BUZZKILL: Fox and Friends Unprepared for No.Ko Reality, Shapiro Stuns


Fox and Friends was ready for a party.

Our Dear Leader met with their Dear Leader and saved the world. Unfortunately, Fox invited the wrong conservative in Ben Shapiro to share in what was clearly intended to be a celebration of all that is Trump. Shapiro proceeded to drop some reality into an otherwise great story.

Per Raw Story’s breakdown:

Shapiro said he found it “disquieting” that Trump would heap lavish praise on Kim, and he noted that the North Korean leader runs “a slave state with 25 million prisoners.”

Thank you, Ben, because it is about time someone pointed out that lavish praise for brutal dictators who starve their own people is “bad optics” when juxtaposed against the “special place in hell” reserved for Justin Trudeau (who did not “lie” to Trump no matter how many times the Administration tries to re-tell the story of what happened).

Shapiro was not done:

“The piece of paper that got signed yesterday is, frankly, weak,” he said. “If what Trump says in that interview with Sean [Hannity] is exactly correct, then we’ll all be celebrating. But we’ll wait to see if that actually ends up being correct because there’s no history of this family having ever not lied to the West.”

We at Politizoom noted that North Korea has pledged four times to end its nuclear program, lying each time. It is nice to know that the same reality got shared on Fox and Friends.

I think the last one hits deepest, though:

Elsewhere in the interview, Shapiro knocked Trump for the optics of “hand holding and patting” Kim on the back during their meeting. He also singled out a photo of Trump giving Kim the thumbs-up sign.

“I don’t think he deserves the Trump thumbs-up,” he said.

Once again we confront Trump’s comfort with ruthless dictators versus his disdain for true world leaders of democratic republics. Trump gave the “thumbs up” within five miles of the Singapore International Airport, where Kim murdered his half brother with a nerve agent, needlessly endangering other passengers, if the act wasn’t awful enough in and of itself.

To put it in perspective, Trump refused to sign a meaningful statement with our friends, insulting one with language never heard in diplomatic circles, then lavished praise upon a ruthless dictator as smart, warm, charming – a man who recently killed an American citizen, and spent much of his time yearning to be meeting with his true soulmate, Vlad Putin – that’s the great man that Fox is celebrating.

I don’t have the video, but I am familiar enough with Fox and Friends that just a little bit of truth in just the right place can undue hours or planned propaganda, which is what seems to have happened here.


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