This country has been in a Cold Civil War at least as far back as Barack Obama, who “presidented” while Black and Mitch McConnell vowing to not cooperate on anything.

But it remained cold, even as Trump came down the escalator. Protests of George Floyd’s death and Trump’s decision to inflame the tension rather than calm it started to heat the war up. Trump fired the first shot at Lafayette Square, with stormtroopers (without badges or identification) who not only hurt Americans but bloodied up a news team from Australia. Then January 6th seemed to end the war. Trump was run out of town, never to be seen again. Or so we thought.

But the MAGA cult had the war embedded in their souls. They spent four years “owning the libs,” and they soon grabbed onto the vaccine Trump heralded as the next way to own the libs. COVID became a disease of the unvaccinated. Impervious to science, the GOP found ways to dumb the country down to the point where my Intensive Care specialist father said he didn’t have a single patient in the ICU who was vaccinated.

Trump’s refusal, even after January 6th, and Hannity’s order to never discuss a “stolen election again,” also embedded itself into the MAGA right. Because they fully believe that Biden “stole” the election from Trump, they also believe that they are “owed” a win in 2024, one they may well get if the SCOTUS finds that state legislatures alone control electoral college electors. Meanwhile, Trump committed very serious crimes – or seemingly committed very serious crimes, he hasn’t been charged yet, and each indictment that comes down will simply be declared as election interference because they came way too late.

The country is on the edge of exploding into a hot war. My daughter’s Canadian citizenship (automatic) is being processed. MAGA anger is centered on what’s happening to Trump right now but can easily shift to DeSantis as the new “America First” movement, one whose first move will be to fire 50,000 civil servants, the people that make the country “go.” They will then fill those positions with loyalists who will only “go” one way. Democrats cannot win an election in that context, perhaps never again. That’s why Trump calls 2024 the “Final Battle.”

Meanwhile, Republicans will continue to get more extremist and they don’t give a fck. They expelled two black men (but not the white women) last night and there is already talk that the Wisconsin “Super Majority” legislature will impeach the Supreme Court judge that the state just elected by 10 points.

Let’s say Biden wins the Electoral College in an identical race as last time, but the state legislatures control which electors are sent, with no court oversight at all, suddenly no candidate has 272 votes because legislatures in Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, decide not to send electors due to “irregularities,” all to arrange a House vote for president. Despite a ten million popular vote win (my prediction), Republican gamesmanship – and not giving a fck – will literally install an “America First” president, doing so by circumventing democracy. Fascism visits America and wants to stay.


The violence is amping up now as “civil war,” a term heard more and more lately. Marj is polite and says, “National divorce,” it’s the same thing. Inconveniently, it’s not aligned on one issue, nor state by state (What is one to do about Arizona? What about Alabama, which is one-third Democratic?

Doesn’t matter, “civil war” is trending, and for good reason. We face problems that seem insurmountable. Democrats are in the majority and though we’re the peacekeepers, we’ll not let a significant minority steal the country. Unless sanity suddenly grips the GOP (pfft), there aren’t a lot of good options and people know it. It is why “Civil War” was trending for a time this morning at number one.

And if America Firsters have their way, we are in danger of having another genocide. Again, their primary objection is the white, hetero, Christian male is terrified of being a minority.

It started again the moment “Reconstruction” ended.

Correct, though – for now, Biden could make it worse. Trust his experience.

Above, well put.

How about a good “F-You”? Confederate Heritage Month in MS, one month after Black History Month.

And here is the problem below. They hate us more than every single other antagonistic country on Earth. They hate us enough to… declare war. Though we should remember, there are a lot of people that talk big. On January 6th a “few” did more than just “talk.”

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  1. Did Musk actually resolve the ‘bot’ issue and what’s chances the (brief) trend was driven by something in addition to human Twitter users? Getting harder and harder to know ‘what’s what’.

  2. It’s really going to be interesting if the Wisconsin legislature tries to impeach the newly-elected Justice since the Wisconsin Constitution REQUIRES there to be SPECIFIC CHARGES (misdemeanor or felony) before an impeachment can proceed.

    There IS a process called “Removal by Address” but Wisconsin statutes require allegations of misconduct or that the judge is physically or mentally unqualified to perform the duties of the job. BUT, all the GOP legislators need to remember that the PUBLIC AT LARGE has the ability to RECALL any and all public officials.

  3. We’ve been in a slow civil war for about 40 years as the ammosexuals keep picking us off a few (or dozens) at a time. So far it’s been mostly their fringe elements doing the shooting, thinning out the herd, especially the young ones, but it feels like a warmup for the serious action that lies ahead. It’s no coincidence that they’ve been stockpiling weaponry and ammo, and every time an attempt to pass sane gun legislation comes up, they all rush out and buy more. Then the legislation gets defeated or watered down and now we have these same sick f*cks and others like them holding even more guns and ammo. Here in Oregon we passed legislation that would require more checks on ownership, but a yahoo judge in the eastern part of the state has tied it up. One step forward, ten steps back. At the rate we’re going, including book bans, enslaving women to their uterus, re-enslaving blacks, disenfranchising voters, it seems more like 1323 instead of 2023. This isn’t the 21st century I signed up for!

  4. If they have their way,,the 14th and 19th amendments would be overturned somehow,,and only white male land owners could vote. The minor problem. is that most of the angry posts dangerous gophers don’t own homes,, so they’d eliminate much of their blue color barely- graduated-from-high-school base. And Dems are more likely to be college grads which means more of them are likely to own property. Ooooops. Maybe like Begin from Oliver they should rethink their linking again.

  5. Thanks Jason… I guess .. very powerful. Quite a sorry mess. I’m a boomer and still proud that Segregation if Army (48) and Schools (64) occurred.. and that Native AMERICANS have been empowered and that we ARE a multi colored and multi gendered society.. Recently saw a graph that showed only a .03% difference in white/black employment LOWEST ever in US. NOW Just Lets #StayCalm and #ArmUkraine

    I like This paragraph .. and remember there are 800,000 + more of these voters every single year and unvaccinated are still dying in record numbers!

    And here’s the wild card. In the last three elections the 18-24 vote has turned out in record numbers. They are more liberal, tolerant, and they know that it is up to them to clean up the mess that their parents have left for them. They have no time for overt racism, of any minority, nor any discrimination against the Latino, AAPI, or LGBTQ communities.
    I foresee that they will once again be out in record numbers in 2024 to put the GOP in their graves.

  7. While the thought strikes terror in my heart Clarence Thomas CLEARLY RELISHES HIS POWER. He KNOWS dictators have no need for a Supreme Court. Ditto Roberts, Kavanaugh & Alito. They aren’t going to give their cushy jobs away. They are not stupid short sighted MAGA judges. I still will worry despite the fact it’s stupid to worry. My worry changes nothing. But I do grip tightly to the knowledge that Clarence Thomas is not going to rule himself into oblivion. It’s NOT going to happen.


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