Adam Frisch must be one happy dude these days. The Colorado Democrat who hopes to unseat Rep. Lauren Boebert has raised a titanic-sized campaign war chest, and I can’t help but think the scandal-plagued Boebert may be out of a job come Inauguration Day in 2025. Let’s face it, Miss Grope and Hope shocked just about everyone with her little public display at the “Beetlejuice” musical, her tiresome family dramas, and her constant baseless ire directed at President Joe Biden.

Frisch, formerly a member of the Aspen City Council member, has raised an impressive $7.7 million to run against Boebert in the race for Colorado’s 3rd district. That’s according to Time and Business Insider. And Frisch said he doesn’t expect the money to dry up any time soon.

“I’m confident we’re going to report very strong fundraising numbers yet again,” frisch told time.

Boebert, a MAGA supporter of the worst kind, has struggled throughout her time in office and even had a tough time winning the historically conservative seat in 2020. And those difficulties show up in her very own campaign coffers, Raw Story reports.

During this election cycle, she’s raised a mere $2.4 million, and a piddling $854,000 between July and September, while Frisch, her rival has brought in $3.4 million during this same quarter, Business Insider reported.

According to Time’s Mini Racker, Boebert was dealt a serious blow in September when it was revealed that she was kicked out of a Denver theater after vaping in front of a pregnant woman and causing a ruckus during the play.

“Boebert, for her part, has been trying to move past both her beetlejuice scandal and her image as acontroversial ultra-maga lawmaker,” Racker writes. “for much of the past year, she has attempted to buckle down and show how she is working to address the practical concerns of her constituents.”

Too bad she wasn’t doing this to begin with. Because that, after all, is her job, now isn’t it? But instead, she’s been busy doing things like offering “thoughts and prayers” after the Club Q (an LGBTQ+ nightclub) mass shooting and then lobbing attacks against the already beleaguered community.

And this isn’t the only bad news Boebert has to deal with. One candidate from her own party has also compiled plenty of dough. Jeff Hurd, also a Republican, has pulled in $412,000 in roughly four months and has also earned crucial endorsements from Colorado Republicans in lofty places, according to Business Insider.

A spokesperson for Hurd told Time that the Congresswoman’s “poor personal conduct” and “profound underperformance” have propelled the race for her seat into the spotlight.

Of course, this could also call into question whether a man in the same position would be attacked in the same way that Boebert has been, but that’s a conversation for another day.

Then there’s the fact that Colorado faces a legal battle over the removal of Donald Trump’s name on its presidential ballot and whether or not the U.S. Constitution allows for that. That is almost certainly going to put Boebert in a new light since she reveres Trump so much.

“Boebert will likely reentere the fray as a staunch maga loyalist,” Business insider analyst jake swearingen writes. “and her opponent will have millions of dollars to capitalize on any mistakes she makes along the way.”

Ooh, this is going to be fun. This might be the only thing I look forward to come the 2024 presidential election.

Thoughts and prayers, Lauren. Thoughts and prayers.

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  1. “and causing a ruckus during the play.”

    really means

    “engaged in sexual activity in a public place, the audience of a theater performance of the play ‘Beetlejuice’, such activity which was recorded on video for everyone’s edification.”

  2. Or…it’s called letting a drunk grab your tits while you have your hand on his dick for the world to see. Even teenagers have sense enough to sit in the very back or in the balcony.

    • I’ve said before that kind of stuff was what took place when high schoolers went “parking” back in my day, fifty years ago. Things changed and now I gather most of them do a lot more than feel each other up. Anyway a theater full of people wasn’t the place for that kind of goings on.

  3. TBH, I hope she wins her primary. If she loses then that makes it less likely that Dems can pick up the seat as she is a sitting duck and it would allow the mostly republicans to revert to form.

  4. “Of course, this could also call into question whether a man in the same position would be attacked in the same way that Boebert has been.”

    If a male Republican was caught fondling another man’s d**k in a theatre, other Republicans would attack him. 😁

    • I think the only things that get the hopes upset enough is a politician being caught with a dead hooker or a live underage rent boy. Not so sure about the dead hooker, since none of the pols in the D.C madam is little black book paid a price. I would add “turning out to be a drag queen” would do it, though. (and my sardonic MI d immediately flashes on Denmark’s drag scene in Stardust).


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