Since you’re reading this you know (even though you wish you didn’t) who Kenneth Chesebro is. You also know he tried to pull a fast one (almost in the literal sense) down in Fulton County, Georgia where he’d been indicted on multiple STATE charges. Felonies. Charges for which Trump, even if President again can’t pardon him. Nor can the state’s GOP Gov. Brian Kemp. That power resides with a Board of Pardons which can’t even consider a case before someone has served a minimum of five years of their sentence, or if less than five years a “substantial portion” of it.

Like most well-off white collar types Chesbro ain’t built for prison. Betting that despite her having obviously taken all the time needed to build solid cases against each and every person charged in the Georgia 2020 election interference scheme Chesbro reckoned DA Fani Willis was nowhere near ready for trial.  He tried to catch her off guard and formally exercised his right to a speedy trial. Willis told the judge “Ok. Let’s go.” Like fellow indictee Sydney Powell who tried the same stunt Chesebro probably needed reviving with smelling salts after fainting!

Worse, since a trial was coming so quickly and Willis was ready to go with discovery he realized she did indeed have him cold. So for the first time since getting involved with Trump he did something smart. We all know that when a group of people are in legal trouble relating to the same crime(s) the first person or two who flips and cooperates with prosecutors gets the best deal. After than things get progressively worse. Chesbro apparently was clear-eyed enough to know Trump would throw HIM under the bus in a heartbeat so he flipped. Completely as it turns out.

In an article posted earlier today Newsweek gets into how much cooperation Chesebro is providing and how wide ranging around the country his cooperation has been. If you’re like me your focus was on Georgia of course,  but with the federal trial on J6 charges up in DC set to take place first it was impossible not to consider the implications of Chesebro fully cooperating with Jack Smith’s people would mean. Kenny Boy is after all one of the six unindicted (as yet) co-conspirators referred to in the Trump indictment. It’s no wonder that Trump has been freaking out.

Chesebro was literally “in the room” for much of the planning of the multi-pronged coup attempt and surely saw and heard more than his particular special role in it. But the fake electors part helps prove intent by Trump to stay in power by any means necessary.  Chesebro was deeply involved in creating slates of fake-electors in multiple states and not just in trading phone calls, emails or providing guidance memos. He even showed up in person at least once!  As the linked article describes investigations and charges in various states it notes that Chesebro has been cooperating with state prosecutors around the country as they’ve been building cases. STATE cases which as in Georgia makes any convictions beyond the reach of any Presidential pardon should Trump wind up back in the WH.

(Of course the idiots involved were stupid to think Trump would pardon them. He could have before leaving the WH for the last time and slinking off to FL but didn’t. They failed him which for Trump was an unforgiveable sin. But the dumbasses held out hope. However, if they have remained too stupid to realize it since it’s their respective STATES going after them and not the feds their lawyers have told them there’s nothing Trump can do for them.)

It’s clear states are getting tired of waiting on the feds to deal with the fake electors stuff and are using state statutes to go after these fake electors. In Wisconsin a Civil statute was used but if I’m not mistaken a criminal would could also have come into play. The state obtained a settlement from the group in part thanks to Chesebro. Nevada has just indicted a batch of people in their fake elector scheme. Arizona seems about to as well. And so on. Chesebro has been helping state prosecutors around the country. This is a BFD for more than one reason.

Some of these people communicated with more than Chesebro during all this. That means others in the DC case who aren’t indicted (yet) may have more people willing to provide evidence against them and in the process increase their own legal peril. That in turn gives them more incentive to abandon Trump and run into the arms of Smith’s team. That’s very, very bad news for Trump. Each person deciding to soften their willingness to cover for Trump or who outright turns on him creates their own ripple and enough of them will wash over Trump like one of those big waves that overwhelm surfers. If Trump didn’t realize this I’ll bet one or two of his attorney’s did and that might account for the new level of desperation he’s displayed regarding his DC case.

There’s something else to consider. Trump IS increasingly desperate. He has good reason to believe his only hope of avoiding conviction and prison is becoming President again, and not just by shutting down federal prosecutions. If he’s back in the WH getting him into a state prison would take years of legal wrangling and take the pieces of a country ripped apart and burn them. HIS DOJ would never revise it’s position on sitting Presidents having special protections while in office and let’s face it. Even if impeached again the votes wouldn’t be there in the Senate to convict and remove him from office. So getting re-elected is key, and therein lies the problem with Chesebro running around the country helping states investigate and prosecute fake electors.

Too many are swing states or not red enough to be reliable Republican next fall!

Having this fake elector business in the news, investigations, impending trials or actual trials during 2024 is going to hurt Trump and the GOP at the ballot box. It will intensify Democrat’s resolve to GOTV. It will get those suburban Republican “soccer moms” who spanked Trump before and with the demise of Roe are already motivated to join with Democrats in organizing.  The whole affair is sordid and can wind up getting a lot of news coverage, none of it favorable to Trump and the GOP.  You can read the Wikipedia link about it. However, what jumps out af me is the LIST of states this can become a big issue in. Arizona. Georgia. Michigan. Nevada. Pennsylvania. Wisconsin.

What do all six have in common? They’re all swing states!

Chesebro’s cooperation has breathed life into investigations (and now prosecutions) in each of these states and it will get coverage in the news. It could well tip each of these states into the Democratic column, or put them more firmly there and allow Democrats to allocate more resources in other places. Trump can’t afford to lose any of these states. In fact he’s counting on getting all of them. Especially Arizona and Georgia. Losing them, actual red states was an enormous blow to his ego. Thanks to Chesbro flipping these two states, as well as Wisconsin and maybe others will be having regular news coverage of this part of the coup plot as well. All that should dovetail nicely with a general Democratic campaign theme of the dangers of Trump getting back into the WH again. That he will never again leave.

Yep. I think all this has been explained to Trump and if it seems he has devolved an extra amount in the past couple of weeks this is why. Time will tell.

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  1. “Thanks to Chesbro flipping these two states, as well as Wisconsin and maybe others will be having regular news coverage of this part of the coup plot as well.”

    Thanks, great report.

    I think the really BIG part of this sentence of yours is that LOCAL NEWS stations will be reporting all of this. While MSM “Nightly News” may ignore it, as they criminally have for years, even Joe the Plumber is bound to catch some of it when he tunes in for the “traffic and weather at 11:00.” That’s where the real impact may hit home.

  2. Trump is becoming increasingly desperate as anyone can see with his constant all caps rants on true lies at all hours of the night.
    The 77 year old man isn’t sleeping, and when old people don’t get enough sleep they can’t be cognitive, they make mistakes, they look worn, tired, and lethargic, their skins pores get larger, their bags under their eyes get darker and they gain a lot of weight especially when McDonalds is on the menu every day.


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