Many people find themselves discovering their true identity later in life and Bruce Castor looks to be one of them. His new identity is going to be Dunce Lawyer and at the rate he’s going, he may give Rudy Giuliani a run for the championship. At the very least, Castor is now Giuliani’s sidekick as court jester.

When asked about yesterday’s compelling presentation by the House impeachment managers, which had Bill Cassidy shaking his head and James Lankford breaking down in tears, Castor told reporters,

“I didn’t learn anything that I didn’t already know. “We know a mob breached the Capitol and wreaked havoc in the building. I’m waiting for them to connect that up to President Trump and so far that hadn’t happened.”

Castor can’t see the causal connection here. The rest of us, anybody with a normal mind, is seeing overwhelming evidence, but not Bruce.

Now, unless he was seeing different video footage from what the rest of us saw, it was abundantly clear that Trump:

  1. Lied about the election since before the election, saying “the only way they can win is to cheat;”
  2. Asked the mob to come to Washington on January 6, said “will be wild;”
  3. Incited the assault on the Capitol, telling the crowd to “fight like hell” and “we’re going to walk down the street;”
  4. Did not condemn the violence and did nothing to stop it;
  5. Tweeted attacks on Mike Pence, even as the mob was going down the street, one of which was read on camera;
  6. Refused to call off the mob, NOR call out the National Guard;
  7. Afterwards celebrated the insurrection and doubled down, yet again, on how the election had been stolen.

But Bruce Castor can’t find a causal connection. To him it was merely “emotional” footage — akin to the House managers showing the forest fire scene from Bambi, we imagine. There’s no connection to Trump there, but it is emotional footage.

And speaking of fire analogies, Jamie Raskin nailed it totally when he said, “This case is much worse than when someone falsely shouts ‘fire’ in a crowded theater. It’s more like a case where the town fire chief, who’s paid to put out fires, sends a mob, not to yell ‘fire’ in a crowded theater, but to actually set the theater on fire.” Thank you, Congressman Raskin.

The videos, which included Capitol security footage of senators narrowly evading the rioters, showed insurrectionists breaking windows, chanting “stop the steal,” and rushing through the hallways into normally closed-off areas of the House and Senate wings. Senators and then-Vice President Mike Pence had to be whisked to a secret safe area—missing the mob by mere minutes.

But Castor said the footage was meant to play on emotions.

“All it did was create presumptions,” he said. “We deal with evidence, not guesses.”

“I believe it would have an emotional impact on any jury but, [there are] two sides of a coin. Haven’t played ours,” he added.

And we can’t wait for that. About the only thing missing is that Castor hasn’t asked if he could do a remote presentation from the Four Seasons Landscaping Company in Philadelphia — or a local D.C. equivalent. Is there a crematorium and dildo shop anywhere near by? This is all Castor needs to lend a truly Trumpian air to the proceedings, and maybe he could associate in Giuliani to help him.

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  1. Why is anyone, at all, surprised?
    It’s the same playbook that trump uses.
    What you see isn’t what you see. It has an entirely different meaning. That’s the ploy he’s used throughout his life. What you see is what trump tells you to see. His lawyers are representing him brilliantly. But, only if you’re a trump worshipper:-)
    The rest of the world sees the truth.

  2. The so-called rally had a permit that did not permit it to move to the Capitol. Trump over-rode that and urged them to march on the Capitol saying (lying) he would march with them. That obviously connects him to them, but his lawyer omits that. He is also connected to inciting the riot because many of the people who were arrested after the fact told us that they were acting on Trump’s orders. Inciting a riot is a crime.

  3. Castor’s self-owning incompetence is indeed giving ole Rudy a run for his money. I think perhaps Castor is Rudy on him meds (more powerful psychotropic drugs than I know of but he’d have access to experimental shit) and wearing a Castor suit. Or maybe like the Jame Gumb character in The Silence of the Lambs Rudy has killed and flayed the real Castor and is wearing the real Castor’s actual skin. Nah. The better example from the movies would be the “Egger” dude in Men in Black. A dumbass asshole who gets eaten (except for the skin) and worn by an evil cockroach that’s crazy and has a massive inferiority complex.

    Trump has to be beside himself. EVERY fiber of his being is SCREAMING at him to fire Castor. His problem is that doing so would make him look even worse, and panicked and THAT could cause Senators looking for an excuse to quit to instead start being open to the idea of maybe actually convicting. Especially if more of current defendants from the insurrection and their lawyers denounce Trump for not having pardoned them, or leaving them hanging. For the moment he seems to be sticking with Castor but I can’t help but wonder how much, if at all we’ll be hearing from Castor this weekend!

  4. Where’s Joe Wilson and his ‘You lie!’ when we need him?
    All repuqs can do is lie, they’ve got nothing else. There is no defense for the indefensible, only diversion, distraction, whataboutism. No substance.

  5. There is also a trending meme that if groups like Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, Three Percenters, planned for the riot and led it, that lets Trump off the hook. But how could they have done that without Trump setting off the fuse? giving them the pretext (“stolen election”) and motivation (he supports them). And how could Trump and his political sycophants not have known these thugs were there and that’s exactly what they would do? “Stand down and stand by.”

    • Trmp had been pushing the story about the rigged/stolen election since summer. He stepped it up after the election was called, and most of us were expecting trouble.

  6. Think, this guy used to be a prosecutor. Did he actually ever get anyone convicted or were most of the cases he tried, thrown out because of his rank incompetence? If you are sitting in jail now after going up against this fence post of a lawyer, you counsel must of been a bowl of porridge.

  7. Doesn’t matter. The repulsicans have all the missing places the scarecrow, cowardly lion, & tin man complained about. No brain. No heart. No courage. Frump walks again. Welcome to the long standing comedy show known as American Justice.

  8. There were two prongs to the effort that day. The outside mob and the inside Trump allies some of whom took an oath to be an impartial juror at the Impeachment 2 trial. You gotta wonder why Trump would have any reason to call Tuberville (of all people) during the riot. Tuberville is a freshman nobody. These inside senators lied when they took the oath because they are active participants, and a Trump conviction implicates them. They are implicated even without a Trump conviction, and I surely hope Justice comes for them.

  9. Don’t insult Neanderthals that way! I have more Neanderthal genes than 98% of the population, and I assure you I am not stupid nor lacking in empathy.


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