Lauren Boebert managed to get herself as cornered as any rat that has ever lived and so now she’s decided to be the repentant sinner. Which makes perfect sense. It’s the one role that she can plausibly play. I’m actually surprised she didn’t claim that Satan took her over and made her vape and grope her boyfriend during a public outing at the Buell Theater, but I guess she’s had enough ridicule for one week. And a brutal week it has been. And it’s her own doing. If she’s suffered, it’s by her own hand.

Boebert has decided to cry uncle and walk back her statement that she wasn’t vaping since literally millions of eyeballs have seen the truth of something else. She admitted in a Friday statement, that “it’s clear now that was not accurate.” Daily Beast:

“Whether it was the excitement of seeing a much-anticipated production or the natural anxiety of being in a new environment, I genuinely did not recall vaping that evening when I discussed the night’s events with my campaign team while confirming my enthusiasm for the musical,” she said in a statement shared with The Daily Beast.

“The natural anxiety of being in a new place?” What new place? Denver is a new place? You get amnesia when you go to Denver? What, it’s the big buildings as opposed to cow pastures, what?

In a subsequent text message to The Daily Beast, Boebert said she hoped people would understand her mistake.

“There’s not a person walking the face of this planet that hasn’t had a moment of weakness and fallen short and I think people will get that,” she wrote. “I’ll show strength through humility moving forward.”

Okay, this is bullshit. This is not “having a moment of weakness.” These events went on for several minutes. They went on before intermission. She was asked to stop then and she resumed right after intermission. What is clear as glass here, is she’s not sorry for what she did, she’d do it again tonight given the chance. She’s sorry as hell she got caught.

And if she wanted to show “strength through humility” she could get on the phone and find out the name of the usher she flipped off and humbly apologize to the man. And she could apologize to the pregnant woman she called a “sad and miserable person” by recording an on-air apology at the local TV stations. They would all love it.

Writing in the statementthat she never intended to “mislead” anyone, she added: “We know we will have to work to earn your trust back and it may not happen overnight, but we will do it.”

Again, I don’t care how unforgiving I sound. This is lame. This is a cornered rat trying to bargain with the cat not to eat her.

She addressed the vaping, but not the insults, either verbal or by gesture, and she said nothing about her lewd behavior with she and her boyfriend groping one another. She doesn’t regret any of it, is my sense, she has just realized the awful reality that we live in a world where everybody’s got a camera and where public places are wired with security systems, 24/7. She got caught being herself. That’s the reality of this.

You know where I stand. Adam For Colorado, donate. Let’s get rid of her.

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    • If you saw my other piece where I embedded a tweet of Trae Crowder, the Liberal Redneck, who identifies himself as White Trash, those are my thoughts on the subject. Boebert’s doing her best to do damage control and there would be none necessary if she just STFU and stopped vaping, taking pictures, and all of it. She created this. I have zero sympathy. None.

  1. Dollar Store Palin vows “to show strength through humility”.

    The only thing she’s displayed through anything is her boobs through her dress.

    • That is some wild dress, too. Is that her pubic patch or did she spill something on herself? I never thought I’d be having this conversation, asking if a congresswoman’s snatch is showing through her evening gown. We live and learn, right?

      • RE “,,, Is that her pubic patch or did she spill something on herself? …” It could be an oversized merkin to complement he undersized dress.

    • She’s miserable because she got caught. That’s the long and the short of it. She’s not sorry for what she did, she’s sorry because the rest of us saw it and it can’t be a liar’s contest now. It’s on video.

      I have the feeling she’s hated in Denver. This story has been teased out all week. I think that’s on purpose.

  2. The boyfriend two steps behind and carrying her purse is a nice visual and tells me all I need to know about that “relationship”.


    • That looked like a briefcase to me. It had papers sticking out, what have you. Let’s put it this way, if that WAS Bobo’s purse and she carries a small briefcase type purse when wearing a gold lame evening dress, then she’s more fashion clueless than I thought. The only appropriate purse for that dress is a clutch, end of story.

  3. Wait a minute – when news of this first broke she claimed to be patron of the arts. Now she’s saying she was caught up in the excitement of being in a “new environment?” Were you lying then or now Bobo? I’d already seen plays and musicals and even performed in them by the time I saw my first opera over at the nearby university. La Boheme and it WAS exciting. I was quite literally overwhelmed. Not only that I happened to attend with someone I’d just started dating and she was strikingly lovely. But you know what? As overwhelmed as we both were and despite prior mutual attraction we didn’t start GROPING each other.

    That pawing at each other in public like that means I think her time in Congress will be coming to an end. I don’t think this will be going away and the reason why is one of her predecessors – Sarah Palin. I recall the porn industry decided to make a movie titled Who’s Nailin Palin. I’m sure as hell no prude but that was something I had no interest in checking out but I gather it gained some notariety. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a new “Bobo’s Boobs” series.

    • “Were you lying then or now Bobo?”

      Yes. The only answer to that question is “yes.”

      Generally speaking, whenever a GOPer speaks, there is a lie somewhere in the words (even with a simple one-word answer like “yes” or “no”).



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