If there is any question, which I suppose there isn’t, as to why the Dotard is Putin’s preferred choice for President Trump definitely answered it last night in Sioux Falls, Iowa.

Forcefully boasting that if elected again he would not defend Europe against Russian aggression, and in the process taking a wrecking ball to the 70 year old NATO alliance, he proved yet again why electing a moron who knows nothing of history is dangerous to the entire world.

Now, I realize that the Orangeutan saying this is not actually breaking news, but I feel that the finality with which he says the one thing that in years past would have sunk a campaign for the Presidency of anyone of either party is news worthy.

Apparently Biden Harris HQ over on Twitter thought so too:

And not so long ago Rps.

Sure is, Sis.




Boggles the mind.

💯 💯 💯



Right on George.

I don’t know why he chose to bring this up last night in Iowa, his statement will be deeply unpopular with everyone but his rabid base of sycophants.

I suppose that having to pay all his legal bills has him strapped for campaign funds and he needs another infusion of Russian cash – that could possibly be the reason.

But I really don’t care why he said it.

If he keeps talking this trash Biden will kill him in the debates.

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  1. There were not many people applauding but enough to make one ask what is wrong with these people? Well, we know what is wrong with them…But to say this out loud and get applause is sickening. I think that the majority of people in this country understand the threat that Russia is to the world. No, we don’t want a war, but the US needs to defend its allies against Russian aggression. dfg isn’t losing it, he’s lost it. GOTV and vote blue while we still have the ability to vote and save our fragile democracy.

  2. Trump’s speeches: Jesus was a weak and misguided…YEAH!!! I’m Nelson Mandela but better because I represent You white people…YEAH!!! As your messiah, I’m being persecuted for laws which don’t apply to your savior….YEAH!!!! People who serve in the military are chumps and losers…YEAH!!!! You don’t need your money, give it to me…YEAH!!!! Don’t believe those videos of me showing I support nazis…they’re good people too…YEAH!!! If I get elected blood will flow…YEAH!!!

  3. Well, to kind of follow up on that “Republicans Against Trump” comment about the kind of comment Trump made being an end to a GOPer’s political career, I can remember when GOPers would chastise Democrats for suggesting that America was anything less than “great” already yet a mere 7 years ago, Donald Trump made the slogan “Make America Great Again” into a far-right GOP mantra.
    Hell, even in the last quarter century, NO serious GOP candidate would have ever suggested that America was anything but great unless he just wanted to end his political career and Democrats would be criticized for suggesting that America could actually be better than it was because that was tantamount to suggesting that America wasn’t already great, if not the “best” country in the entire world. All a GOPer had to do was put out an ad saying his Democratic opponent said America wasn’t great and too many “patriotic” voters would rally behind the GOPer. Now, we’ve got morons who describe themselves as “patriots” who go around chanting “make America great again.” That wouldn’t have happened even a decade ago. (The Teabaggers might have been whining that “America’s lost her way thanks to Obama” but that’s a far cry from “make America great again.” The obvious response would be “Get America back on the right track/course.” That works for a bumper sticker but you can’t really fit it on a stupid red hat.)

  4. But, Trump is takin all this for US.
    He f’ed Stormy Daniels for US..
    He stole Classified documents for US.
    He urged followers to Hang Mike Pence for US.
    He made a deal with Jared Kushner for 3 billion for US.
    And more.
    How can anyone now deny his empathy, his generosity, his kindness?


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