Former pro-basketball player and now TV personality Charles Barkley, aka Sir Charles, The Round Mound of Rebound and other nicknames enjoys golf.  He famously fought a ridiculous hitch in his swing for years (numerous pieces/videos were done about it and him working with famous pro swing coached – to no avail).  He eventually (mostly) overcame it but through it all he was out there playing.  He also started a celebrity charity event that has raised a good amount of money over the years.  It’s been going on and as happens at such things there are related events off the golf course.

Charles Barkly is both opinionated and brash in expressing them and  he had a thing or two to say about the Bud Light controversy (drink it up folks) and to the bigots.  I tried adding only the short clip but couldn’t do so.  Please, I urge you to check out the link and watch pure, unfiltered Barkley as he trashes the a$$hat conservative culture warriors.  If you don’t want to it’s your loss but he’s on stage in jeans and t-shirt addressing a raucous crowd that cheers the whole way.  The clip starts with him saying (twice) I want you to drink this f**king beer and that he brought three cases of it.  And then:

“If  you’re gay, bless you

 If you’re trans, bless you.

If you have a problem with that, F**K YOU!”

I can’t say I’ve always agreed with Barkley and in fact at times thought he was full of it.  But if he’s less than genteel and polite/reserved much of the time I do agree with him quite often.  And on this I am 100% with him!

Look, I’ve never been a fan of either Budweiser or Bud Light beers. Back in the day when I consumed more beer than than I should I was partial to lagers rather than pilsners.  But since I was young Bud Light was a hugely popular beer and has remained so.  At least until recently when bigoted “Christians” and conservatives in general decided to make Bud Light a front in the culture wars.  Because Bud dared to suggest Trans people enjoyed having themselves a Bud Light.

Trust me when I tell you Barkley has no f**ks to give if the sports shows he appears on or others have a problem with his stance or being so brash and blunt about it.  Hell, part of why he gets paid so much is because he generates a lot of buzz.  Buzz means eyeballs and eyeballs means ad revenue.  Also, don’t go thinking for a second Barkley wouldn’t say the same think in a conservative joint, or on some conservative “news” persons show/podcast etc. or even to some conservative gathering.

So kudos to Charles Barkley for standing up for what’s right.  For human rights.  All people’s right to be treated with decency, dignity and respect.

(Oh, since it just popped into my head that Barkley played his college basketball at Auburn, should somehow someone show him this article here’s a suggestion: Since you’re on a roll Charles how about paying that racist P.O.S. Tommy Tuberville a visit and telling him to knock off his bullsh!t holding up of military promotions?  I dare say you carry more weight with Auburn folks and Alabamans in general than HE does!  I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if you personally have known players of his who got his help in arranging abortions for gals they got pregnant)

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  1. Good for Sir Charles.

    I don’t know why these filthy redneck a$$hats like Kid Rock have their a$$es on their backs about all of this……he, for one, has been pretending to be a man for years.


    • Right the hell on! And Squid Crock would not know Rock if it bit him in the A$$! While I will tone things down a bit when requested, I an NOT at all PC in person!! Politically correct=mentally challenged!!!

      • It depends. PC was originally known as ordinary politeness and common decency. You don’t call.people racist names. You don’t behave like a bully. You don’t grope women and call the b*tches and c*nts. if they decline to date or have sex with you. In other words,you don’t behave like a,trashy @$$hole whose mother never taught you simple manners because she was too.busy smoking crack.
        It actually still.means that: basic respect Nd courtesy toward others, even those you don’t much like.
        The GOP equates it with silencing dissent and censorship. In other words precisely what THEY are doing. I give you disaster and Moms For Liberty, who.never read a book.they actually liked because they never actor read any books.

  2. Sir Charles is a breath of fresh air in a goddamn PC world where cussing is prohibited but a ‘president’ who publicly praises nazi killers is perfectly OK. We elect liars and traitors but honesty is prohibited. And we wonder why extinction is looming on the horizon. We asked for it.

  3. Way to go Mr. Barkley. Nice to see these famous people standing up to the ‘pube party scumbags. He did not have to say anything. What he said hopefully makes a difference.


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