At long last Ms Sanders, have you no decency?


Oh. My. God. At this point, if Sarah Huckabee Sanders has a single shred of self respect left in her unwelcome in public restaurants body, there is only one thing left for her to do. She must follow the example set by Detroit Lions football fans several years ago. When she steps out in front of the podium in the White House press room, she should have a paper bag with eye holes in it over her head.

The video from the cabinet meeting was crystal clear. Trump folds his arms over his sunken chest and says “Thank you, thank you,” and the staff starts trying to roust the rabble from the inner sanctum. A reporter shouts a question, something like “Is Russia still interfering in our elections?” Trump leans toward her, cocking his ear, clearly indicating that she should repeat herself. She does, and Trump shakes his head and says “No. No.”

Trump had once again contradicted, for the second time in 24 hours, his assertion that he believed his intelligence chiefs on Russia interference in our elections. When confronted with this apparent contradiction at the podium, Slanders defied even my incredibly low expectations for her when she explained that Trump had not contradicted himself, when he said “No,” he meant that no, he wasn’t answering questions today. WTF?!?

Two things. First, much to my dismay, watching Trump babble like a brook at photo ops in cabinet meetings is just my drear lot in life. And in every one of those, Trump does one of two things. Either he opens his sewer hole and emits toxic verbal gas responding to questions, or he just sits there and says “Thank you,” while the handlers put the kiddies back in the playpen. He has never said “No” to answering questions. And more importantly, Shoddy Sarah may have had more luck with that lame ass excuse if Trump didn’t go off on another 40 second rant about Russia after he answered the first reporter’s question.

But something has changed in the press room, and I don’t know how much longer Slanders can continue to go out there day after day. She took a verbal stomping from the press today that is normally reserved for Scott Pruitt. It has been clear for a long time now that Sanders has no credibility left at all with the press corps. But today, she literally lost control of the press corps.

Normally, when soulless Sarah gets tired of her back and forth with a particular reporter, she says “I’m going to move on now” to the reporter and calls on another reporter. Clearly the press corps is fed up with that cop out. Today, time after time, the original reporter just kept repeating the same question over and over again, louder each time, until Slanders was finally forced to respond. Even worse for Slanders, the reporters are starting to coordinate. Sanders got tired of Hallie Jackson from MSNBC hammering her on Trump’s perceived lack of credibility with the American people, so she ignored her and called on someone else. While Jackson kept yelling her question, the new reporter said “Thank you Sarah. I’ll cede my time back to Hallie so she can get her question answered.” Slavish Sarah had no choice but to go back to getting cuffed around by Hallie Jackson.

This can’t continue on for long. Don’t get me wrong. We all know that Blarah Flackabee Slanders is playing for an audience of one. And Glorious Bleater obviously doesn’t give a shit about Sanders’ delicate Trumpcake fee-fees. But if this continues, it isn’t going to take Hair Twitler long to see that his paid shill isn’t even getting the daily misinformation out properly, and worse yet, the questions are more enduring than anything Sanders can say in response.

Trump will only have two choices. He can can Sanders, and bring in somebody new, hoping for at least a brief period of civility for the newbie. Or Trump can just dump the daily briefings altogether. But if the questions continue to be worse for Trump than Sanders answers, he going to have to do something. She’s killing him out there.

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