When Traitor Tot Donald Trump lays in his Serta Perfect Sleeper bed at night (he knows that Trump branded mattresses are pieces of sh*t), with his little night light on, when he looks fearfully at the closet door, Jack Smith is the monster Trump envisions on the other side.

And for good reason. Smith has sat silently by with his team for months now while El Pendejo Presidente slanders himself and his family, and misrepresents and flat out bullsh*ts the prosecutions case against him. This is a perfect vehicle for FrankenTrump to delude himself, as well as his lame brain followers of the evidence against him.

Not not. Not anymore. Minutes ago, on The Last Word, Lawrence O’Donnell broke the news that Jack Smith had been good to his word, and sent the first tranche of prosecution evidence over to the Trump team under discovery. And then Smith didn’t just drop the anvil from The Titanic on top of Trump’s head, he dropped the whole freaking Titanic down on top of him.

Because part of the document dump he laid down to the Trump team tonight included all grand jury testimony for all government witnesses who will testify against His Lowness at trial. And with that one move, Smith left the Trump defense with the uncomfortable task of trying to convince Trump just how hopeless his case is.

Because this case is at heart a documents case. And as any former juror can tell you, a case dominated by dry documents, the jurors tend to suffer from MEGO. (My Eyes Glaze Over) Jurors crave that back and forth of live witnesses sparring with the lawyers. It makes them feel all Law and Order, SVU and sh*t.

This is about to become Trump’s moment of clarity. For months now The Mango Messiah has known that Smith was talking to current and former Trump Mar-A-Lago employees, but Trump had no idea of who, or of what they were saying. And tonight, Smith is taking Donald John Trump on a personally escorted tour of just how f*cked he is.

Checkmate. Jack Smith is doing the worst possible thing in the world to Donald Trump. He is unlocking the Pandora’s Box of Trump’s mind. Trump has spent his entire life constructing a very intricate self defense system to keep him from his secret fears of weakness, cowardice, insignificance, and impotence. Trump’s lawyers are going to have no choice but to tell The Trumpster Fire that Smith knows everything. And that there’s no convincing defense against it.

And for the kill shot, Trump’s niece, PhD clinical psychologist Mary Trump could only give Smith a standing ovation. Because Smith also declared that they were turning over audio tapes of Trump that were not government created or recorded. Trump and his lawyers are about to hear Trump convict himself out of his own mouth.

By this time tomorrow night, Trump can no longer hide in his delusional castle. Trump will know the name of every Judas in his employ, or former employ. He’ll know every word they have to say against him. And Smith twisted the shiv when he added that they’re turning over public statements made by Trump himself that they will introduce at trial. Just how he screwed himself sideways.

And Trump is effectively muzzled. In her protective Order following Smith’s announcement of discovery, she barred Trump from possession of any documents, viewing any documents outside of being accompanied by his attorneys, and making any public statements about the evidence.

Trump implosion to immediately follow. There’s no way that judge Cannon can keep Il Douche from spouting off. But what he’s going to spout off is a twisted version of exactly what Smith wants him to spout off. And just to show how wicked Smith is, under federal procedures the prosecution doesn’t have to turn over the grand jury testimony until after the witness testifies in court. That’s how sure Smith is, and how much pressure he wants Trump under.

I don’t know how Smith could possible handle this any better. For months Smith has been leading Trump and his defense team around like a Judas Ewe for the spring slaughter. And now he’s stepping away from the barn door, and inviting Trump to step inside. You’ll know what’s pissing trump off the most this weekend by what he goes public to rant and rave about. Buckle up, this is just getting started.

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  1. Oh, this is getting good. I’m not into popcorn, but I am planning to visit my local licquor store tomorrow to stock up. I’ll allow myself one drink every night we get more shoes dropping from Jack Smith. I think he has figured out which buttons to push for TFG to lose his sh#t. He’s not just playing 3D legal chess, he’s mindf@@king the orange blob as well.

  2. I hope Smith was a nice enough guy to, when he sent all this discovery to Trump’s lawyers to at the same time call up the head of Public Works outside of Trump’s hubs – Trump Tower, Bedminster and Mar A Lago. There’s going to be a mess in the streets with the personal effects of all those people who told the truth on Trump get dumped on the sidewalks/streets outside those places! Imagine scenes from TV shows or movies where some gal is throwing her guy’s stuff out the window onto the street, screaming about what he did to her.

  3. I have never been this excited for Trump to break the law. Fingers crossed that he heads over to Fox, Newsmax, and Truth Social to scream about everything he’s been shown….and finish himself off in the process. 🤞🤞🤞

  4. It could well happen that Don Trump will avoid jail time.

    His couple of brain cells will explode and he’ll either end up unfit to plead due to mental incapacity or end up in another 18 square feet of the fairway at Bedminster.



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