal ideas (rather than challenge your co-workers’ and employers’ current viewpoints–unless you’re just looking to get fired).

    • Bingo. So much for the ‘divine right of the LAW’. It’s bullshit. Always has been. Always will be. The only possible rubes that believe that are those safely enveloped in it’s privileges, including those with status, you know, like law school participants. Looking to them for courage enough to really put their asses on the line means you are delusional. Get some treatment. Smoke some weed & u will still be more in touch with reality than those self delusional status seeking amoral good little boys & girls. The only law they believe in is the almighty dollar.

  2. You made this comment that puzzles me: ” the first female black woman”. Is there another type of black women than female? I certainly never have heard of one.


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