Biden’s March Miracle


The world literally just changed today, starting in the United States. President Biden ran on Covid, and he ran hard. He promised to actually use the War Powers Defense Act to help to get the virus under control. Biden set a high bar by promising to put 100 million shots in 100 million arms in his first 100 days. He’s going to blow through that by a country mile. When drug companies complained that a lack or raw materials was slowing production, Biden used the act to expedite creation and shipping of those materials.

And now the ultimate use of governmental muscle. On a stunning announcement today, Biden announced that fierce rivals Johnson and Johnson, and Merck, are teaming up to use Merck facilities to expand the production of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. When it became obvious that the J&J vaccine would be approved, Biden set a goal to have enough vaccine for every American who wanted a shot to be able to get it by the end of July. With today’s news, Biden pushed that goal forward, promising a shot for everybody who wants one by the end of May!

And Biden isn’t through throwing his weight around either. Biden promised to get schools reopened in his first 100 days, but several recalcitrant states are refusing to prioritize teachers as essential workers, and many teachers refuse to return to the classroom without being vaccinated. So Biden is dealing with the problem directly. The US government will be shipping vaccines directly to 70.000 pharmacies nationwide, and teachers will be able to go online and make a reservation for a shot, the object being to have every teacher, administrator, school worker, and child care worker having at least one shot by the end of March.

I cannot quite manage to wrap my head around the events of today. Having spent the last 4 years watching as the ass clown who couldn’t bother to waddle downstairs to the Oval Office until lunch time, and running an administration full of self serving banditos, watching a government actually function is mind boggling. Trump named his quest for a vaccine as Operation Warp Speed, but Biden’s actions on dealing with Covid is a power point display of what warp speed actually looks like.

Biden keeps pushing it every time he opens his mouth, and I’ll be happy to repeat it. This is no time to let up! Greg Abbott has once again showed himself to be a world class asshole, but we don’t have to follow his lead. Keep wearing your masks! Keep social distancing! Keep washing your hands! We went into this year, an the Biden administration praying for a return to normalcy by the holidays. First Biden pushed that up to the end of July, and now to basically Memorial Day. If you feel mask fatigue setting in, just keep asking yourself one simple question, Do I really want to be the last moron to die from Covid?

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  1. President Biden has accomplished so much more in less than 60 days than it that shall not be named was able to do in four years!

  2. So if I die from covid im a moron what about the people that allredy did are they morons to you know whats moronic thinking they can actually make a vacince in that short amount of time so to the person that wrote this FUCK YOU you puece of shit

  3. I’d say President Biden has been much more of a president 4 times years than Trump ever did! Way to go President Biden & Democrats!!! Keep up the good work! We love you all so very much & God bless you all! I’m so proud that I was one of those voters that voted for Biden. ????? He is truly God sent & a miracle for our great country of United States Of America.

  4. Biden has done more then that other so called man did for this pandemic. And now he is trying to help people are going to food banks to get food and get children back in school. Why don’t you people give him a chance he could do more then that other fool that played golf while people were dieing.

  5. Illegal crossings into America are getting COVID19 shots now while American people have to wait. Pictures of serving these people food while Homeless American Veterans and other Homeless Americans are doing without. Please do not let them cancel you like they did a very famous book author.

    • How is it you still do not understand how a pandemic works? DHS “encourages all individuals, regardless of immigration status, to receive the COVID-19 vaccine once eligible under local distribution guidelines.” Viruses don’t care about your immigration status. Homeless Americans regularly take advantage of free food opportunities. Your either-or framing is false. You guys don’t have anything but right-wing propaganda.

  6. if some of the homeless americans wasnt on drugs and wasbt alcoholics they would have a place and a job… there are jobs in every city hiring and are shelters for people to stay at but no some americans chose to do drugs and drink instead of getting off their lazy asses and getting a job and homeless people qualify for 200$ in foodstamps a months but they chose to sell them for cigarettes and drugs and alcohol instead of being sober and getting a job we americans do not have to wait to get the vaccine and most illegals work their asses off for what they have while sime americans are out on the street begging for money when they can get a job but no they dont want to work they want to be lazy instead and they wanna beg for money to get drugs,alcohol and cigarettes so before you start talking bad about illegals you need to look back on most americans and why they are in the situation they are in abd by the way veterans can get apartments and housing


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