Democratic Congressman Jared Moskowitz of Florida was recently beamed up to Earth-orbiting studio of The Alien Supershow on which extraterrestrial interplanetary political commentators Gleep, Spornak, and Zotox observe and report on the the political doings of our “class B mammalian” civilization – which must confuse the hell out of their viewers on the home planet.

This week’s episode focused on two of the most confusing political mammals on our planet, former Resident Don Cornholeone and and James “Comer Pyle” Comer who are each capable of eliciting extraterrestrial guffaws between bouts of stomach churning nausea:

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“ABOVE THE KÁRMÁN LINE — U.S. Congressman Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) became the first elected official to join the extraterrestrial biologic hosts of Alien Super Show this week, giving an interview to offer his human perspective on his country’s pathetic grasp on governance for 10 minutes before having to leave for a prescheduled interview with Jake Tapper.

Moskowitz spoke with A.S.S. hosts Gleep, Spornak, and Zotox from his congressional office in Washington, D.C., before the ship beamed him up to join them in alien form…

…Moskowitz sits on the House Committee On Oversight And Accountability and is a member of the congressional team pushing for transparency on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena. His experience with the nonhuman biologics on the A.S.S. ship is the first known contact of its kind, however he can’t talk about it now because his memory was wiped immediately following the interview per legal standards.”

Now this is some incisive political commentary:

ACYN on Twitter clipped the Comer portion of the full YouTube video for his followers who had some incisive comments of their own.







I don’t know about ya’ll but I am following both Congressman Moskowitz and The Alien Supershow for some of the most hilarious and accurate takes on the Orangeutan and his GOP available on Earth.

If the center does not hold we might as well have some laughs along the way.

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  1. I have often said that when/if the broadcasts leaving this planet are intercepted by some alien civilization 50 lightyears away, they are going to be stunned that this is who we were. And we are going to be so massively humiliated — and that’s assuming that our culture and our species survives all this.

  2. I’ve never heard of this show but it looks worth watching. Where can I find it?

    Oh, and I loved the tweet that said he cannot be SHAMED must be relentlessly mocked. Oh how I wish Mel Brooks was twenty years young with enough energy to tear into Trump.

  3. I’m really perplexed about something. When I loaded the page, the TweeX from user “Ryan” came up with a “sensitive content” warning about the image. So I clicked on it. And imagine my surprise when that content displayed a picture of a T-shirt, designed to resemble a box of Tide detergent with the word “Vote” where the “Tide” would’ve been, and below that is “Removes stubborn orange stains.”

    Given all the garbage that routinely fills the social media site that is TwitteX, I don’t understand why such an image would be considered “sensitive content”–unless the MAGAt snowflakes can’t have their widdle feewings huwt by something that might impugn the “dignity” (forgive me while I have a coughing spasm) of their mango man-child with the messianic complex.


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