We live in a world where tweets and comments made on camera never go away. They are always seen and heard long after their utterance by other people. This is not a good thing if you’re indiscreet and if you’re both indiscreet and brainless, then your comments can come back to bite you with a vengeance.

That’s the case here with comments that Lauren Boebert made back when she was still invited to MAGA cult events to preach the anti-gay, forced birther, election denying, Christian nationalist gospel. But today, Congressman Maxwell Frost (D-FL) has dredged up her comments and uses them in a hearing on intolerance dressed in the trappings of faux Xianity.

No, Bobo, the church is not supposed to preach to the government. Not in this country. Try Iran, you might be happier there. You’ll have to wear a hijab and not a gold cocktail dress, but if you really want to live in a theocratic society, we’re sure you’ll love it.

Boebert is also one of the gun crazy Xian nationalists, so that goes right along with the topic that Frost is discussing here. The Jesus of the Bible if foremost known as the Prince Of Peace and I daresay he wouldn’t sanction weapons of war being trotted out by the mentality unstable and used to slaughter innocent victims, which happens all the time in this country. But Boebert, Marge Greene and the lot still claim that this is His will, to have more guns in America than there are people.

Interesting how the Christian religion, a religion whose primary tenets are love, tolerance, and inclusivity, has been bastardized the way that it has, by phonies who claim to follow said religion. Greene and Boebert are not Christians. They’re opportunists, who rode Donald Trump’s MAGA coattails into office and who do performance art for a living, even though they report “congress member” as their profession to the IRS.

What a world to have such people in it. Let’s see that Boebert goes. Adam for Colorado. Donate.


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  1. Jesus: hey Judas is that an AR13
    Judas: yup, hey your dad Joseph said be cool man.
    Jesus: he’s s snowflake, 🙏 pray for him,
    I’m selling MAGA T shirts,
    Jesus: Tell Trump I’m from the Middle East

  2. John 8:42-47…hey ALL YOU SUPPOSED ‘Christians’…read it. Jesus calls the religious hypocrites ‘children of the devil’ for standing with the FATHER OF ALL LIES. Your boy is a serial liar. Now you should know WHO YOU ARE LIARS!!!!!



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