The comments about Lauren Boebert’s medical emergency are remarkably civil on Twitter. You know that if the same thing were happening to Joe Biden or Kamala Harris or any number of Democrats we could name, that the response would be gleeful and savage. And granted, if Joe got this, with his age, it would be a factor. Boebert’s age is not a factor in anything, since she’s in her mid-thirties. Here’s what happened today.

And she has the best health insurance in the world to take care of these calamities. Maybe, if there is to be a silver lining to this episode in her life, it would be that she might realize the importance of health insurance because none of us, even people who are young and healthy, are immune from the foibles of fate.

That said, frankly I would prefer her not having any say as a lawmaker about health insurance or anything else. I’m not going to be hypocritical. I don’t wish pain and suffering on Boebert or any of the other klown kar occupants in Congress that have Rs after their names, I just want them gone from public service and replaced by actual public servants.

And I wonder if it occurs to Boebert that even when she loses her seat that she will still be covered by Obamacare? It’s a fascination with these people, they all preach personal responsibility and go on and on about how the social safety net is an unnecessary luxury and then BOOM! the day comes when they find themselves on the receiving end of a benefit that a Democrat has cobbled together.

I wonder if she’s even aware of any of this? If I had to guess, I would guess no. Here are details about her malady. Daily Beast:

“An exact cause is unknown, but dehydration, travel, and extended periods of sitting have all been identified as potential factors in causing symptoms of May-Thurner Syndrome,” her campaign manager, Drew Sexton wrote.

A surgery to remove the clot and insert a stent was scheduled and performed the next morning.

“After taking time to rest as recommended by doctors, she is expected to make a full recovery with no significant concerns for her long-term health and no hindrance to her ability to perform her duties as a Congresswoman,” the campaign wrote, adding that she remains in “good spirits.”

The message was echoed by Dr. Rebecca Bade, a hospitalist at UCHealth Medical Center of the Rockies who worked on Boebert’s case.

“We successfully performed surgery on the Congresswoman this morning and expect her to make a full recovery,” Dr. Bade said. “Patients with May-Thurner Syndrome who undergo the procedure to restore blood flow are able to live and work just as they have in the past after a brief recovery.”

Good. And I wish Boebert all luck with any career that is out of politics. Here is her egregious health care record:

Changing districts doesn’t change the fact that Boebert voted against helping Coloradans get better access to mental health services. Boebert may be free to pick which district she wants to run in, but she still voted to prevent women from exercising their medical freedom by blocking access to abortion and other reproductive health services. For Boebert, a brand new district means nothing to the patients she ignored to support the powerful insurance lobby, as she did when she refused to make them cover treatments for congenital birth defects.

While we can only speculate why she’s really switching districts, a bigger head scratcher is why Boebert would have voted against people with a kind of cancer that is common among children, when she refused to support a bill to better match bone marrow donors with leukemia patients.

And for someone who claims on her website that her “support for the members of our military does not end when their service is complete,” Boebert was quick to make their access to health care more difficult when their service does end. She opposed a proposal to automatically reenroll eligible service members into the Veterans Affairs health care system upon being discharged. She also refused to give women veterans who served our nation more options when they’re pregnant. A new district shouldn’t make us forget that for two years in a row, she opposed care for veterans exposed to toxic substances during their service.

Boebert may believe that a ZIP code change will boost her political fortunes this November. What doesn’t change, however, is her record on health care, which will affect Coloradans in every congressional district.

And on a larger level affect Americans as a whole. I’m dead serious, this medical calamity of hers would be a blessing if it wakes her up to the importance of health care in our country, although frankly, it would be best of all if she’s just flat out gone from politics. She doesn’t belong in politics any more than this guy belongs on top of a post.

Let’s hope Boebert finds where she does belong in life and anybody filling the CO-04 seat is going to be an improvement over her. And I hope and pray that Adam Frisch ends up winning in CO-03. This could be a good year for Colorado and the House, relatively speaking.


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  1. “….no hindrance to her ability to perform her duties as a Congresswoman….”

    When did she actually DO any of them????????????

  2. Assuming that this experience will change her opinion on healthcare assumes a level of self-awareness I don’t believe she possesses.


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