From where I’m sitting, the Biden White House has been a wee late to the transparency party when it comes to the mishandled documents being found, but at least they showed up with an apology 12 pack.

NBC News just broke a White House statement stating basically that In response to a DOJ request, the FBI was given permission to search President Biden’s Delaware home on Friday. The White House complied with a DOJ request that the search not be announced in advance, in compliance with long standing DOJ regulations.

Now that’s how you do transparency! The FBI has barely finished relocking the front door, and the White House is out announcing the “raid.” And better yet, the White House isn’t even trying to spin it, it’s pure and straightforward, The DOJ asked if the could search the man cave, we said “Sure Dudes.” and tossed them the keys. It’s over now.

Once again Garland, this time with Biden’s assistance is dancing rings around not only Trump’s legal defense, but the House GOP as well. Because they’re morons.Think back and tell me if you noticed this contrast. When Garland announced the Special Counsel to look into the Bien documents issue, the Senate GOP was largely silent. Sure Rand Paul threw a little shade at Garland, but Leningrad Lindsey Graham offset that by publicly thanking Garland, stating that he appreciated the even handedness of his response. The Senate was smart enough to know they just got neutered on the issue.

Instead it was the MAGAt’s and Teabaggers in the GOP House that threw the Trumper tantrum. They screamed about how the DOJ and FBI were Biden’s tame lap poodles, politely waiting for scraps from the table to be fed to them, while they previously ran a full blown D-Day operation on Trump’s trashy estate. So Garland slammed their fingers in the door. You want Biden’s crib searched? Fine, we searched Biden’s crib, Next bitch fit please?

To be honest, I’ve been half waiting for this. Having given into optics by assigning a Special Counsel to Biden to match Trump’s, it was only natural that Garland would want to even the scales on the search front to keep both keels level. And it’s a win-win for Biden. Biden has nothing to hide in letting the FBI conduct the search, and it gives him a chance to get back out in front of the spin curve on the transparency issue, doing some much needed damage control.

The funny thing is that this won’t shut the House GOP up, which will only come around to bite them in the ass again. What they’ll bellow now is how This is bullshit! The FBI comes up, hat in hand and ask Biden for permission to search his house, but with Trump they come barreling up like bats out of hell, running through the doors and throwing shit all over the place? Please Dios, let them make me right again.

Because this time it won’t be their fingers getting slammed in the door, it’ll be their cranks. I can almost see the malicious gleam in Karine Jean Pierre’s eye behind the podium when she says, The House GOP is angry because the FBI didn’t “ask permission?” What do they call the nine months during which first the National Archives, then the FBI, sent polite letters to Trump’s legal team requesting the return of government property, followed by more stern demands, and even a federal subpoena, which Trump apparently used as Charin. It was only after every other avenue was exhausted that the FBI obtained a search warrant and entered the property. President began by voluntarily returning documents that the National Archives and DOJ didn’t even know were missing, and has cooperated at every step since, including voluntary permission to search.

You can already see this slow rolling train wreck coming, but the only thing the MAGAt’s know how to do is hit the throttle. They’re going to look like imbeciles again, and the only question I have is whether or not FUX News will soft peddle the GOP’s stupidity so as to minimize the amount of shit that spatters back on their coverage. But it’s just more proof that Merrick Garland has more legal smarts for breakfast than Traitor Tot and the GOP have in a years worth of dinners.

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  1. True. Biden should allow them to search every nook and cranny. I wonder, given Trump is a career criminal, how many more he has hidden in one of his properties?

  2. Treat Uncle Joe like you would Lt. Columbo…what he lacks in visual polish, he makes up for in actual execution. There’s not a single trick the House loons can pull that he doesn’t have an answer to.


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