Wow. I just stumbled on something that would make a sensational Saturday Night Live sketch. Or, maybe it is a Saturday Night Live sketch and just not labeled as such. What you’re about to see is something that Californians could certainly use — if they don’t mind the drawbacks. And the drawbacks are substantial.

And let me tell you something: buildings DO collapse in earthquakes. Hand to God. It’s a good thing that I moved out of the San Fernando Valley and was living in Mar Vista, when the Northridge quake hit, because I found out later from my insurance agent that the building next door to my place on Riverside Drive had collapsed during Northridge. I mean, collapsed, presumably like this building in the video collapsed.

The building next to where I used to live was some ticky tacky thing thrown together in the real estate boom of the early 60’s. The building I lived in had been built in 1939 and was used as housing for employees of Warner Brothers Studio. It was built a lot better. So it got jostled and shook to and fro, while the other building literally collapsed.

A number of buildings collapsed during Northridge. That’s got to be something to feel the floor go out from under you and watch the walls coming in. I don’t know if I would ever recover from that, psychologically. I tend to think that I would want to live in a ground floor, isolated place, forevermore.

California dreamin.’ More like California nightmare. Mark my words, this, or something like it, will show up on Jim Bakker’s show anytime now. This is perfect. And it goes without saying that you’ve got to have a slot for the AR-15, the bullets, and the Bible. You think I’m joking? Watch.

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  1. I think I’d rather live somewhere where there isn’t a high risk for earthquakes. I guess I won’t be moving to Japan any time soon. Add in the fact the propensity for human greed to build cheap shit and also to live in denial about the reality of the forces on planet earth, there is no protection from that.

  2. Scott, I’m with you on that! I’d rather live in Maryland, where everything is green and we have no mudslides, earthquakes, tornadoes, and sensibly live high enough to avoid flooding (the Merchants who are located on Main Street in Ellicott City are simply not sensible.) And we can enjoy day trips to ocean beaches, sailing and seafood on the Chesapeak Bay, visits to interesting salt marshlands, fossil collecting in and near Calvert Cliffs , camping in forests, hiking up mountains, and living in the lovely rolling hills of the Piedmont area. And things grow well here!

  3. Buy bunches of these and donate them to Oath Keepers and Proud Boyz. Reverse engineer the locator signal to be the trigger to the opening mechanism. Trigger all the beds at midnite of the Super Bowl, right after they’ve all gone to bed crying because for some bizarre reason Taylor Swift got President Biden re-elected at half time.

  4. I’m always ready to spend big dollars on sketchy products recommended by an AI voice and misspelled captions! Yah, it’s me, I’m the one keeping these scams alive!! Sheesh!! What total drek!!


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