Vice-Presidential hopeful Elise Stefanik has some history that will greatly displease the Orange Turd who would be Emperor we know as Donald Trump. She gave statements and even posted things on the internet that she now desperately wishes she could take back. However, the internet is forever and Liz Cheney has grabbed Stefanik’s feet and stuck them right back into the fire of her critical comments about the January 6 insurrection and the rioters.

Much has been said about Representative and Trump VP wannabe Elise Stefanik. About how she was once a rising star in the conservative movement who could work across the aisle to pass bi-partisan legislation that would still have a strong conservative lean. Those days are gone. Even after the failed insurrection/coup she was straightforward and clear in her rhetoric. She spoke, and well of how awful it all was and how we had to make sure it never happened again. Now, in her quest to be the Queen of MAGA and Trump’s VP she’s trying to scrub that part of her history!

Yep, Stefanik decided to go full MAGA to leapfrog her way up the leadership ranks of the House GOP.  People speculated over how the MAGA virus had infected her, and how the time would come when the MAGA fever would break and her career would be in ruins. Maybe there was a point during that time when she reflected on having cast her lot with MAGA and how it might come back to haunt her. I can’t say. What I can say is that it’s clear she decided for whatever reason to double down. Stefanik became not just a Trump apologist and supporter but a full-throated one.

It became clear why. Lots of people besides me believe she took a look around at women vying to become Trump’s VP pick and decided she should be the one. Let’s start with the assumption Trump will name a woman as his VP choice. I for one think that’s far from an assured thing. IF there was a woman he’d pick and remember he’s been running all along everyone had assumed it would be wannabe Princess Ivanka. The former apple of Trump’s eye and the object of his sick, twisted incestuous obsession.

Stefanik has drunk copious amounts of orange Kool Aid and is saying all the things Trump expects MAGAs to say, especially when it comes to promoting the Big Lie. She’s even recently taken up Trump’s attempt to sell the J6 rioters who are serving time behind bars “hostages.” Her problem however is that she wasn’t always part of the cult, much less aspiring to be second in command of it. So Stefanik is going about engaging in rewriting or erasing her pre-MAGA history and as this  this article by Alternet explains Liz Cheney’s not letting her!  Here’s what Stefanik had to say after the riot:

“This is a tragic day for America. I fully condemn the dangerous violence and destruction that occurred today at the United States Capitol,” Stefanik said in the now-deleted statement. “Americans have a Constitutional right to protest and freedom of speech, but violence in any form is absolutely unacceptable and ant-American.”

“The perpetrators of this un-American violence and destruction must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” she added. “Thank you to the United States Capitol Police, all law enforcement, the National Guard and the bipartisan professional staff of the United States Capitol for protecting the People’s House and the American people.”

You know Trump had to be furious when he saw that. I think it’s safe to assume seeing it again will make him flash back and that’s the last thing Stefanik wants or needs. She hoped to quietly go about whitewashing times when she dared to be critical of Trump and his misdeeds. Well, she’s out of her league when someone like Liz Cheney has her number AND is watching. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cheney has been waiting exactly for something like this to pounce. More importantly I don’t think Liz Cheney is going to let this go. She’ll be making the rounds in the next week pointing out what Stefanik is trying to do, and parking the memory deep in journalist’s minds. Just in case a) Trump does decide it’s in HIS best interests to pick a female VP and b) he names Stefanik.

She might think she can make like Trump and bluster her way through with “I never said that, next question” or “You’re taking it out of context” bullshit but it won’t work. TRUMP has gotten away with that kind of crap since seemingly forever.  However, many a poltico has learned the hard way that while the laws of political physics have seldom applied to Trump, no one else can get away with defying them the way he has.

MAGA World has had a shall we say colorful cast of characters vying for the role as Queen of the MAGAs and of course having a crown with (fake of course) gold letters VP on it. MTG. Bobo. Kristi Noem. And other lesser known names. Various GOP women in the political ranks have been after the role ever since wannabe Princess Ivanka fell from favor. Prior to the January 6 Committee Hearings it seemed a given that Ivanka would be the inheritor of Trump World but when he realized (you KNOW he watched it all) that Ivanka would throw HIM under the bus in a heartbeat Trump would never again trust her.

That opened the door. To the crazy house and I’ve already cited some of those who fought their way through first. Which brings us to Stefanik. She’s still young and once upon a time was making her way up the ranks of the House to a top leadership post, and perhaps even becoming the second woman to wield the Speaker’s Gavel. Or maybe move to the Senate and then take a crack at the WH. She’d have to put in some years of hard work but there were big possibilities out there for her.

Instead, she looked at MAGA and how the crazies were turning the House into a KKKlown KKKar and taking turns at the wheel and decided to go the “short-cut” route. She’d put in enough time and climbed far enough that she could  and turn MAGA and leapfrog to get to the top (other than Speaker) of House leadership. I can’t help but wonder if at times she’d see news stories along the lines of “what happened to Elise Stefankik?” talking about how when MAGA lost its power her career would be in ruins and regretted her choice. Maybe yes and maybe no but of this I’m certain. The ONLY thing that would keep her in power was MAGA holding power. So she doubled down and went for broke. Become MAGA Queen.  Suck up to Trump enough that she’d be his VP!  When you take a longer view look, as Ursula (and others here on Politizoom) have noted given Trump’s obvious health issues he could keel over dead at any time. And she’d be President!

Of course Trump would have to get back in the WH which is no sure thing. In any case Stefanik can’t go back. If Trump is unable to bully and cheat his way back into the WH the House will flip back to Democrats. She’ll be in the minority again and when MAGAs start looking for scapegoats VP pick or not her name will be on the list of top targets for retribution. Stefanik willingly jumped into a toxic pit of tar. If Trump doesn’t win it will be covered with greased poisonous snakes slithering around, pissed off and looking for things to bite.

Worse, with Liz Cheney already holding her feet to the fire she might not even have the consolation of having been, albeit temporarily MAGA Queen and VP nominee. Nope. It’s easy to push Trump’s buttons and forcing journalists to cover both what Stefanik used to say and now how she’s trying to cover it up will cause Trump to repeatedly see her “heresy.”

If Stefanik had any sense she’d STFU and buckle down to doing her work on the leadership team in the House. If Trump asks, appear at some campaign even and read what she’s told to read and fake some enthusiasm. Just abandon this VP (and President – if as is likely she thinks Trump would die in the next couple of years) nonsensical quest and get through to the end of the year. Then, as the dust settles down write a book, a tell-all about having been drawn in, seduced by MAGA but came to see the light. An expose on Trump and MAGA if you will. If well done it would sell and provide her a nice nest egg to go along with her Congressional pension.

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  1. I wonder if any polling’s been done in Stefanik’s district to see how her *constituents* feel about her current MAGA frame of mind?
    I mean, looking at her district, Trump won the vote in both 2016 and 2020 with just 54% while she won 65% in 2016 and 59% in 2020 so, obviously, the district’s not that big with the whole MAGA deal (it’s definitely seen as a GOP district but it doesn’t look like it’s full of the crazies).


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