This Secret Tape scam is getting embarrassing. And James Comer is getting miffed. I don’t know if he’s given to throwing ketchup bottles, he’s probably not that infantile, but he may be opening up a bottle or two of the bourbon that gets made in Mitch McConnell’s home state and chugging that. Can’t say as how I blame him.

Here’s Comer’s “reaction” to Rudy Giuliani’s epic embarrassment from yesterday, wherein he said that the dog ate the audio tapes, or the dog died before he could eat the audio tapes, or something.

I suppose we can split hairs here over what Bill Barr did or didn’t do. My recollection is that he saw no reason to investigate — and that was very probably because he knew that Rudy Giuliani was cobbling together this ridiculous conspiracy theory. But let’s go along with Comer, just for the sake of argument, and agree that the report was sent to Delaware for further investigation. WHO was the source of the information in the “Biden bribery form” that was sent to Delaware?

  1. A six foot invisible rabbit named Harvey?
  2. Miss Cleo?
  3. Hunter’s computer guy with the beret?
  4. Crickets?

Whatever you vote, I guarantee that crickets are what you’re about to hear.

And as to the reality of what will happen? Let’s take a poll on that, too.

  1. Kari Lake will be governor of Arizona before Comer produces the audio tapes?
  2. Mike Lindell will prove the 2020 election was stolen before Comer produces the audio tapes?
  3. Donald Trump will finally produce a health plan AND infrastructure week, before Comer, etc.

Here’s an interview outlining the parameters of this pathetic imitation of Trey Gowdy’s Benghaaaaazi efforts. Sheesh.

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  1. The tapes will, I confidently predict, be made available right after hell freezes over, i.e. during infrastructure week.

  2. I’m praying the democrats have a reputable candidate running against this a@@hat next year. His district is one of those incredible snake-like drawings so that it includes Frankfort (state capitol where he lives) and circles around blue Jefferson County (Louisville) to red rural counties to the west. I think the there are probably enough dems and independents in Frankfort and in the exurban areas closest to Jefferson County to oust his derriere, especially with all the negative press coverage he invites.

    • Blue in Louisville (Jefferson county)
      Sadly our very poor rural communities continue to vote republican, no matter what here. There are some rural communities that still don’t have internet, thus preventing any growth and advancement in those areas, yet they are convinced the republicans will keep the government from taking their rights.
      It’s a sad cycle. Although we did ditch Matt Bevin for Andy Breshear.

  3. His district is completely gerrymandered but I don’t think it goes as far east as Frankfort. I lived (no longer) in the district and the Indivisible group I had joined followed him around to all his town hall meetings. At one he went so racist I wanted to push him out the window. He went everywhere with it you can imagine but somehow managed to stay away from the N word. It was disgusting.

    • From Wikipedia on KY-01 (Comer’s district): “Located in Western Kentucky, and stretching into Central Kentucky, the district takes in Henderson, Hopkinsville, Madisonville, Paducah, Murray, and Frankfort.”

      Frankfort is the county seat of Franklin County and, also from Wikipedia:

      “Kentucky counties within the 1st Congressional District: Adair, Allen, Ballard, Boyle, Caldwell, Calloway, Carlisle, Casey, Christian, Clinton, Crittenden, Cumberland, Franklin, Fulton, Graves, Henderson, Hickman, Hopkins, Livingston, Lyon, Marshall, Marion, McCracken, Metcalfe, Monroe, Ohio, Russell, Simpson, Taylor, Todd, Trigg, Union, Washington, and Webster. Portions of Anderson and Logan counties are within the district.”

      The district covers the western third-ish of Kentucky (along the Ohio River to just east of Evansville, IN) then slinks along the border with Tennessee (that largely coincides with the distance of the Kentucky-Indiana border) before snaking its way north to Frankfort. (The district lines, it should be noted, were different before 2022 and didn’t include Frankfort at that time. In 2022, some of the western counties were swapped for the snake up to Frankfort.)

      The oddest thing about the district is that, according to the state’s “voter registration and party enrollment” figures from 2022, there are roughly 7400 more Democrats than GOPers but there are nearly 50,000 “Other/Independent” voters. Given these figures, one has to wonder how Comer was reelected by a 3:1 margin in 2022? The current district lines (which were adopted in 2022) had to have been used in this election cycle so, apparently a whole lot of Democrats just sat out the election. Only 245,000 total votes were cast but the number of registered Democrats exceeds that figure by nearly 30,000 (based on the registration figures, Comer got nearly 69% of all registered GOP voters while his Democratic opponent only received 22% of all registered Democratic voters–not accounting for “Other/Independent” voters and assuming GOP voted GOP and Dem voted Dem).

    • Actually, they’re native to Central and South America (and even in parts of South Texas) and have been introduced to various places including islands in the West Indies, the Philippines, New Guinea and into Florida and Hawai’i. As for Australia, they’ve expanded into other areas of Australia (notably New South Wales and the Northern Territory; one was even discovered in Western Australia over a decade ago).

  4. Yeah, I just saw an episode of River Monsters where he was trying to figure out if they were killing all the natural predators, including the big fish. They are even poisonous as tadpoles. They kill anything that eats them, including large crocodiles.The other interesting fact is, even in the years they have spread across Australia, their back legs have increased by 25%!!!! Talk about nature’s ability to evolve. He caught one and wanted to see how fast they traveled. He sat it down on a concrete slab about 15 yards across…he couldn’t catch it. It moved very fast…looked like a damn rabbit hoping across the slab. No wonder they are such a danger to the indigenous species. He did go to a part where they’ve been for a while and caught a large predatory fish. His conclusion was the native species eventually figured out to leave the damn things alone. They were imported to kill bugs. Unintended consequences are a beatch, as the nazi in Florida discovers daily. WHERE’S MY GODDAMN ORANGE JUICE????


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