You can love me or you can hate me, but if you keep reading, I figure you at least tolerate me. And if there’s one thing you can say about me, it’s that I usually tend to come to the game prepared.

And when it was announced last night that the Supreme Court was planning on ruling on the abortion pill issue before it before midnight tonight, in my head I immediately began coming up with outlines for two articles, one for each possible ruling. Because I have spent enough time on this issue to know exactly what I wanted to say in either case.

By now you have all had the opportunity to read the article I posted based on the Supreme Court’s actual decision, and i hope you enjoyed it. But if for no other reason than I already put the sweat equity in, I wanted to at least give you the outline of what I had if the SCOTUS had gone the other way. If for no better reason than it might be a foretelling of a future SCOTUS decision.

Sayonara In 2024 GOP. And Adios Roberts SCOTUS

It’s finally happened. We’re finally getting to see in the first person what happens when a movement lets rampant minority ideology override good old fashioned common sense. National political parties crumble, and constitutional branches of government implode.

I wrote yesterday that gun control would be the premier issue for the Democrats to rally around in 2024. And I still believe that. There will be more mass shootings, including school shootings, and some two million new teen voters will become eligible to vote in 2024. And they’re going to be pissed.

But I also said that abortion would be a driving issue in 2024, and the six conservative legal apostates in the Supreme Court just keyed in the nuclear abortion launch codes for 2024.

Because the SCOTUS just unleashed a firestorm. With the Dobbs decision, they returned the issue of abortion back to the states for adjudication, knowing that it would lead to greater restrictions, and even bans on abortion in red states. No skin off of their noses.

And right on cue, the mass protests started. But not just in red states, where the women had the most to lose. There were spontaneous uprisings in blue states, where abortion is safe and legal, in solidarity with their oppressed sisters.

And in the 2022 midterms, the voters shamed everybody, both the Supreme Court as well as the far right state legislatures. Red states with abortion rights on the ballots showed up in droves to protect them in their state constitution. But the one thing that they didn’t do was to vote at the state level to change who controlled their bodily autonomy.

But in banning the abortion pill, the SCOTUS just pissed everybody off! Because their ignorant ruling just tried to take away the safe, easy abortion pill from women in states where abortion is legal. And now nobody who cares about abortion rights is taking 2024 laying down.

Which means that every Democratic incumbent and challenger who runs in 2024, from state House to state Senate, to the US House and Senate are all going to be running on abortion rights. Even in red states, where flipping the legislature is the keys to the kingdom. And nationally right now, abortion has a 64% approval rating. Tough sledding for the go, especially when combined with teens pissed off with rampant gun violence.

But here’s the right uppercut. Every sane Democratic candidate, House and Senate, will run on common sense gun reform, but also run on reforming the Supreme Court. The Democrats will swear on their family bibles that if the voters give them a durable Senate majority that will reform the filibuster, then Biden will do whatever it takes to restore sanity to the Supreme Court. And not just for abortion, the reforms will also likely impact voting rights and police reform, items that are guaranteed to bring out Democratic minority voters.

US Attorney General Merrick Garland is fond on intoning No man is above the law when he talks about the Trump investigations. But with the GOP dominated Supreme Court, we not only have men who are above the law, but worse yet, they actually decide the law. And they’ve finally stepped over the red line. Payback is a bitch.

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  1. F_ck scotus.
    They have no control over packages fedex’d from Canada.
    Oh yeah, and f_ck the republiCLOWN party. They have NO place in America.
    It’s time to start treating them like lepers….

  2. Good counterpoint, BUT…

    What if Japan had dropped the bomb on us? Steve Goodman could not have written ‘A dying Cub fans last request’, and the world, or at least Chicago, would be a poorer place.

  3. These are well thought out scenarios. Don’t think this is over, not even by a long shot. As the various cases make their way through the courts, you know, that whichever side prevails, the other side will most certainly appeal. I believe this will end up in SCOTUS again. And really is there any doubt which way they will decide?

    • They don’t have any way to enforce their ruling. When they start making rulings based on agenda and not the law, they risk becoming obsolete. The people bringing the original case seem to have no standing. They weren’t actually harmed. The corrupt ‘religious’ fanatic (misogynist) judge making the ruling ignored that they have no standing and clearly ruled based on his own personal agenda, not the law. If the SC ends up agreeing with him, the FDA can tell the 6 corrupt SC justices to FO and refuse to pull the drug in states where abortion is legal. What can the 6 corrupt SC justices do? Nada. Zilch. zippo.

  4. Those Parkland kids aren’t kids any longer,,and most of the people under 40 grew up with school.shootings and active shooter drills. And women in their fertile years have grown to end an unwanted or non-viable pregnancy and knew that if a pretty threatened their life or health,,a doctor could safely perform a desperately needed therapeutic abortion,the standard of care. They need to vote not just for president and Congress but their state offices: governor,Lt. Gov.,AG, state legislature representative and senator.
    Vote like your life depends on it, because it may.


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