Of course I am not open to any plea deal with the Orangeutan in the purloined papers case, with the single exception perhaps one that reduces his jail time from 150 years to 100 years dependent upon his admitting guilt and appealing to the court for mercy.

But Dimwit Don has other ideas, he thinks he can win the case in court, but just in case he is telling reporters that he might accept a plea deal… if the DOJ will pay him for “damages”.


“Despite the considerable amount of evidence presented against him in the indictment, Trump has maintained his innocence in the case. On Saturday, during an interview for Politico, he vowed to stay in the 2024 presidential race and also called the prosecutors leveling the charges against him “thugs and degenerates.”…

…”I’ll never leave,” Trump told the outlet. “Look, if I would have left, I would have left prior to the original race in 2016. That was a rough one. In theory that was not doable.”

Trump further predicted that he will not be convicted on the federal charges stemming from the documents case. He also stressed that he would not accept a plea deal unless he was presented one “where they pay me some damages.”

Right, Dotard I am sure Merrik Garland is reaching for his checkbook as we speak.

Trump is known for his shamelessness, contempt for the law and unmitigated chutzpah, bit even for him this brain fart is stunning in it’s utter stupidity and misguided bravado.

True Blue over at Twitter posted this nugget – to the amusement of her followers:

I’d rather he scrub toilets but that will work.


‘This game show is rigged!’


Like the man said in the movie, you keeping on thinking, Trump.

Even if you are lousy at it.

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    • Where are Tom Leher, the Capitol Steps, George Carlin when we need them?Or maybe a better choice would be Jonathan Swift?.

  1. I’m sure I’ll revise this some, but here’s the deal that should be offered:

    Plead guilty to all charges in exchanged for a reduced sentence – ten years (he IS 77!

    In return he will be compensated with:
    Free housing in the federal prison of his choice, with his own outside exercise area so he doesn’t have to mingle with other prisoners.
    Free meals – three a day, and even an evening snack. Say a pre-packaged Hostess cupcake and even a Diet Coke to wash it down.
    Limited internet – he will be allowed to send ONE fundraising email each week, the contents of which will be limited to how many weeks he’s been locked up and how much longer he has to go, with the privilege of ONE statement (all caps optional) about how unfair it all is, and of course that he will continue to fight but needs the goobers to send money to his legal defense PAC. (There’s a method to my madness here – if the MAGAs are sending HIM all their extra cash they won’t be sending any to other GOPers running for office!)

    I know, that’s overly generous to this traitorous P.O.S. but again, he’s already old. Odds are he’ll die cooped up in even a small wing of a federal prison fitted to protect him to a standard the Secret Service is required to provide and will never breathe free air again. Of course Trump himself would believe he’ll live long enough to enjoy all that PAC money. It’s possible. But by then the GOP will have moved on and he’ll suffer a whole new humiliation of trying and failing to again rule the GOP. So, if prison didn’t kill him THAT would!

    • I would settle for:
      **** House arrest at Man-go-Largo, Bedminster,or Trump Tower (Pick one,only one) with an ankle bracelet
      **** If at one of those two clubs, he can only be 50 feet from the terrace
      ****If at club, no entry into the dining or event room for meals; he eats in solitary splendor
      ****If at Trump.Tower, he is confined to the 3 floors of the residence, no visits to his business offices or the restaurants
      **** If at Trump Tower, he can only have immediate family (Melanoma, Barron, Jr.and Eric and Ivanka but only after patdowns)
      ****Visitors other than immediate family or lawyers must be approved by the courts
      ****No interviews or Zoom TV appearances
      ****Allowed to watch only MSNBC or CNN, forcing him to acknowledge that reality does just fine without him in power and that the GOP is inching closer to some minimal level.of sanity

      I figure after 2-4 years of that, his head will explode or he will go the way they claim Epstein did

  2. Just for laughs, the Feds ought to suggest they’ll go along with it but the limit of damages they’ll award him will be the money that he’s got to pay E Jean Carroll.
    And the plea deal will REQUIRE him to ADMIT his guilt, to ADMIT the election was not rigged and he lost fair and square, to ADMIT he had NO authority to “declassify” documents, to ADMIT he had the documents illegally. And that’s just for starters. I’m sure the Feds can come up with some more juicy bits.



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